1000 Followers Giveaway

My happy little blog is fast approaching one thousand fantastic followers, and I say that calls for a giveaway! So to show how much I appreciate YOU for following my blog, I will be giving away the winner’s choice of one of the 1000 series books listed below. And knowing my readers like I think I do, I believe there’s at least one book here you would like. I have several of the 1000 series books for graphic design. They are plump full of inspiration!


To enter to win, simply let me know that you follow my blog by leaving a comment to this post. If you don’t yet follow, just go to the left column and click on “Join This Site”, then leave me a comment so I know you are entered.

Once my blog reaches 1000 followers (or members) I will continue accepting entries and post the winner within 3 days of reaching that number. (Sorry if that’s a bit vague, I’ll post a deadline as soon as I hit 1000.) The winner will receive their 1000 book via Amazon.com, so be sure to leave your contact information so I can get your shipping information if you win.

And THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, for being an important part of my very special blog world!

UPDATE: (Tuesday 5:50pm) Well that went faster than I expected!! Wow! 1000 and counting. So the official deadline to enter the book giveaway is Friday, July 17 at noon, (PDT/California time.) I will post the winner on Saturday! Thanks for all the really nice comments everyone!

UPDATE: Entries now closed.

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216 Responses to 1000 Followers Giveaway

  1. #1 - FOR THE SAKE OF TIME says:

    I am a relatively new follower, about a month. I just adore your blog and am inspired by all I see. Thanks for sharing.


  2. #2 - susanc says:

    I recently became a follower of your blog and am constantly inspired – thank you and congrats on approaching 1,000 followers – WOW!!!

  3. #3 - Nancy says:

    I am following your blog! It is very nice – there is so much to look at 🙂

  4. #4 - Melody says:

    I have been following your blog. You are so creative. I feel the inspiration to do more from reading your blog. How exciting to have so many followers.

  5. #5 - Lisa says:

    I'm a follower!!!!

  6. #6 - kelley says:

    I love your blog Cathe!! So glad I found it! Keep up the great work!


  7. #7 - Bowlby says:

    1,000 followers! That's incredible! I'm one of them!

  8. #8 - debbiekl says:

    Almost to 1000! I've been following for awhile via my reader, but now I'm an "official" follower. Thanks!

  9. #9 - ~October~ says:

    I follow your blog (have had it in my Google reader for sometime). I love it! You are so creative. My most favorite post lately is the message to the sweet girl on the airplane kicking your seat…oh…and the sharpie tattoos! 🙂

  10. #10 - Jeanne Selep says:

    Enter me! I want to win. I love the idea of a blog on creativity.

  11. #11 - Linda K says:

    Yep, I am a follower and even blogged about you today on my site. Thanks for the cool give-away

    Linda K

  12. #12 - Kathleen says:

    Your creativity blows me away. You are so inspiring, and so gracious to share so many of your ideas and designs with others. 1000 followers….how amazing is that? Congratulations! Hugs, Kathleen

  13. #13 - Christi says:

    I have followed your blog for a while, but have never signed up until now. I love all of your ideas. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks!

    Christi Adkins


  14. #14 - Donna says:

    WOW! That's a LOT of followers! Congrats on approaching this awesome number! I'm a follower and would love to be entered in your generous giveaway. Thank you!

  15. #15 - Southern Creek Designs says:

    Found your blog through Graphics Fairy, and I am so glad I did 🙂

  16. #16 - *Heidi* says:

    I'm a rather new follower but have been inspired by your blog! I'd love to win one of those great books.

  17. #17 - ~*~ Melissa ~*~ says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome! I'm working up to 500, can't wait til I'm at 1000.

    I follow you and I would love 1000 JEWELRY INSPIRATIONS

  18. #18 - AmyB says:

    Wow… your generosity knows no bounds! I get free inspiration and the chance to win stuff too! Keep up the great work! I am an avid follower. – Amy Bauer

  19. #19 - quiltlion says:

    I have been following your blog for a little while now! I really enjoy it!! Congrats on the 1000 followers!!!! Lyn G

  20. #20 - Audrey says:

    You have a really great blog!! Congratulations on having so many followers.

  21. #21 - Jennadesigns says:

    I've been following you forever! 🙂 Ever since your great business card tutorial to make hang tags! That rocks, as do most of you ideas!

  22. #22 - Kim says:

    I'm a follower. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers (almost). I always knew you were a good leader.

