Modern Bird Studios Giveaway

If you’ve never heard of Modern Bird Studios, then you’re in for a treat! They are a very cool company that creates uniquely personalized modern art from photographs using a combination of digital, hand, and painting processes applied to wood.Their website is full of fantastic examples of the many photographs-turned-art that they have custom painted. Everything from children, couples and pets to their own pre-designed Bloom Series. For your own custom piece of art, you simply place your order, send your choice of photo and choose your favorite color combination, including the bare wood if like. Once your order is placed, they begin your project by emailing to you a proof for your approval. Finally, your piece is meticulously created, shipped and ready to display! Such a perfect, perfect gift.I spent some time trying to come up with just the right shot until my 13 year old daughter, Jamie, and I decided on one special item she cherishes. Her vintage first-baseman’s baseball glove. It’s not just any glove- it’s the one my father gave to his son, my oldest brother, Tom, when he was a young boy. Tom came from Michigan to visit our family a few years ago and met my husband and children for the first time. He brought with him that glove as a gift. Sadly, the following summer Tom died suddenly of heart failure. Jamie, a baseball enthusiast, used that glove in every game she was put on first base. It also was the beginning of her vintage baseball glove collection.
I took a photo of the glove in the driveway, emailed it to the fantastic crew at Modern Bird Studios with Jamie’s choice of colors, and this is what they created. A very special, 12″ x 24″ piece for her bedroom.
Here it is displayed with the actual glove and the rest of her glove and mitt collection.
Modern Bird Studios is giving away one 12″ x 12″ custom art piece valued at $215!

Please take a look through the Modern Bird Studios website to get some awesome ideas for your own piece(s) of art then come back here and leave a comment as to what personal photo you might like to have created into a Modern Bird Studios original. Please, only ONE comment per person. (If you inadvertently leave two, please delete one for me, otherwise, it messes up the odds. Thanks.) Open to the lower 48 states only. No previous Modern Bird Studios giveaway winner entries, please. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win!

Midnight, Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Winner will be announced by the following Thursday.

Please also take a moment to follow Modern Bird Studios on Twitter and join their Facebook page where you can find many more photos of their incredible work.

UPDATE: The winner of the Modern Bird Giveaway is random number 178, Beth/bethanndodd! Congratulations!!

And remember:
Modern Bird Studios is also offering JSIM readers a 15% discount on any order placed by June 22, 2010. Use discount code: JUSTSOMETHING

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181 Responses to Modern Bird Studios Giveaway

  1. #1 - shannon says:

    I always felt weird about the bridal shrines so many women have, but we did get a couple of really great pictures I wouldn't mind showing off. I think this would be a great way to do so!

  2. #2 - Noblekatt says:

    OMG how cool is this giveaway??!! Love that you got the baseball glove, what a touching story! I think I would have to get a picture of my two lil ones together (I have the perfect one in mind!) to put in a place of honor on our wall! what a great piece of work to have on display!
    thank you!
    Jenn Post
    noblekatt (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. #3 - Bri says:

    That is such a nice idea! I think I would have to have one done of our dog for my bf, he would just lose his mind, he would love it so much. 😉

  4. #4 - cindy says:

    i have some adorable pics of my son that would be awesome for this! or, maybe one of my wedding pics 🙂


  5. #5 - Nicci says:

    I'd pic either our wedding picture our our first family photo after our baby was born!

  6. #6 - Kari says:

    I would probably use a pic of our dog, an airedale terrier. It would be a tough decision, though.

  7. #7 - Melissa says:

    My friend who started a photography business took some really amazing photos of me and my fiancé this past winter. I'd probably have to go with one of those.

    If not, there's always pictures of the cats!

    smith.melissa.ann at

  8. #8 - Petya says:

    This is amazing!
    My bro's wedding is coming up soon, and this would be an amazing present!

    pepidesigns [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. #9 - The Walkers says:

    I would love to do this with a picture of my 3 month old daughter! Love your blog!

  10. #10 - kateastrophe says:

    The possibilities are endless! I think I would do a picture of my husband's prized Jeep for his study!

  11. #11 - Rachel says:

    I'd love to have Modern Bird Studios do an old photo of my grandparents kissing when they were in their 20s. I scanned a bunch of my grandparent's photos when my grandfather passed away in 2008, and there are a few gems from back in the day when they were younger.

  12. #12 - Vicki Holdwick says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I have a lovely upclose picture of my two granddaughters (first cousins) all dressed up for preschool graduation.


