Ornament Exchange

Don’t you think THIS will be fun?! I’m in, how about you?
Click on the image to sign up.

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25 Responses to Ornament Exchange

  1. #1 - Erica says:

    I love this idea. Count me in!

  2. #2 - Lydia says:

    I'm signing up! Great job on the logo!!

  3. #3 - Apron Thrift Girl says:

    Such a sweet logo. I'm in, thanks for the heads up. I kind of need a kick to get going this holiday season. I'm not used to a warm fall.

  4. #4 - Haann says:

    I am in. What fun.

  5. #5 - teena says:

    I'm signed up! Sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

  6. #6 - Judy says:

    I love the logo! Sounds like fun, count me in!!

  7. #7 - Destiny says:

    I signed up last week. Sounds fun! Can't wait to get started on my ornament!

  8. #8 - Vanessa says:

    Hey! I would like to join you! Thanks! Vanessa

  9. #9 - April but some call me Prilyy says:

    oh id love love love to join!

  10. #10 - Loddelina says:

    Thanks, what a great idea, I'm posting the button on my blog!

  11. #11 - merium says:

    What fun! I just signed up!

  12. #12 - Sherryl says:

    I'm in!!!!

  13. #13 - My name is PJ. says:

    I thought I recognized some of your nifty graphics work in that logo! Really beautiful job, Rock Star!

    I can't play along because I'm caring for my dying father-in-law at home with hospice and I have stopped almost everything else. It's not nearly as much fun as the ornament swap, but it's more gratifying…. 😉

  14. #14 - FayeRaye says:

    count me in for sure!~~ Love this idea!~ Faye

  15. #15 - Linda K. says:

    Sounds like fun, Cathe! I'm in as well! I'm in the mood for Christmas!

  16. #16 - Alexandra Alcantara says:

    I would love to join!!!

  17. #17 - Cheryl G. says:

    Sign me up! Sounds like fun!

  18. #18 - The Queen Of Re says:

    oh yes, already signed up.

  19. #19 - Kimmay says:

    Just signed up- thanks for the info!

  20. #20 - Tiedupmemories says:

    Would love to!!Fun!

  21. #21 - Jackie says:

    Ya, i think it'll be fun. Count me in too . Thanks

  22. #22 - Princess of Everything (and then some) says:

    This is cool! I would love to be in!

  23. #23 - Connie K says:

    I just signed up Thanks

  24. #24 - Country Dreaming says:

    Signed up–Looks like fun!!!!

  25. #25 - Lyndsey says:

    Thanks for posting this. I'm in, it sounds like fun!