  23. #23 - Cheri says:

    I've just started following in the past couple of days and I'm very intrigued! You have great ideas and make my mind work.

  24. #24 - Kristin says:

    I just found your blog and find it inspiring. It is fun to find original content like this.

  25. #25 - Ashlee says:

    I am a follower! Congrats on the big 1-0-0-0!!!


  26. #26 - Deb says:

    I've been following your blog for a little bit, but never became a follower. I am now. I did use your labels for my floss drawers! I constantly get some great ideas from your site! 1,000 Followers – that's Fantastic.

  27. #27 - Crissi says:

    Hey Cathe! I love your blog so much that I am pointing my readers to it. Thanks again for clueing me in on this creative corner of the blogosphere. If you want to check out that entry the link is http://winecountrymom.blogs.santarosamom.com/10267/meet-cathe/

    Thanks again!
    Crissi aka WineCountryMom

  28. #28 - Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy says:

    I'm now following…994, so you're almost there! I have been visiting your blog for a long time, but I don't remember to follow people very often! Thanks for all the great ideas. I love your blog & creativity!

  29. #29 - Southern says:

    I'm a follower and have been for a while! Please enter me in your giveaway – and congrats on so many followers! That is awesome!

  30. #30 - cindy says:

    i am a follower! congrats on a 1000!!!

  31. #31 - Gail says:

    Very nice giveaway, please enter me!!!!!

  32. #32 - jenny says:

    I'm a follower! Congrats on your following! That's a whole lot of admiration! =)

  33. #33 - the undomesticated wife says:

    Congrats on reaching almost 1000! That's awesome! (I'm a follower, too).

  34. #34 - Salihan says:

    Is it me??? Congrats btw 😛

  35. #35 - Kristin F. says:

    I'd follow you anywhere ;)!

  36. #36 - ecogeneration says:

    Wow….1000 followers! Congratulations! I was going to wait until it got closer to 1000 but I gotta run. Glad to be one of the 1000 lucky followers. And thanks for all the great info and freebies!

  37. #37 - me says:

    of course, i follow you! i just love all your creativity & freebies!

  38. #38 - Aimee says:

    You're my first blog to follow. I love your ideas!

  39. #39 - Ashlee says:

    I am a follower! I love your blog! You make some incredible graphics!

  40. #40 - dkdrury says:

    Been reading your blog for a while. Both a follower and an advertiser. Love your ideas!!

  41. #41 - FitToSeeJane says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for posting such wonderful stuff all the time.

  42. #42 - adaptive reUse says:

    This has just now hit my radar. Can't wait to follow it. . .

  43. #43 - mommax3 says:

    I'm a follower! I bookmarked your site a long time ago but forgot to "follow". Love your site always so much "eye candy"

  44. #44 - Kristin says:

    Very fun blog, I'm a bit of a lurker and don't comment much, but enjoy the inspiration!

  45. #45 - ElegantSnobbery says:

    I've been following your blog for ages now. Love it, and never miss reading a post. You are so creative!


  46. #46 - RosyRevolver says:

    I'm a follower and lover of all things Cathe Holden! Congratulations!!!!

  47. #47 - Julie says:

    I LOVE this blog. I'm new to the whole blog thing – but you've been saved to my favorites list for a while. Just became a follower. THANKS for all the wonderful ideas!


  48. #48 - anthropossum says:

    I follow you on twitter & chack your blog via your updates, lovely by the way. Am now a follower here too. Congrats on 1000!

  49. #49 - LDH says:

    I am a follower and I love your blog! Happy 1000th followers!!!

  50. #50 - Evidence of an Artistic Life says:

    Congrats on the 1000!! I am a follower!

  51. #51 - Janet says:

    I yam what I yam. A follower.

  52. #52 - everyday inspirations says:

    As Elaine would say on Seinfeld, SHUT UP! These books have been on my wish list for-eva! What a great giveaway!

    I.AM.A.FOLLOWER! Very dedicated to your creativity and inspiration. You have sooo many great ideas – congrats on the huge following – it's a great accomplishment!

    Thx for the opp to win and for all your great posts!

  53. #53 - Tom, Lynette, and family says:

    I follow…and love it:)

  54. #54 - Mei (WireBlissMei) says:

    I love your blog and your willingness to share. Thank you for the inspirations.

  55. #55 - Carol says:

    I'm a follower! What a fun way to do a giveaway! Congratulations on having over 1000 followers!