  13. #13 - Stesha says:

    There is a photo of all of my children looking out at the ocean that I would use.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  14. #14 - Erika - MommyBurgh says:

    I would totally do a photo from my wedding…. its beyond cute and I am secretly grabbing my husbands butt! hahaha! i love the photo and would think it would be funny to see it as a work of art!!!!

  15. #15 - Stephanie says:

    These are beautifly done, I've love to have one of our my husband smoking our behives on wood.

  16. #16 - lolamichele says:

    I really like the natural wood and gray. I would love to get some of the kids recent pics done like this for our new home.

    boswife @ gmail dot com

  17. #17 - seemommyknit says:

    I LOVE Modern Bird! I'd pick a pic of the girls together outside-it's a very casual, cool one!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. #18 - Chelsea says:

    These are beautiful! I'd love to have one of my fiance and I's engagement pics done.

  19. #19 - Stacy says:

    LOVE Modern Bird Studios! I would pick a picture of my son, who is a true miracle baby, with our Weimaraner Bailey. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  20. #20 - jill says:

    i would get one of either my little guy or one of our entire family together. i love. love. love modern bird!

  21. #21 - tessie says:

    I have an adorable nephew who just brightens my life! I would love to transform one of his beautiful photos in this way!

  22. #22 - Anonymous says:

    i would use a picture of my 2 kiddos 🙂 hoping to win!

  23. #23 - cneaglefan says:

    Wow, what great art! I love it. I would have to go with this great candid shot of my husband and I taken at a friend's wedding. cneaglefan at hotmail dot com

  24. #24 - angie says:

    this is beautiful art. i would love to have an up-to-date photo of me and my husband done. it would be a great way to decorate our new apartment. thank you!

    stinksopurdy at gmail dot com

  25. #25 - kim sapida viernes says:

    i love how the sillouetted pictures turned out on the wood. amazing.

    i have an old poster of my sister and brother and i when we were young that was taken in an underground subway touristy shop in atlanta (at least that's how i remember it!). 15 years ago i had turned into a negative to reprint. i'd love to get that transferred on!

  26. #26 - Tiffany says:

    I would do the picture of my little boy w/a balloon. I love these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. #27 - Jenny!!! says:

    Wow…so cool! I have some great portraits of my boyfriend and me that I would love to make into something arty. Also, my little sis and I have some great travel pictures which would be wonderful to use as well. This is too hard! 🙂 What an awesome giveaway.

  28. #28 - LRW says:

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!! I would love to use a photo of either my dog or myself and my fiance.

  29. #29 - val says:

    I would love to do one of my children. I have some pictures with a lot of contrast which seems to show up best!

  30. #30 - Anonymous says:

    I have a perfect photo of my girls looking over the ocean, holding hands. I'd love to have something done with that photo! This is a fabulous giveaway!!

    rlarcom at epix dot net

  31. #31 - Crafty Batches says:

    What an awesome company! If I had my choice for this project, I would create a beautiful piece of art using one of the maternity pictures I plan on taking of a good friend of mine. She's expecting her first baby next month…a beautiful baby girl! Thank you! ~Sam

  32. #32 - Carla says:

    I don't usually enter drawings because I don't think I'll ever win. But this so cool I had to take a shot. Motherhood is very special to me, a huge part of who I am. I would love to get a mother/child photo done.

  33. #33 - Aaron and Karrie says:

    I have so many cute things done up for my kids' rooms… I think it might be time to get something cool for MY room. I'd love to do something a with a pic of my husband and I when we started dating. I'm still so in love 🙂

    Neat giveaway!

    karrijo3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  34. #34 - Preppy Mama says:

    I would die to win!! I know exactly which photo I use. My youngest was sitting in the highchair eating, wearing worn jeans – bare feet. I snapped a few shots of his dangling legs…I love the photo. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  35. #35 - O My Word!?! says:

    Would love to win one! I have been trying for awhile now! I would want a pic of my beautiful little boy! Hands down, in green!

  36. #36 - Analise says:

    I'd have them take a picture of my parents going to prom in the 70's- it would be a great thing to give for their 30th anniversary

  37. #37 - Opinions of a Moody Mama says:

    I would choose a photo of my son — I have an awesome photo of him on the beach that I think would loook great! Thanks for the chance!

  38. #38 - Suz says:

    I think for now I'd use a wedding photo of us at the beach. Might want to save the win for a future baby photo though!

