Most Creative Mom?

Well, I don’t know that I am the most creative mom, but for the sake of winning a $1000 Michael’s Crafts gift card to keep those crafts coming on Just Something I Made, I think it’s worth a shot! So, I could really use your vote on Facebook.The Michael’s Most Creative Mom contest is having a few glitches, but if you vote for me once a day through May 11, I just might win! Wouldn’t that be cool?

UPDATE: I. Didn’t. Win.

Thank you so much, TidyMom for the nomination and for the really kind words!

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13 Responses to Most Creative Mom?

  1. #1 - Apron Thrift Girl says:

    voted for ya! of course your the world's most creative mom. you should win hands down.

  2. #2 - Stephanie says:

    You ARE the most creative mom and I so hope you win! If I was on facebook, I would totally vote for you. Good luck!

  3. #3 - Wendy says:

    Tried to vote, but nothing came up on the page? Will try again later.

    Best of luck!

  4. #4 - Myrna says:

    HEY! I will vote for YOU!! You should win, hands down!!

  5. #5 - marie says:

    I think you are the most creative mom I've come in contact with. Your blog is amazing!
    I'll watch for the contest to open and then I'll vote – vote – vote!!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!

  6. #6 - Lisalulu says:

    YOU are MOST creative. so if you will remind us again, I will vote EVERYDAY for you!

  7. #7 - Auntie Cake says:

    You let us know when the voting reopens, you totally need to win!

  8. #8 - Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom says:

    I am NOT kidding when I saw the email from Michaels about this contest, I thought of you. Not only are you creative, but you are inspiring and encouraging to others!

    I hope you win!

  9. #9 - Erica says:

    Good luck.

    Is it just me, or does that ad look like they took mom's head and pasted it on daughter's body? Very odd.

  10. #10 - Tanya says:

    i will definitely vote for you when voting opens again. you are one of the most (if not the most) creative people i've ever seen.

  11. #11 - Landfill Hill says:

    Cathe Holden, you deserve this 10 times over!! I'll be voting for sure.

  12. #12 - Tonya says:

    Oh my heavens! I just stumbled upon your blog and an in awe! Your craftiness astounds me!

    Now I'm off to fb to vote for you!

  13. #13 - Lori Anderson says:

    Let us know when the voting is up again. I'll totally vote for you and help spread the word! I love it when I get to visit your blog! Burritos, vintage trucks, craft fair? Soo fun!
    All the Best,
    Lori (BlogFrog)