  56. #56 - Mama Magpie says:

    woo hoo! congrats, and count me in!!

  57. #57 - Tanna Clark says:

    I am a follower 😉 count me in!

  58. #58 - she dreams big! says:

    You lead and I will follow! You have a fabulous blog. Congrats! Please throw my name in the giveaway! uffda_68787@yahoo.com

  59. #59 - Jessica :) says:

    Wow. Amazing books . . . fun blog with all kinds of cool ideas I'd never feel brave enough to try but love looking at . . . and 1000 followers!! Thank you!

  60. #60 - Jane's Designs says:

    How cool is that!! Good for you Cathe, to know you is to admire you. Keep up the great work, I keep seeing your name pop up all over the internet.

  61. #61 - Christina says:

    Pick me! You are inspiring!

  62. #62 - Cottage Way of Life says:

    I've been following your blog for a while now. I enjoy your creativity and your very generous & giving spirit. It's a pleasure to see what you are up to.

    Congratulations on your 1000 followers, that is a huge achievement! I'm offering mu congrats right now even though the mark has not officially been reached. Yet. It will, of that I have no doubt.

    All my best,
    Cottage Way Of Life

  63. #63 - Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility says:

    Hi! I'm a follower! 🙂

  64. #64 - Kaye Prince says:

    Hi Cathe! I've been a follower for awhile and I love your blog! Other than your wonderful posts I think my favourite thing about your site are the beautiful blog gadgets that you designa. Congratulations on (over) 1000 followers!

  65. #65 - Mari Aparicio says:

    I am following your blog!! I learned a lot!!! really like it!!

  66. #66 - kristen says:

    I love giveaways but have yet to win one! Maybe this is my lucky day!! Pick me PIck me!! :0)


  67. #67 - Sherrie says:

    I now follow. What a great idea for a giveaway.
    Congratulations on the big 1000!

  68. #68 - Heather says:

    Congrats on the followers, I have followed your blog on my reader but I am now an official follower. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  69. #69 - locuasia says:

    I just discovered your blog and already love it! I am trying to become a follower and for some reason I don't get the link to work… ???
    Can you please enter me in your drawing? I live in Mexico but will be in the US for 3 wks so if I win you could mail the book to me at an US address 🙂
    Congratulations on your milestone!

  70. #70 - carlisle clan conversation... says:

    following and loving what i see, pls pick me….love, love, love this giveaway! congrats on 1000+!!!

  71. #71 - Karen says:

    Pick me, Pick ME!! Karen

  72. #72 - Vintage Jones says:

    I am a follower and love your blog. Keep up the great work!!!

  73. #73 - Julie says:

    I follow! Congrats on reaching 1,000!

  74. #74 - Judy says:

    I love your blog and follow it daily. You inspire me with everything you do!

  75. #75 - Jennifer says:

    1000? Woo-hoo! I'm a follower. =)

    Love your blog Cathe!

  76. #76 - Just Me says:

    I follow this blog please sign me up!

  77. #77 - Coloradolady says:

    I am a follower, and love your site, you give so many wonderful ideas…just not enough time around here to do it. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway…congrats on the 1000 mark…that is amazing.

  78. #78 - Dana Gustafson says:

    I am a happy follower of JSIM. Congrats Cathe on the amazing 1000 followers! So happy for you!

  79. #79 - Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    Wow! Congrats Cathe. Way to go!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  80. #80 - chicroses says:

    I so enjoy your blog. So much to do and see. Ideas you have given me..wished I wasnt so busy I would try those tokens..so neat. I did hem up my dhs pants last nite with your info on hemming jeans. Oh so neat.They were his work pants but I trimmed off excess and wished I hadnt done that. They will ravel now. Oh well next time I wont do that. But it is a slick way of hemming..So thankyou for the instuctions…I am a follower and I will comment alot…so dont get tired of me. Haha..XOs sally

  81. #81 - Cristin says:

    congrats! I follow your blog and enjoy reading!!! I thought I as doing good with 43 followers 😉

  82. #82 - Lisa says:

    You have more than 1000 followers because you have a very outstanding site, creative, honest, giving and wayyy to cool for words..+a giveaway, WOW count me in.

  83. #83 - Andrea - Faded Plains says:

    I'm a follower…but I think in this case…it's a good thing! Your the best!

