Kids’ Chore Charts

You’ll either think I’ve gone mad or you’ll hail me as a genius, but here was my solution to the summertime blues:

Years ago when my 3 elementary school-aged kids were home for the summer and I was working almost full-time at home, I decided that I shouldn’t be the only one stuck with the housework and I was tired of seeing my kids loaf all summer. So I created chore charts. A set of 3, one fore each kid, rotating weekly: A chart, B chart and C chart. All the same with chores shifting around to keep things fair. (During the school year, their only chores are unloading the dishwasher and the occasional household chore here and there over the weekend.) The image shows one chart example, the kid with that chart is to check daily and do whatever has a blank box next to it, then check off when done. Click on chart image to enlarge.

When the charts were enforced, I found my kids were pretty great about accomplishing their tasks, with the exception of animal feedings, they could do their chores anytime they chose each day as long as they were done. I know for my children, routine and structure is everything and keeps us all getting along. Although the charts look cruel, they aren’t really so bad, most chores are quite small and when shared, not as many as it seems. I am pretty cool about exceptions depending on the day’s activities. Some personal chores helped the kids remember to take care of themselves. And of course, I attached them to cute clipboards and hung them in a nice little row in the kichen. I haven’t used them in a couple of years and just came across the files. I think I’ll bring ’em back out and modify them a bit in a couple of months!

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23 Responses to Kids’ Chore Charts

  1. #1 - Autumn says:

    Wow, the most beautiful chore charts I’ve ever seen!! Everyone needs structure whether we like to admit it or not, right?!

  2. #2 - Kaye at Kaye's Kreative Korner says:

    Ohhh bless you! I have been wanting to start a chart and didn’t know where to begin and what exactly to put on the list. Thank You Thank You! I’m definetly going to use this! I also don’t need anymore loafing than there already is!!!Hee!

  3. #3 - Susie Mitchell says:

    Hi Cathe…always enjoy your blog. I don’t have kids or grands…but, boy do I need your charts! LOL I can always find something more interesting than household chores.
    Make this a weekend to remember!
    Blessings, Susie

  4. #4 - Splendid Little Stars says:

    That IS a great idea. I have done something similar. I made a list of all the jobs that needed to be done each week and the days on which they were to be done. Then I decided how many jobs per week per person. Each week we (all of us!)would sign up for jobs. We rotated the order in which we would choose the specified number of jobs. We all agreed that no matter how tired we were the jobs would be done. It was great! Our house was clean and everybody was needed and contributed.

  5. #5 - daisy says:

    Like Susie, think I will be using your chore list myself LOL

  6. #6 - My name is PJ. says:

    I’m glad people still do that, Cathe. I was raised with chore charts – 365 days a year. Everyone did a little bit and then there was time for fun. I raised my own kids that way too. They’re in their mid twenties now, not married yet. It will be interesting to see if they employ the charts when the time comes…

  7. #7 - Anonymous says:


    Would you be willing to put a copy of your chart that could be modified in word for all of us to share.

    PLease Please Please

  8. #8 - The Soladay Family says:

    Me too, me too! I would love to be able to print these out!!

  9. #9 - Sandy Toes says:

    Chores are a good thing~
    sandy toe

  10. #10 - drooz studio says:

    we just started planning our summer
    schedules – THIS IS A MUST! it is the first summer in 6 years i will be working from home – I feel frustration building already! I’m going to need a plan- and this will help! thanks Cathe!

  11. #11 - Soov says:

    What a wonderful idea and great teaching tool. Soon these chores will become habit! How cool is that?

  12. #12 - Kirsten says:

    what a clever idea! i was looking at making something….just didn't know what i wanted it to be. this just may be the ticket! as you know, my kid won't do chores without a list (bad parenting, i know). but giver her a list & she's a worker bee.

  13. #13 - says:

    hi Cathe…
    just found your beyond awesome blog
    mona & the gaffer girls
    be back soon…

  14. #14 - PamperingBeki says:

    I just made a chore chart for my kids last week but your’s is much more detailed! Great job.

  15. #15 - juno says:

    Hi Cathe!
    This brought back memories for me… Charts, and Star Systems, and the regular “discussion” come holiday times – “Who OWNS the house work??”
    Isn’t mothering great!
    Enjoying your blog…


  16. #16 - Jen says:

    gosh, the chart is gorgeous,
    I too one summer had a house full of kids (a bit of day care to cover the ‘out of work’ season for me)

    I did add a point system, and minus-points for average kid violations during the week.
    The prizes? a basket of really cheap but neat things, each with a point price tag that the kids could choose each Friday.
    Did it work? wow, it worked out great!

    We need more of these charts in life (why not a tablet of them?)

  17. #17 - Sherry says:

    I’ve found that the virtual version works for me. I use a site called Handipoints to do chore charts and it’s really been fun so far!

    Handipoints chore charts

  18. #18 - itsme says:

    Love, love, love your charts! Beautiful! Would you be willing to post share a copy that can be modified?

  19. #19 - Anonymous says:

    Oh how I would love something avalable to be changed! You have a great chart here but Im at my wits end trying to do one myself.

  20. #20 - lchadder says:

    This is the way I used the chore charts, but I used stars and coins for each of the chores they did. My girls, 7 and 3, chose the designs from the website and I printed out. One extra column was minus column which was put up when they would show tantrums, or throw thing away or lost their things. Each day number of stars minus the negatives would determine number of coins. And by the end of the week, they would get a trip to the park if they had all stars for chores(Here the negative markings are ignored).

  21. #21 - Anita says:

    You are AMAZING!!! I was wondering if you still have the other two (B & C) job charts. I would love to take a look at how you rotated the jobs.

  22. #22 - Fiona says:

    Hi Cathe What a wizard you are. I’m envious of the creativity. ha ha. Just Kidding, but I Would like to see how chores were rotated on the other B/C charts. Do you have a version that can be modified & printed out. I see a few other mom’s had also asked.

  23. #23 - wendy says:

    If you have an editable copy of this I would gladly pay for it. We are homeschoolers and this is one list that would come in so so so handy to be able to personalize for my crew LOL