  39. #39 - Katherine says:

    First of all…very fun blog! I will be a new follower, for sure!

    Second, I really love the baseball glove idea. Very sweet.

    For what I would choose, I have this very, very cute photo of my daughter in this big fluffy tu-tu and big rubber boots from her birthday party that I think would be very sweet as a Modern Bird piece.

  40. #40 - Keri says:

    I would love to get one done from our upcoming photo shoot with my six month old. It will be the first professional family photos we have done and I know it will be something we cherish forever.

  41. #41 - abbi says:

    I have the perfect place on our family wall for a photo/painting of my boys.


  42. #42 - Just Us says:

    I was just talking about my obsession with Modern Bird at work today and showed off their gallery. Which of course got me looking in my iPhoto file AGAIN to see which one I would pick. Which one? IMPOSSIBLE! I have some of my kids, my dogs, other family. I will just cross my fingers and hope I get the chance to stress over which one I get to pick if the time comes! Thanks

  43. #43 - Mylyne says:

    What a unique give-away! I would like to have a picture of my 3 children portrayed in such a special way.

  44. #44 - glittersmama says:

    I would love to have a great picture of my daughter done like this. Love it.

  45. #45 - Paisley Petunia says:

    I love Modern Bird so much! I would choose this photo of my boyfriend and I from a trip to Seattle – its a candid, but we are on our friend's rooftop and it would be a cool outline of us against the background. I love the look of the natural wood.

  46. #46 - ~*~ Allison ~*~ says:

    I have a great picture of my children from when they were 8 months & 2 years. Both wearing only diapers and a great big grin!!!! Precious!

  47. #47 - Tricia says:

    It'd be a toss up between creating a piece of my 4 month old great-niece for her mom or getting one for myself of my mom and grandmother.

  48. #48 - Shanarun says:

    I would choose the picture when our boys were 2 and 5. They are out in the front in the metal wash tub -which was meant for washing the car…

  49. #49 - Darcy says:

    I would love to have one done of all four of my kids as the older two are in college and think a photo of just them would be awesome to have on display!

  50. #50 - PaisleyPeople says:

    Picture of my dearest daughter!!! This giveaway is awesome!!!!

  51. #51 - Sherry @ No Minimalist Here says:

    Oh my, This is so great! I would have a photo of my husbands sailboat that was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan. He really loved that boat and it would be great to have a picture done for his office.

  52. #52 - Laura Stewart says:

    I would love to make one of my sweet little boy dog

  53. #53 - nicole marie says:

    I would use a picture from my wedding of my husband and I walking in a garden. I think it would make a lovely sort of silhoutte and be a way to commerate our day without being super wedding.

  54. #54 - Jodi says:

    how amazing! I'd do a pic of my kids when they were younger. They are teenagers now and some/most days I long for them to be young again

  55. #55 - Amy, a lady in waiting says:

    I would love to have a family portrait of my husband, son and stepson from our wedding last Fall in the Pacific Blue and Baby Blue color scheme, or our engagement photo in Berry and Wine Red (I think that was the color), although the natural wood background is very nice. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful prize.

  56. #56 - Suzanne says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I'd use a picture of my best pal Woody, a golden retriever who passed away a few years ago. I've wanted to have a portrait of him done for the longest time and this would be a perfect one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. #57 - Miss Prickly says:

    I have a photo of my son, when he was three, running into a sprinkler on a hot summer day. It's shot from behind him, and his little swimsuit and scooted down past his bum. It's a great memory, and it would make a classic piece of art for our family.

  58. #58 - mlheran says:

    That's amazing art, thank you for the giveaway team-up!

    While going through family photos as my Grandma was passing away last summer we came across a wonderful photo of my Grandparents in their early 30's in our field full of mustard blooms. It's such a beautiful photo on it's own, but I think this would be an incredible way to enlarge it and "freshen" it up for contemporary display. Though I'm torn between a light color on bare wood, or a tone on tone… too many great options! 🙂

  59. #59 - Grimmy says:

    I would get a picture of my cat and dog together.

  60. #60 - Ramona Burke says:

    Obvi, the kiddos. They'd look awesome in dark blue on natural wood in our living room. One of the pics where they've been caught together doing something silly…

  61. #61 - Melcy says:

    I would definitely get a pic made of my baby boy. What a perfect Father's day gift it would make. I love Modern Bird Studios work!