  84. #84 - Sandy says:

    Wow, I can't imagine having 1000 followers…that is wonderful. Yes, I have been a follower….you have a great site and I would love to win one of your books!

  85. #85 - Sheri Howard says:

    I too am a recent convert to your site…so fun…so creative!! I hope I win…you are very generous…thanks~~Sheri

  86. #86 - nikki says:

    you're so inspiring!

  87. #87 - GrannySmithGreen says:

    Please count me in! Your talent and creativity amaze me!. I'd love to know more about how/where/who does your printing, and processing. It always looks so very well done. Thanks again for all of your tips and talent!

  88. #88 - forever folding laundry says:

    I'm a follower and am in awe of your creativity! Congrats!


  89. #89 - Paula says:

    Congrats! 1000 is a great number 🙂 I follow you and I'd love to be considered for the give away. Your blog is awesome and full of inspiration.

  90. #90 - blinkleblinkle says:

    Oh my gosh Cathe, how cool! I'm so proud to have 9 followers!! LOL Love your blog and look forward to anything you do… Thanks! ~Janee

  91. #91 - Laura says:

    Loyal follower! also…congrats on the 1000 though you deserve so many more! you seem to ooze with talent.

  92. #92 - JudiW says:

    I am sure you have far more thatn 1000 followers to your blog. I signed up on your followers list tonight but have been following your blog via my Google Reader (blog tracker or whatever you'd call it).
    Anyway a 1000 blessing on reaching this goal.
    Judi W

  93. #93 - Nadine says:

    I recently discovered your blog and love it! After my first visit, I decided to be a follower so I would not miss any posts!
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway!

    Thank You!

  94. #94 - Mommyof2girlz says:

    Congrats on your (now over) 1000 Followers, how awesome! I am a follower 😉

  95. #95 - Christine says:

    I've been lurking around your blog for awhile now but now I'm a follower!


  96. #96 - mamalong says:

    I follow you on bloglines. Glad I do, too. You've got a great blog!

  97. #97 - The Funny Farm says:

    LOVE the blog! Great idea for the give away.


  98. #98 - Doreen says:

    I'm a follower. Yay! Please enter me!

  99. #99 - DeeDee says:

    I you blog and have been following for a bit now…thanks for the fun stuff going on….

  100. #100 - Northwindstar says:

    Congrats on your 1000 followers & isn't hard to see why! I'm proud to say I signed up to follow you awhile back and I always get such inspiration from your "happy blog" 🙂 When I began following you, I even put your graphic logo/link on my blog so others can enjoy! A heartfelt thank you for sharing!!!

  101. #101 - AnastasiaC says:

    im already a follower! love your blog!

  102. #102 - Mal says:

    thanks! been following for awhile!

  103. #103 - Atelier Conti says:

    Wonderful blog! I just became a proud follower.

  104. #104 - Stasi says:

    low using google reader! and i love your site, so much inspiration and more good ideas than I could do in a year.

  105. #105 - Mel says:

    I've been a follower for a good while now and I love it! You are on my blog roll too.

  106. #106 - Caty says:

    Thank you!!!!! I'm a follower 🙂

    I have already one of them: the 1000 art journals and it is wonderful!!!!

    will love to have them all!!!!

  107. #107 - Terri says:

    **Raising hand in the back** Pick me Pick me! lol! I love your blog!

  108. #108 - Debra says:

    Wow One Thousand Followers!!! I am for lack of a better word "Gob-Smacked". Really? How do you do it?
    Okay then I guess that will make me 1001? (or more)

  109. #109 - Anonymous says:

    Hello from France !
    It's a big pleasure to visit your blog every day since a lot of weeks. Congratulations for your very nice work and thank you to give us your ideas.

  110. #110 - iva yaneva says:

    yay! 1000 followers – that's really great! congrats 🙂
    all of these books sound wonderful, great choice 🙂


  111. #111 - Meghan T. says:

    I have been following you for quite sometime now and I just am so excited each day to see what you are doing. We were just in Rohnert Park for the State Games and I wanted to stop and putz in Petaluma but there was no time and plus even if there was we were exhausted!!!!
    Keep it up!


  112. #112 - Lilly says:

    I am a new follower! ^^
    Thanks a lot!

  113. #113 - My name is PJ. says:

    I'm here every day, Cathe! 🙂

  114. #114 - Corinna says:

    I'm a follower from Germany- 🙂

  115. #115 - TidyMom says:

    How awesome is THAT Cathe?! 1000+ followers!!!

