Bookshelves with Character

Just books on your bookshelves? You realize that’s a decorative felony, right? Read my latest post over at SC Johnson’s Family Economics for adding a little whimsy to your library.

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30 Responses to Bookshelves with Character

  1. #1 - dreamscrapbooks says:

    This is an ADORABLE idea with the little wagon holding the books =D

  2. #2 - Catherine says:

    That's so sweet. I need to add some personality to our *gasp* books only bookshelves. 😉

  3. #3 - My Life Under the Bus says:

    Love old toys…except when my kids steal them away !

  4. #4 - mizdarlin says:

    Love your wagon-as-bookcase!
    LOL..I totally agree with you..there's barely room on my bookcases for books!

  5. #5 - Createology says:

    What a great and fun idea for your little red wagon. Super clever of you my dear. Happy creating…

  6. #6 - Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife says:

    super cute idea!!

  7. #7 - Brenda@Cozy Little House says:

    I commented over at the site. Adorable!

  8. #8 - elsiee says:

    GENIUS! seriously…

  9. #9 - Susan says:

    Love the wagons…never knew they came that small, lol. I will have to look at my shelves in a different light now ;o)

  10. #10 - The Kramer Angle says:

    Really clever idea!

  11. #11 - kreynolds says:

    Great ideas, Cathe… thanks for all your clever ideas over the years!!

  12. #12 - jamberry_song says:

    Wonderful idea! You are so clever! 😀

  13. #13 - Cheree says:

    Love the ideas! I truly enjoy your blog. And I used your tutorial on blogging this week. I had no idea that adding pages was so simple in blogger. I had never noticed it. Thank you so much.

  14. #14 - Hong Kong Sweeneys says:

    I am starting to wonder-what other goodies can hold books for me hmm. exciting prospect.

  15. #15 - Dawn says:

    Oh man, now I'm gonna have to go buy one of those! How cute!

  16. #16 - Debbie Sews Retro says:

    What a cute idea for books. That is just what my grandson's room needs to display his books. I think I'll give it a try. Now to find a wagon bargain!!

  17. #17 - Cindy B says:

    how clever! I love this…thanks!

  18. #18 - Sweet T says:

    this is how we have our cookbooks displayed in our kitchen. well, actually it's an old Radio Flyer tricycle with a trailer. all the books are in the trailer. i love it!

  19. #19 - Lynette Killam says:

    Love this picture. clever! I can see that my thrift store trips will have an added twist now as I look for new and different 'bookshelves'…

    Thanks for the inspiration…


  20. #20 - Jackie says:

    That is such a good idea! I love it, and your blog!

    Jackie @ Vintage Chic

  21. #21 - José Maria Lobato says:

    Hi, marvelous ideas and wonderful Blog, congratulations, I will visit more often for a closer look. And thanks for all the sugestions and links, Hugs, José

  22. #22 - I LOVE color! says:

    Oh how clever and ooozzzzing with creativity Be Blessed

  23. #23 - vichio says:

    Cathe, I just discovered your blog today this morning, and I must say, it's a good thing it's summer because I pretty much spent all day poring over every post. You're incredibly talented, and it's awe-inspiring. I'm definitely coming back 🙂

  24. #24 - e miller photography-Salem Oregon Photography says:

    what a great idea! love it!

  25. #25 - 100poundsago says:

    Got here by way of DUDECRAFT and spent hours going through your site and passing it along to friends. GREAT STUFF!

  26. #26 - So-Sew Me says:

    Yay, I am glad they are putting pictures with your posts now. Love the wagon btw.

  27. #27 - Sonia Barbosa Guzzi says:

    Bacana seu blogs.
    Gostei e estou seguindo.
    Gde abraço, em divina amizade.
    Sonia Guzzi

  28. #28 - The Bitch Stopped Cooking says:

    Oh, SO cute! I absolutely love this. Where can you get the radio flyer?

  29. #29 - Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic says:

    I actually was going to comment on the fun with decals post, but when I saw there were 361 comments already I decided to pick a less popular post to comment on! Love your little red wagon and how it looks with the books. Now you got me thinking about what I have around here to add to my bookshelves…..

  30. #30 - ANKH says:

    That makes me want to get a wagon for mine! Not that I could fit a wagon on my bookshelf. LOL Maybe I'll host a book giveaway to make room? hmmm….. It would have to be after the Halloween contest I'm hosting now.