  62. #62 - Country Dreaming says:

    The glove picture is great.
    Looks wonderful in your daughter's room.
    I would either choose one of Ken and I or a garden type picture.


  63. #63 - Emskyrooney says:

    LOVE the idea of the baseball mitt! I'd probably go more generic though and choose a photo of my son!

  64. #64 - Deb says:

    Oh these pieces are fabulous! Gosh…it's hard to pick which one photo I'd choose…I can picture so many of them done in this fashion. I suppose I would choose a photo of my hubby and me on the beach last year.

  65. #65 - Chrissy says:

    Some unique artwork. I have a picture of me, my husband and two teenagers on a huge rock looking upside down. It would look really cute.

  66. #66 - Anonymous says:

    I have an adorable picture of my 3 yr old kissing my 1 year old on the cheek. I think it would be absolutely priceless!!! (Also a good way to prove to them that they DID like eachother at one point) 🙂 🙂 Beautiful work!!!
    ALIves86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  67. #67 - Anonymous says:

    If I didn't have so many photos this would be so much easier!! We are on a family vacation right now and I just captured a fantastic picture of my 2 year old playing on the beach. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!!


  68. #68 - Paige says:

    How amazing – what a cool piece of art to have. Love them.

  69. #69 - stacy{s} says:

    i would love to have the photo of the day my daughter's adoption became final and we officially became a family!

    thanks for sharing!


  70. #70 - jessica says:

    a photo of my daughter in her ballet costume.

  71. #71 - Today Hilary... says:

    I'd love a piece with my 2 girls for their playroom…..

  72. #72 - Kristin says:

    I am getting married in aug and I would love to get 1 of our engagement photos turned into art. What Modern Bird Studios creates is amazing and I would love to own one 🙂

  73. #73 - Jackie says:

    Wow, thank you for introducing such a great art site. Awww the baseball glove story was so sweet!

    I would love to a picture of my future husband and I are on wedding day. We are getting married this August. It be perfect to hang over our fireplace.

    Thank you!!!

  74. #74 - Melissa says:

    What a cool company! I'm debating between a picture of me with a few of my closest girlfriends, or a picture of my boyfriend and I being silly. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  75. #75 - Happy Bluebird says:

    What great art! I love the baseball mitt collection. I would love to have my beautiful boxer dog done – she has expression that would be perfect on the wall!

  76. #76 - bettie says:

    I love these! I would definitely use pictures of my dogs.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  77. #77 - Jillian says:

    I'm with Shannon on the bridal shrines – but about four months after we eloped, my husband and I finally got rings and when they arrived we stuck our hands in the sun coming through the front window and snapped a shot of them as proof for my mother that we weren't lying about the whole thing. I don't know if I would hang up that picture as it is, but definitely as Modern Bird would make it.

  78. #78 - Kate says:

    My sister is moving to Columbus with her family next month (for her husband to get a PhD) and I'm pretty excited she'll be here. I am sad, though, that she and her husband put a lot of time and thought into their daughter's nursery in their house, and now they'll be moving into an apartment the won't be able to decorate as much. I would love to be able to give them a portait of their one-year-old daughter to decorate her new nursery, and have the perfect one in mind!

  79. #79 - Robin says:

    I have a great picture of my husband and son surfing. I'd give it a try. Fantastic giveaway.

  80. #80 - Elz says:

    I'd get a picture of me and my husband,taken several months ago just as we are kissing. It's rare to have just us in a picture.

  81. #81 - cakegirl says:

    I have a great picture of my kids when they were 3 & 6 with our new puppy. Darling photo that is a great reminder of a very special time for our family.

  82. #82 - Scott and Mary Jo Smith says:

    I'd love to use a picture of my husband and 2-year-old little boy playing baseball. It'd be a perfect piece for his office!

  83. #83 - kelseyyyann says:

    So cool! I would love to get one of a silly picture of my boyfriend and me, to put in our new apartment!


  84. #84 - Aimee says:

    Ooh ooh! I have the most perfect picture I could use for this – I took one of my 2 month old about a week ago, lounging with his arms draped across the top of a pillow and making a very mischievious little grin. It would look amazing like this, and it is just such a perfect example of his personality. I'm happy to share it:

  85. #85 - Raye Marie says:

    So cool! I really like the dog for some reason, and the floral pictures are amazing. Hope I win. Thinks for the giveaway!

  86. #86 - Tracybabey says:

    I'm not sure, they're all so neat! Probably a family picture? Thanks for the giveaway?

