The Best of JSIM No.2

No doubt you’ve been to DesignMom. In a nutshell, it’s one of the coolest blogs ever. It just is.

Last September, Gabrielle Blair, DesignMom herself, asked me to be a guest mom on her blog for a week. Who could resist? So, still feeling a bit under the weather (which today has driven my creativity into a wall), I thought this was a great opportunity to rehash a few old favorite posts from my stint as her guest.

Although I was too young to remember, it is told that the number 143 was always present on the back of every envelope of every letter that my father mailed to my mother while serving in the army. It’s code for “I love you”. The number represents the letter count for each word.

It’s a number my family still uses in correspondence to one another and one I sign off with when e-mailing my husband at the firehouse or jotting a note to my kids. And, because of its special meaning to me, I had a rubber stamp made with the number to use on various pieces of my collage art.

The other day I found the exact numbers, all by themselves, laying in order at an antique store. Those numbers now greet my family as they enter our home.

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14 Responses to The Best of JSIM No.2

  1. #1 - sassyglassdesigns says:

    What a great post and such a cool family tradition. Have you played the lottery with those numbers?

  2. #2 - TheClayMuse says:

    Totaly agreeing with Sandi here on all counts!
    That post just made me grin, thanks for sharing!

  3. #3 - Audrey says:

    That’s really cool!! Just wondering about the lottery myself – might work!!

  4. #4 - Salihan says:

    I remember using 143 during the days of pagers! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  5. #5 - tidymom says:

    My hubby and I used to use that all the time back in the day that everyone carried a beeper (pre cell phone days LOL)

    I’d beep him with 143 just to let him know I was thinking about him!!

    GREAT post!!


  6. #6 - Pattie Cordova | Snack Attack says:

    LOL… I did the 143 on a pager too.

  7. #7 - momof3girls says:

    That is such a special story- I love that you have incorporated it in your family today!

  8. #8 - Nancy says:

    Get better soon. I am struggling with a cold and it seems to shut my brain down as well as the energy level.

  9. #9 - Laura says:

    This was the post that introduced me to your blog!
    & now I am an avid follower : )

  10. #10 - Redwife says:

    Wow, I thought my “first love” and I made that up all by ourselves Ü Brings back memories!

  11. #11 - She Likes to Write says:

    And isn’t it cool that 1 + 4 + 3 equals 8? And 8 turned on its side is the sign for infinite, or eternity.

    I love the great stuff on your blog! I am a relatively new reader and am here to stay.

  12. #12 - Cathe Holden says:

    She Likes to Write said…

    And isn’t it cool that 1 + 4 + 3 equals 8? And 8 turned on its side is the sign for infinite, or eternity.


    WHOA! THAT was clever!!

  13. #13 - Gina says:

    My husband used to “1 4 3” me until I found out he did the same for his first wife! I told him to cut it out and come up with something else LOL!!!

  14. #14 - Mel says:

    Love, love, love that story!!