Thank you.

It’s been such a fantastic experience being Guest Mom on the Design Mom blog. There have been so many wonderful readers that have visited my JSIM blog over the last week as a direct result Gabrielle’s blog. Thank you very much, Gabrielle, for this amazing ride!

Welcome to all my new blog readers and thank you for all the great comments you’ve been leaving. And my special appreciation to those who have added a link to JSIM, and even my other blog Farm Fresh Creative, from your own blog. (I know who you are!)

My last post on Design Mom makes better sense of the number in this photo and why it’s personal to me. Today I am sending a very special “143” to my husband, who has been completely wonderful the last week or so while I not only worked at my regular job, but spent a little extra time with my blogs. I double-posted, promoted and photographed, obsessed with hits and stats, corresponded and commented… all from my little studio in the garage and away from the family. So, Jeff, as you read this from the firehouse today, know that you are truly appreciated for supporting my new adventures in blogging, and as always, you are completely and forever loved.
The cool hotel brass number is from Etsy seller Time Passages.

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8 Responses to Thank you.

  1. #1 - Jenmomof4 says:

    SO glad I found your blog today. I did a quick peruse of your archives and have saved you in my blogines for future posts.

    Love your studio!

  2. #2 - cally says:

    I LOVE the number thing. Seriously.

  3. #3 - Vintage Mafia says:

    You are most welcomed! I love your blog and I’m more than happy to have you linked you in our blog. Keep up all the cuteness!

  4. #4 - Pumpkin Petunia says:

    So sweet! Sounds like you’re a lucky girl to have found your guy; but I have a feeling he’s pretty darn lucky as well.

  5. #5 - Autumn says:

    Cathe I’m going to have to link you. Your studio is too cute. Absolutely positively darling. 143-wow. What a grand story. I’m so glad to know that you happened upon those numbers.

    I adore your husband for supporting you blogging, letting you have a week to yourself, and doing your studio (didn’t I read that?) Can’t wait to learn more about you.

  6. #6 - troutdalites says:

    I happened across your blog via…ya know…linking blog to blog–I’m definitely in your fan club! I’m a designer who grew up ‘up the road’ in Ukiah. Love your work, your words, your studio and those awesome kid napkins!

  7. #7 - Bek says:

    I also did some catching up on blogs.. I am a friend of Gabby’s from college and a gust poster WAAAAY back when (before they were really, really cool!!). I LOVED you posts (though didn’t comment b/c I just caught up…).

    I also life in the Bay Area and am about to call the sewing school you metioned. My daughter is DYING to sew…. thanks so much.

    Also, I am fluent in several signed languages (long story..) but in both American Sign Language AND in British Sign, “143” is used to say I Love You (way more than the I L Y sign that everyone flashes). That is what we do in our family too..but I never thought of putting it in the house…. When you do it in ASL it goes so fast it looks kind of like a wave…but a really secret meaning wave…

    Anyway, lvoed the posts and look forward to getting more crafty in the near future!!!!

  8. #8 - Beau says:

    You have been doing a fabulous job of posting to both! Double the flavor ~ Double the fun!