  87. #87 - Monica says:

    I love your daughter's collection! So awesome.

    As for the Modern Bird Studios giveaway – I have a great picture of my two girls that I would love to have made into a beautiful work of art. I'm already starting to save up so I can order one 🙂

  88. #88 - mab says:

    Oh, I'm a mama, so I'd probably choose a pic of my 2 babies. Or, maybe a picture representing some of the iconic places in my life…. Our first home, the clock tower in the quaint Turkish town we lived in, images from around New Orleans where we live now….

    This artwork is really beautiful! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  89. #89 - Anonymous says:

    Hey guys! Already following and liking! I would still love a picture of my son and my daughter. They aren't just siblings they are like best friends. My son is in the Navy and my daughter is at University of Florida. I have the perfect photo of them. They always seem to do this one certain pose together when they take pictures together. To have that in Modern Bird style…all I could say each time I saw it would be WOW!
    Thanks for another chance to win 🙂

  90. #90 - {Bellamere Cottage} says:

    Oh how fabulous….I'd be thrilled to win and I already know exactly what photo I'd use….I love the black and white/grey-ish ones….

    Warm blessings,

  91. #91 - Kristin says:

    I grew up in rural Alberta, Canada, now living in Seattle. I have a great picture of old grain barns at my dad's ranch I would love to do.

  92. #92 - Kate Smith says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to ModernBirdStudios! If I won, I would ask them to make a picture of my kitty cat Simon, who passed away, but was my best friend. We have lots of people pictures in our home, but not too many pet pics.

  93. #93 - Annika says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I think I would use a picture of me and my two best friends.


  94. #94 - thebabykitties says:

    a picture of my 2 year old boy playing outside!

  95. #95 - Stephanie says:

    We are about to have a new baby so I would love to have a picture of him and his big brother together!

  96. #96 - Becky says:

    I would probably use a picture of my dear aunt who passed away last month. Or maybe a photo of my kids, so it's a bit cheery-er…. ha.

  97. #97 - Liz says:

    We don't have any good pictures from our wedding, but our engagement shots had a few standouts that could work well! And of course I would want one of my two boys! Now I just need to get them to sit still long enough to get said picture!

  98. #98 - Robin says:

    I have a great picture of my now 22-year-old son when he was about 4 years-old with a big straw hat on standing next to our family bird dog and they both have this sheepish look on their faces…I have always wanted to preserve that moment in time in a special way…I think this might be it!

  99. #99 - uniqueannick says:

    Wonderful giveaway!

    I would like to do a picture of my daughter with her dad…there is a specific picture of them looking at each other laughing.

  100. #100 - Anonymous says:

    This is awesome! I'm already thinking Christmas presents!!! My youngest loves to take photos and I'll just have to grab one of the one's she made in the back yard and turn it into art. I've also got to have one of my grandson done for my sewing room, his nursery, my daughter…uh oh…I think I'm going to be in lots of trouble here. 🙂

  101. #101 - Rachel says:

    I love the Modern Bird Studios. I have the most adorable pic of my little ones that would be perfect to turn into one of their great creations.

  102. #102 - Sarah says:

    I would love to do one of my wedding photos – my husband and i, under a weeping willow 🙂

  103. #103 - Stephanie says:

    Their work is amazing! I would probably choose the photo I snapped when my gave my 3 children their first puppy! It's become one of my favorite memories and everytime I look at the image I smile! at

  104. #104 - Erica says:

    What a cool art piece! I'd love to do one of my husband and I in Hawaii.

  105. #105 - Movie Maven says:

    These are so cool! I have one really great "everyone get in the picture and I will take it of all of us" type shot of my three siblings and me that I would try to do this with, and give it to my mom. Love the one with the little boy in the wagon wheel(?)!

  106. #106 - miranda says:

    I like the idea of a pet photo and have the perfect shot of our cats in mind!

  107. #107 - JDFord says:

    Wow. The coolest! I love photos, but sometimes they look too… ordinary. Not here! Love love love them. Hope to win! JDford (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

  108. #108 - John says:

    I have a shot of my son mid-air on the beach, bucket and shovel in hand. It is the visual I now have for a kids feelings for summer.

  109. #109 - just me and z says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Modern Bird! I have followed them for a long time and am a fan on FB too. I love their work and someday hope to have one of their "originals" made of my daughter, Zoie. She will be 4 next week. She's my little miracle baby… she wasn't supposed to make it when I was pregnant. I had 3 doctors tell me to expect to lose her. I was sick the whole pregnancy, but luckily I delivered at 36 weeks and she was healthy and strong! I would love to get one made of her to hang in my living room as a constant reminder of how blessed I am. Thank you for the chance to win!

