Divine Twine Candle Holder Displays

First of all, if you don’t have several rolls of Divine Twine in your craft stash, I’ll wait while you go buy yours HEREI have 5 delicious rolls of DT baker’s twine and use it like crazy. I can hardly wait for the new colors to come out!But not until I found some cheap wooden candlesticks at Goodwill did I come up with the perfect way to display them for use.These candlesticks were $1.99 each and remind me of a high school wood-shop project. Of course, you can find candlestick holders at most any garage sale or thrift store. They can be completely mis-matched and easily spray painted to coordinate. When looking for candlestick holders, remember the taller the stick the heavier the base to avoid toppling when unrolling string. Even a candelabra would work nicely. If you don’t have access to any, check out Etsy for some great deals like the pair of milk glass holders below that would work beautifully!I placed 7/16″ wooden dowels into each holder individually, placed a roll of twine over it and marked a cut line just below the opening of the top of the spool. Don’t cut all your dowels the same size, as the depth of the candlestick hole may differ from one to another. Be sure to mark each dowel to match the candlestick you measured it into. Once the dowels were cut to size with a saw, I secured each into it’s candle holder with hot glue.
I wanted to add finials to the top of each dowel, but it’s important not to add a permanent finial or you will have to wreck the piece to replace the twine when it’s all used up. I made one set of finials from color-coordinating game pieces from my vintage game piece stash. I glued magnets to the bottom of each, added another magnet to that and glued that to the dowel.I made another set of finials from random glass drawer knobs also glued to magnets to the bottom of those.
I removed the hardware from the glass knobs and covered the holes with clear plastic sequins.Finials can be made from so many things from drawer knobs, buttons, wooden balls, marbles, thread spools, and so on.Or display them with no finial at all.For lots of Divine Twine inspiration, check out the Divine Twine Flickr Group Pool!

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