    Congrats and thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!


  116. #116 - Nan says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while now but hadn't yet become a follower. Thanks for your inspiring site and here's to another 1000!

  117. #117 - sjhackney says:

    Dear Cathe, I check your blog daily and I'm a follower. Your ideas and freebies are great. Keep up the great work. Sally

  118. #118 - cupcake studio says:

    Your blog is always a delight to follow. Oh-so inspiring!

  119. #119 - Aik says:

    I'm follower #1024! Wow!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  120. #120 - Diane says:

    Love your blog. I wish I had an ounce of your talent.
    You are truly blessed.

  121. #121 - Kat says:

    Congrats on 1000! I'm barely at 100! I love your blog and have been following for a few months now. Keep up the good posts!

  122. #122 - JanJ says:

    I'm already a follower of your amazing blog & mega congrats on getting 1000 followers!

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize too

    Jan xx

  123. #123 - Shannon says:

    I love following your blog!

  124. #124 - amycornwell says:

    I've been a follower for a while – love the ideas!

  125. #125 - Sarah says:

    I'm a follower…love your blog! Congrats on 1000+ Followers.

  126. #126 - ~Tonja~ says:

    I too am a follower and would love to be entered in your giveaway…wow over 1000 congrats…

  127. #127 - Katie says:

    I've been following you for several months now, and get excited every time you update. It's such a pretty blog, full of great ideas, and I love all the free stuff you give us! Well done, and congrats!

    I'd love to win this giveaway, thanks for the chance!

    You can reach me at katie at dekabyte dot com

  128. #128 - Virginia Burnett says:

    If my blog were as cool as yours, I'd probably have 1,000 followers, too! I've been following for a few months now and I enjoy every new post, though I sometimes suspect that you have convinced the Universe to give you more hours in your day than I get in mine. Please, tell me your secret! 🙂

  129. #129 - Christine Edwards says:

    Love all of the creative inspiration you share, it's no wonder you have over 1000 followers. I am also a big fan of those 1000 titles…good choice. 🙂

  130. #130 - sloeginfizz says:

    I've been following for a while now and loving it! Thanks for all the inspiration — I'm STILL convinced you never sleep! Thanks for all you do!
    nicole (at) nicoleray (dot) com

  131. #131 - Kate Spike and Her KatS says:

    Just another bloggette discovering your great blog. Very informative and fun, too!

  132. #132 - gdyup says:

    Everyday. I read your blog everyday (and have for awhile) and thoroughly enjoy it! I am not surprised that 1000's of others do the same! Congrat's!


  133. #133 - Heather says:

    I love this site… but I always bookmarked it instead of following it… doh!
    Thanks for the incentive to follow instead of just being a 'bookmark dope' 🙂


  134. #134 - Isette says:

    Congrats on Hitting 1000! I find your blog inspiring, and I really enjoy in the images you share! Thank you!

  135. #135 - Tiedupmemories says:

    I'm a follower!Congratulations! You are an inspiration!

  136. #136 - Sara says:

    Already a follower! Yay me!

    Love your blog and congrats on reaching 1000!


  137. #137 - Anonymous says:

    Cathe….1000!!! Wow! See, not just your silly ol' friends think you are awesome!


  138. #138 - Linda says:

    I'm one of your followers…congratulations on reaching 1000. I'm constantly delighted and inspired by your designs…thank you for sharing so much with all of us!

  139. #139 - Kunklebaby says:

    I've been a follower of your blog for awhile now! I LOVE it! What a great giveaway. Congrats on making it to 1,0000!!

  140. #140 - LeelaBijou says:

    Hello! I´m also one of your followers, your blog is awesome!
    Wow, 1000! Big number, congrats!! 🙂

  141. #141 - xashee's corner says:

    i am a follower!! Have been! hehe i LOVE your blog and visit you almost everyday!! 🙂 Thank you so very much for sharing this FUN! and big CONGRATS for reaching so many followers!! 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL day!!

  142. #142 - K. Nice says:

    I follow! I love your blog! 🙂 What a great giveaway!

  143. #143 - shout4joy says:

    I've been reading your blog for a while…just never joined until now – LOVE your blog, one of the highlights of my day 🙂

  144. #144 - lilith says:

    I have been a secret follower for several months now. Finally I made it to 'sign in'. Your blog has been a great inspiration (watch case pendants or jeans note book for example)and I'd love to see more. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us!

