Just Me.

I ended up tonight at Starbucks with only my laptop while the girls were enjoying skate night with their school. I enjoyed catching up on many of my favorite blogs and figured I could come up with a different kind of post than usual since I didn’t have anything crafty on hand. The best I could do is share some random-ish stuff you didn’t know about me!

  1. I was born Catherine Thompson, known as Cathy by nickname until the 7th grade when I decided that Cathe was cooler and my mom said it would be ok.
  2. While growing up my family moved a lot. I attended 10 different schools, but thankfully only one high school. I grew up in Colorado Springs through age 13 and then Springfield, Mo. through 21. Now in California, I don’t miss the snow one bit.
  3. My first job was at Taco Grande. My second job was in the art department of an ad agency 2 weeks before high school graduation. 4 years later my title was senior art director.
  4. I used to play tournament and league pool, (8-ball and 9-ball) in my twenties. I can still make a pretty good shot or two.
  5. I drove a U-Haul from Missouri to California when I was 21, arriving with only $200 to my name, no car and only a friend’s couch to sleep on.
  6. I met my husband the second day I was in California, we became instant best buddies, dated 6 months later, with a nice long engagement. We are celebrating 19 years of a fantastic marriage this summer.
  7. I do a pretty good Patsy Cline Karaoke.
  8. I don’t “throw like a girl.”
  9. I ran my own successful graphic design firm for several years before coming home to nest. I specialized in food and wine packaging and promotion. We burned the midnight oil and drank a lot of great wine those years. Now it’s arts & crafts and two-buck-Chuck. Funny, it’s just as good!
  10. I’m not really blonde. Really.
  11. I am domestically challenged. There, I said it.
  12. My husband lovingly refers to me as Sasquatch. ( I wear a size 10.5 shoe.)
  13. The phrase “Raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens” used to offend me. Then I had children, and chickens. Now I get it.
  14. I get my creativity from my mom and my ingenuity and artistic abilities from my dad. Ingredients mixed together by God.
  15. I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Have a great rest of the week everyone, and I’ll be back to my regular posting soon!

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22 Responses to Just Me.

  1. #1 - Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    Good getting to know you more. I would have never guessed you had gigantic feet. lol! How tall are you?

    I’m from Missouri too. Small town around St. Louis. Then moved to Okla.

    I tried to find a job in CA back in my early 20’s but I was making more here in Dallas than anyone would pay me out there. So I stayed:-( I love it out there. That’s cool you drove alone with $200! Great story:-)

  2. #2 - My name is PJ. says:

    Oh Cathe, I loved this! A girl who plays pool and doesn’t throw like a girl! Yay! I don’t throw like a girl either – played softball for a bunch of years. My shoe size is only 10. I’ve been with my husband for 22 years next month. And my favorite in your list, by far, was #13. I may have to link to you for that alone….. 🙂

  3. #3 - Catholic Runner says:

    Great list! I’d like to be you when I grow up. I love your creativity!!!

  4. #4 - The Dragonfly says:

    “Just You” is just awesome!

  5. #5 - RosyRevolver says:

    It was lovely waking up to this this morning. Put a bright smile on my face. Thank you for being so “real.” And for making “real” sound perfectly wonderful!

  6. #6 - TheClayMuse says:

    Thanls for sharing Cathe, great post! And I think most of us are still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up!

  7. #7 - La Table De Nana says:

    Very cute post!

  8. #8 - JeanFB says:

    Number 13 cracked me up!!! Thanks for the smile and the one-on-one (million)!

  9. #9 - Domestic Designer says:

    Great Post!

  10. #10 - The Main Ladybug says:

    Very nice to meet you, Cathe! I LOVE posts that bond blog buddies, and this was a good one!

    Have a great day!

    P.S. Did you see my new grandbaby’s pictures on my blog? If not, please come see.

    P.S.S. I’m gonna be having a great giveaway soon!

  11. #11 - xashee's corner says:

    it was GREAT getting to know you better and for that, i thank you! 🙂 Have a SUPER day!!

  12. #12 - Pattie Cordova says:

    LOL… I wear a size 10 shoe. oh well.

    loved reading this post.

  13. #13 - I BLEED PINK says:

    I loved reading your randmom facts! First I think its awesome you lived in Springfield, Missouri, as I am from about an hour away from that place. Also, its so cool you moved to Cali like that. I would be so scared, but it seems things worked in your favor!!

  14. #14 - Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ says:

    Fun to read about you! I wondered how the opening post image was related:)

  15. #15 - The Stapelia Company says:

    Oh! I love this post! So many interesting things. I too love some Patsy Cline karaoke action. In fact, the one time I did karaoke… Patsy Cline’s Walking After Midnight. 🙂

  16. #16 - Annie Pazoo says:

    What a treat to get to know you better, Cathe! And I’m a Sasquatch, too (my Dad, who was a size 13, would call my feet “boats”). Size 10.5 or 11. Wide *ugh*.
    Loved the meme!

  17. #17 - Jen says:

    I love this post! I always think it is fun to learn a little more about my blogging friends. You are adorable!!!

  18. #18 - LDH says:

    Very nice geting to know you better, Cathe!

  19. #19 - dragonflydreamer says:

    This was a great post. I had already decided that I wanted to be YOU when I grow up, but this just proved my gut intuition. I’ve dreamed of California since I was a little girl, but at 45 I’ve yet to even visit. So amazing that you took an adventurous risk and moved to Cali like that only to find your loved the next day and your dreams every day after. Very inspiring.

  20. #20 - Adirondack Metal Designs says:

    I enjoyed reading the personal side of you. My husband calls my son Sacquatch! He went from a size 9 1/2 shoe to 12 in one school year.

  21. #21 - Nahuatl Vargas says:

    I just discover your blog (via Sew, Mama, Sew) and I think it’s amazing, I loved read about who you are, thanks for sharing so much beautiful designs.

  22. #22 - Sharon Bennett says:

    You crack me up! I also was raised in Springfield MO and came to California when I was 14 and stayed stuck here, but still love to go back and visit since my son lives in Camdenton. Wondering how your new studio is coming since I am sure I have missed a ton of blog posts about said studio?