  110. #110 - wifeplzak says:

    I would love to do a photo of my husband an I on our boat. Love Modern Bird!

  111. #111 - Felicia Kramer says:

    These are great! I would choose a favorite photo from my childhood.

  112. #112 - Amber says:

    I have a great candid picture of my two kids with their heads put together. It would be amazing by Modern Bird Studios.


  113. #113 - Tina S says:

    Such beautiful works of art! I have a photo of my parents with my oldest daughter that I would love to have done this way. My daughter and daddy have both passed on and this would be a fabulous remembrance for my mom. These are just breathtaking. Thanks for the opportunity to win one for our family.

    amypig2 (at) mchsi (dot) com

  114. #114 - Laura says:

    VERY COOL! I would take a picture of some pointe shoes (ballet shoes) to have made into a gift for the owner of the dance studio I work at. I'm leaving after 9 years of teaching (because we're moving out of town) and I'd like to leave her with that– it's been a tough year for her……

  115. #115 - amyjk says:

    what a touching story, and wonderful display. i have a photo of me and my husband from a vacation that i would love to see as a 'modern bird' conversion! keeping my fingers crossed…

  116. #116 - Tricia says:

    This is so hard because I want about a million pieces done by them. I think I would have to go with a picture I have of my husband and I sitting in the grass.

  117. #117 - Michelle says:

    It would either be my baby girl Sage (a rescue puppy) or my favorite pix of my husband and I kissing…

  118. #118 - Stacie says:

    My dog, Oliver. He's so special (no kids yet) and it would be nice to have something to remember him by many years from now.

    I'm tearing up just thinking about it!

  119. #119 - Lynn S says:

    Thank you for this giveaway for all of us to enter. I actually just found your website today from a post about Mod Podge on Facebook. I would have to say I would probably use a picture of my parents holding me when my dad first saw me as a baby. (he was in the air force and didn't get to see me until I was 10 months old). The photo was done in a black and white and I think it would look awesome in one of these prints!


  120. #120 - Char- The Mad Shopper says:

    I have an adorable picture of my son at age 3 finding a hidden Easter egg. I think I might like to use this one if I win.

  121. #121 - Char- The Mad Shopper says:

    I have an adorable picture of my son at age 3 finding a hidden Easter egg. I think I might like to use this one if I win.

  122. #122 - katilady says:

    i don't have children but i do have 2 kitties who have filled my life. they are my babies. i have the sweetest pic of them sitting together on my office chair. i would love to get that foto done up by modern burd!

  123. #123 - Abbie says:

    Oh.. there is no question. I have a photo of my three kiddos in rubber boots standing in front of our barn door. I love it and it would be very neat as pop art. Very cool giveaway Cathe! Thank you Modern Bird!

  124. #124 - Shayna says:

    I have a photo of my sister, brother, and I when we were young, laughing, smiling… the perfect summer moment 🙂

  125. #125 - Marula says:

    I have a photo of my husband enjoying a view of the San Juan Islands that would lend itself nicely to this format! They're all beautiful!!!

  126. #126 - whitney says:

    Love this!!! I would pick a picture of my two sisters and me for a present for my mom or one of me and my boyfriend.

  127. #127 - The Tesdalls says:

    I love this!!!!!!!!!! You do such amazing things!!! I would want to do a family picture of me and my husband and our son and daughter (after our daughter is born in August)!

  128. #128 - Jake and RaNette Free says:

    I love Modern Bird! Maybe I will win this time! We want a black and white one of the two of us!

  129. #129 - LV says:

    I have an amazing photo of a three year old me sitting on my grandfather's lap taken in 1983 on a Philly sidewalk. In the photo, I'm reaching out with a napkin to wipe something off of his face. A photographer that lived in the neighborhood snuck the shot and gave it to my grandfather. My grandfather was the most important person in my world (he passed in '02) and this picture captures one of those fleeting moments of true love and affection that we felt for each other. I miss him more and more each year, and I would be truly grateful to have such an amazing piece to showcase to friends and family.


  130. #130 - Monika says:

    A photo of my husband and I holding hands would be my first choice, but I could think of some others. We just celebrated 12 happy years…and we're still best friends!