    Greetings from the 'Ruhrpott' in good old Germany!

  145. #145 - Esther says:

    I started following your blog a little while ago. Not come across that range of books before they look great. Assuming you are accepting people from the UK please add my to the draw.

  146. #146 - Not the Good Scissors! says:

    Cathe, I must say I have been enjoying ALL of the wonderful ideas and clip art that you have been graciously sharing with us.

  147. #147 - marysworkshop says:

    Congratulations on achieving your goal of 1,000 followers! I'm so happy to be one of them.

  148. #148 - Annie Atkin Rasmussen says:

    Oh! Please send me 1000 IDEAS FOR CREATIVE REUSE, I just would burst with happiness!

    I am a big fan of your blog. It's beautiful and interesting, every day!

  149. #149 - Liberty says:

    Oh my. 1000 followers and counting. WOW! Bring out a marching band, shoot some fireworks, blow a trumpet, have a picnic, celebrate and wave some flags! A great big congratulations, Cathe!

    Linda @
    White Linen ~ Lavender Field

  150. #150 - vandyrie says:

    I follow your blog and I absolutely love it! I have been trying to find cute little cubbies to keep my craft things as organized as your beautiful workspace. I can only hope that one day my blog will be as successful as yours!

  151. #151 - mary beth says:

    Cathe! Im not sure if Im a bonifide "follower" or not. I have you bookmarked and check in almost daily to see what you are up to..I am always inspired and especially appreciate all the fabulous downloads you offer us! Thanks for sharing all of you wonderful finds! Keep up the great work!

  152. #152 - Whitney @ Whisker Graphics says:

    My hat is officially in the ring. I am a follower and you are tucked safely in my Google Reader.

  153. #153 - Shabby Cottage Collectibles says:

    What a lovely giveaway and 1000 followers is amazing! Warm wishes, Esther

  154. #154 - cakegirl says:

    Just recently I found your blog and immediately bookmarked it. What fun! You have such great ideas and I have used some of your vintage prints. Thank you, thank you…

  155. #155 - Stacie says:

    Yay! Congratulations!! I've got a long way to go…one follower and counting!

    I L-O-V-E your blog. Keep inspiring!


  156. #156 - sharon says:

    I'm a loyal follower, ever since I found your blog, I've been checking in all the time!! Thanks for all the wonderful inspirations

  157. #157 - mindy says:

    I follow your blog. I love love love it! So many fun ideas!

  158. #158 - Adirondack Metal Designs says:

    Hi Cathe! Your Blog remains my favorite one to be sure to check out at least a few times each week! You have inspired me to do several projects and have helped make my blog more interesting with your free buttons and gadgets! I have read the entire thing but have not yet been able to follow up with all of the great links! Keep the great Blog going!

  159. #159 - Rose Charles says:

    Hi there Cathe,
    I am already a follower – your blog is great, the free buttons etc are really useful!

    Thank you so much for the chance to enter this giveaway 🙂

    Rose XXX

  160. #160 - Alisha says:

    wow. 1,000. People. Who Read every day. Wow. That's amazing. I've been reading for a while now, but just took the plunge to officially follow. I love the creativity. You can never get enough of that as a designer, but what I'd like to know is, how do you fit it all in? You blow me away!

  161. #161 - Kathryn Hansen says:

    not only do i follow your blog but i have a few of your gadgets on my blog…thanks so much!!

  162. #162 - GracieLu says:

    I have been reading your blog for some time. You inspire me so much. I love the projects you post. Thanks for sharing.

  163. #163 - KatieBabie says:

    you blog, your creativity, everything is amazing! I love it!! Thanks for posting a giveaway, but more importantly, thanks for inspiring!!! –Katiebabie

  164. #164 - Nan says:

    Just signed up to follow your blog-I visit everyday and love all your creative ideas. You inspire me-thanks for sharing all your talents.

  165. #165 - Angie says:

    I'm one of the 1000! I am always excited to check in and be inspired by your blog. It keeps me dreaming up all kinds of things to do on my own!

  166. #166 - Susan says:

    I've been reading your blog via Bloglines for months now, but just became a "follower" today. Your stuff makes my eyes happy and I'm so glad you share all of your talent with the world!

  167. #167 - grandma x 3 +1 says:

    I am in awe of your talents! Your blog inspires me. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  168. #168 - Christina Anna says:

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