  131. #131 - Kathy says:

    I'm not sure which I'd do, but either a wedding photo of my husband and I or an old vintage image of my late grandmother. We recently found several amazing photos of her from the 40's looking very sophisticated.

    This a really neat give-away! Thanks!

  132. #132 - mutt luv says:

    i would love nothing more than to take this old black & white photo of my grandfather, when he was scoutmaster at boy scout camp, and have it made into something lovely for my grandmother. grandpa passed just over a year ago, and since he was a logger for so many years, the wood background could not be more perfect…

  133. #133 - Jamie says:

    So great! I'd love to do a picture of my oldest daughter dipping her toes in the ocean for the first time when she was 3 years old.

  134. #134 - Heather Irene says:

    Ooo! I would either use one of our engagement photos or one of the shots from our wedding. We have some really neat ones from both shoots.

  135. #135 - Linh C. says:

    I'd love to get one made of my dog, Cody.

  136. #136 - Meghan T. says:

    Wow how fun is the baseball glove. I have a bunch of athletes in the house and with the youngest headed off to Cooperstown, NY on Wednesday I would have to say that I would love to document a perfect picture of the trip. It's going to be a trip of a lifetime and we are all looking so forward to it. Here's to baseball!!!!

  137. #137 - Pattykat says:

    Since I take most of the photos around our house, I would really like some art of my dear husband and I done in the Modern Bird style or else some art done with a religious theme~ya!

  138. #138 - myflsun says:

    These are fantastic! I have a photo of my oldest son (now 16) as a baby, sitting in the middle of dandelions, that I love, but I think a photo of all of my children's feet lined up would be awesome!

  139. #139 - jodi @ back40life says:

    love their stuff…I would do a pic of our two kiddos…so sweet!

  140. #140 - Jacque says:

    I have a really great photo of my mom, circa 1940's, all when she was in her 20's. It would make a nice "memory picture"…she passed away 25 years ago.

  141. #141 - we chirp says:

    I would have to have one of my four kids together, that would be perfection. Thanks for introducing me to this great shop.

  142. #142 - felicia says:

    I have an awesome picture of my 2 kids together that I would love transformed into really cool art! Thanks for the great giveaway

  143. #143 - Stephanie says:

    Wow! I have a great photo of my parents that I would love to have made in to one of these pieces of art! Or I have the best photo of my son and his 3 girl cousins who live here in town–oh my what a choice! Awesome opportunity for a lucky person. cheers!

  144. #144 - Jill says:

    Hi. I would useone of my house we left inGeorgia.

  145. #145 - sauvie island farms says:

    I would to have one of these with my three kids. I also love the baseball glove idea. My son is a one with all his gear would be very cool.

  146. #146 - Haverford House says:

    Love these pictures! I would do a picture of my new grandbaby who's due in Sept! Thanks for a chance! ~Marcy

  147. #147 - Celia says:

    What a unique piece of art to own! I would have my children's photo on this type of display.

    Thank you.

  148. #148 - Tammy says:

    My husband and I just bought our first house, and it would be so great to have one of these to begin decorating! I can't decide whether I would choose a wedding photo, or one of our puppy. Or maybe a cupcake for the kitchen! I love, love, love your daughter's glove picture.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    tammy (dot) gabel (at) yahoo (dot) com

  149. #149 - Dahara Dreaming says:

    We just had a cat give birth to her kittens, who are absolutely amazing. I think a photo of them piled up all cute like for posterity would be a great one to have – my daughter was enamored with the whole process, and of course, the itty bitty kittens!

    jen at daharadreaming dot com

  150. #150 - taadaaammons says:

    Fun! Thanks!
    tammons at triad dot rr dot com

  151. #151 - girlfromthe_N.Country says:

    This is such a cool looking givaway. I think I would either choose a picture of my parents to give to them on thier anniversary, or a landscape picture of northern MN or WI.


  152. #152 - Tingaling says:

    Very cool! I would love to do one of my 6 month old son, or maybe one with the baby and dad, for fathers day. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  153. #153 - Carla says:

    I have the sweetest photo of my two girls in matching dresses. Big sis is reading to little sis and it melts my heart everytime!

  154. #154 - Valley Art Project says:

    What fun stuff, so creative. I would love a family one done. Thanks!

  155. #155 - Anonymous says:

    This is so awsome, I would have to do my children. My husband thinks a picture of his truck would be better! ha!

  156. #156 - Rebekah says:

    We just had family pictures done over the weekend, so I may have to wait and see if I want to use one of those!

  157. #157 - lintqueen says:

    Oddly, I don't think my picture has been taken yet, but I think it will be this Thursday night, when my honey and I have our engagement session! I'd love to present him with such a lovely gift as a wedding present!

  158. #158 - crystal says:

    Love this idea! maybe my husbands favorite guitar for his studio… ?

  159. #159 - Lisa Lee says:

    I have the perfect photo in mind for this…one of my 2 kids being sweet to each other, a sight I don't see all that much anymore!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity…love this!

  160. #160 - Anonymous says:

    I think I'd pick a family photo from the coast. 🙂

    mosier at gmail dot com

  161. #161 - Paula says:

    I would either use our baby's sonogram photo (s/he's still baking!) or a wedding photo!! I LOVE this idea!

  162. #162 - Haann says:

    I am not sure yet but something that fits in my sewing room. These are great 🙂

  163. #163 - Mom/Gram says:

    Don't they turn out nice?! I would pick one of my husband to have done. Thanx for the chance…

  164. #164 - stephl says:

    The minute I saw this, I knew exactly what picture I would choose, and just what I would do.

    I have a picture of my two daughters taken when the youngest was a small baby. They are laying and snuggling on the sofa. it is adorable!

    The picture itself, though, is a horrible over exposed mess….But, I think it would work beautifully with this process!

    I think I would choose a two-tone with brown and creme.

    It would be a great gift for my eldest daughter….our youngest had cystic fibrosis and passed away several years ago, and Linds would really love a beautiful piece of art to honor her little sister.

  165. #165 - Zura says:

    What beautiful art they create! Thanks, Cathe, for offering this give away. I'd have them make a picture of my grandkids.

  166. #166 - The Wengers says:

    I would choose a candid photo of my husband and me when we very first started dating. We're sitting next to each other, looking at each other and smiling. We had no idea our picture was being taken. It's just a very sweet, very genuine moment that I'm so lucky got captured on film.

  167. #167 - Pam says:

    Love the pictures with the dogs! Amazing art!

  168. #168 - Becca says:

    I think these are awesome! I would probably get a picture of my husband and I. Or maybe one of my family. It would be very hard to choose!

  169. #169 - mrs. potato head says:

    i adore my kids – what mom doesn't?and i love to display pictures of them in my home – this woudl be a fun alternative to the traditional picture – i would choose a sweet picture i have of my older daughter giving the younger a kiss on her blessing day. what a great memory to capture.

  170. #170 - debabresch says:

    What an awesome giveaway! It would be hard but I'd have to say I would choose a picture of my boys together when they were younger – they are now 16 and 15. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  171. #171 - Dani says:

    Very tough choice! I would probably use a picture of my mom & me with rollers in our hair! She passed away when I was 4 years old and this is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us!

  172. #172 - jdavissquared says:

    So cool! I think I'd have to do a picture of my husband and I. 😉

  173. #173 - Jennifer says:

    I have a pic of my grandparents in clown makeup, kissing. I would love to do that one.

    I am:

  174. #174 - Lyndsey says:

    I am getting married in October and would love to have some family photos at the reception. This would be such a beautiful and unique twist on that idea! I can thing of many great shots of the two of us that could translate into something we would cherish forever! I am really crossing my fingers!

  175. #175 - carissa says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to use a picture of my 2 little ones. Thanks!

  176. #176 - suesue says:

    Wouldn't it be great to do some craft or sewing tools? In hot pink!! I'd never be able to choose!

  177. #177 - lynner says:

    I have a picture of my son when he was 16 at summer camp. He has a look of PURE JOY, you can still see the little boy in his eyes. When I close my eyes and think of him, this picture comes to my mind.

  178. #178 - paula :: plays with mud says:

    Wow – amazing stuff. I have a photo of my son at two days old nestled in his father's arms.

  179. #179 - bethanndodd says:

    The story behind your daughter's glove is so touching. I absolutely love what Modern Bird Studios did with your photo of it. I would love to do something for myself of my 3 boys but I think I would have to have a photo of my Grandfather done and then give it to my Dad. My Grandfather passed away in March and my Dad would cherish it. Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful keepsake.

  180. #180 - Anonymous says:

    How gorgeous! Love your daughter's baseball glove!
    I would probably do a photo of my 2 girls w their cousin where they're all laughing hysterically while hugging ea other, so sweet.


  181. #181 - Rosie says:

    That would make a great wedding gift!