FUN WITH DECALS: In the Kitchen Free PDF Images and Giveaway

This post has been quite a while in the making. It all started with my decal penny pendant project that uses vintage decals. I had received a lot of emails asking where to find such decals. They aren’t so much as rare, but do take some searching and patience to find. So I went out on the hunt for alternatives to vintage decals and found an online company that sells inkjet printable water-slide decal sheets. My wheels haven’t stopped spinning since.

I have so many ideas of ways to use decals that can be custom designed, that I’ll be sharing more than one post over the next few weeks on using the material. Today’s post is for the kitchen- vintage-style kitchen canister decals of which I’ve designed four different sets.You can click on any of the free images to download the PDF files for using on paper stock, label stock or, like I did, inkjet decal paper. My only request is that they are not taken for use as graphics or decals for sale. You can alter the colors with image editing software to fit your own kitchen decor. It’s great to customize your own decals for things like COCOA (which is Ovaltine in our kitchen) or BROWN RICE and WHITE RICE vs. just plain ol’ rice. I realize there are many more canister contents out there that you probably use than I’ve shown, but just you stand by for the details of my giveaway!

The first set was designed using the vintage organizing frame art I posted a while back HERE and HERE. I included some lettering for customizing your own on your computer.I printed out the image to the decal paper and coated it several times as directed with Krylon clear acrylic.I trimmed out the labels I wanted to use and one by one went about applying them to my canisters.As per the instructions that come with the decal paper, I first soaked the piece.
After a minute or so, I removed it from the water, positioned it on the canister and removed the backing paper by sliding it out from under.I dabbed it with a towel to press it down and remove the water from the surface.The decal remains positionable for a little while so it is easy to straighten or remove air bubbles for several minutes.
I continued applying the decals to my cute little canister set that I purchased on Etsy. Here they are all in a row.I also made a few decals for my spool jars.I love the look of breadbox and canister labels of the 20s and 30s. You know, that sort of baseball team lettering. So I went searching for exactly the right font, added tails and shadows to create another set of decal designs.Last week I found this grungy bread box at the thrift store, an oldie and a goodie. With the lettering I designed, I knew it would be the perfect container to hold the KitchenAid mixer accessories.Together with my vintage metal bread box that has seen so many different colors of paint over the years, I spray painted them both white and added decals. I also added coordinating decals to my Splenda and Coffeemate tins purchased at Michael’s Crafts. ACCESSORIES DECAL (pictured in photo above) can be downloaded HERE.

I thought a little twist on Dutch stenciling would be cute, so I designed another set as such, including little lid topper decals.You’ll see that the lettering is white on the image, but as with other light colors, applying decals to colored objects will not have the same effect as applying them to white. Any white areas of the decal become clear. So to apply the decals to my crusty red flea market tins, I needed to create a white area to show through under the decal. Using the same shape as the decal, I cut out a stencil and masked it to the tin. Spray painted the area white,and added the decals.These, cleaned well, will hold my husband’s roasted almonds and Costco trail mix.The last set is designed from the ornate labels I shared with you last week.I made a few size variations and ornaments for the top of the canisters.I found this set of ceramic canisters at T J Maxx, cheap.When making your own decals, be sure to print to paper first, cut out and confirm they will fit to the area you want to decal. And adding additional coats of clear acrylic spray is good to further protect your decals from scuffing. Be certain you are in a well ventilated area (outdoors is best) when spraying the acrylic coating. Note that decal’d items are not dishwasher safe. For more information on the inkjet decal sheets and for a great little how-to video, click HERE.

Two randomly chosen winners will each receive one set of decal sheets of their choice, customized with content names and colors for their own kitchen, to apply to canisters to give as a gift or to pass on to a friend. To enter, leave a comment and tell me which set you would want if you won and, if you’d like, any canister content labels that you want that aren’t already listed.
It is very important that you leave a way for me to contact you if you win, either cipher your email address at the end of your comment or be sure that your name will lead me to your blog where I can find your email link. If I can’t find you, you can’t win.

UPDATE: The Winners are:
Melony of Whimsy Daisy
and Erin of Erin Cooks
Congratulations ladies!

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469 Responses to FUN WITH DECALS: In the Kitchen Free PDF Images and Giveaway

  1. #1 - Jill says:

    Oh, again–you just amaze me! I'd love the last set and wouldn't a very small version for spices be wonderful?!

  2. #2 - ButterYum says:

    Ooh neat – what a great post, and topped off with a giveaway too! I'd have to think about which one to ask for…. can I get back to you if I win?


  3. #3 - Suzy says:

    Nice! I really like the first set you did, with the white and green. I think it would also look cool in a kind of burnt umber color, too.

    ~ Suzy

  4. #4 - Brynwood Needleworks says:

    Hi Cathe:
    This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for much for the tutorial…I love the labels and would love to win a decal set.
    Have a restful weekend.

  5. #5 - Jane Jeffress Thomas says:

    Love all of them, but believe I would want the ornate ones if I won. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  6. #6 - Christine says:

    I'd have to go with the last set…they are all cute though!

  7. #7 - Createology says:

    Cathe please do not enter me in your generous giveaway as I don't have any cannisters, however I must tell you what a seriously talented artist you are. Happy creating…

  8. #8 - ♥Maria Medeiros♥ says:

    oh how creative and beautiful! I love the 20's and 30's labels! I adore the last ones too! Beautiful!!!!! 😀

  9. #9 - Rhonda says:

    I love the black and white labels. What great projects.

  10. #10 - Heidi Ann says:

    Wow- I only just discovered your blog and I am HUGELY impressed with these decals!! I wanted to leave a comment for a chance to win – can I tell you IF I win which ones I would choose? They're all fabulous!! Can't seem to decide!

  11. #11 - liz @ bon temps beignet says:

    I love them all but I think I'd pic the last set in a dusty tealish blue.

  12. #12 - Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness, they are all fabulous! I have just recently found your blog and I love it- thanks for all the free stuff! If I won, I would want the ornate set in a dark/crimson red!

  13. #13 - Kelly says:

    Hi again- just wanted to leave my email just in case:
    kcw1304 at gmail dot com

  14. #14 - Cari Skuse says:

    Cathe, you always have the best ideas and great how-to! I can't wait to label all my stuff in the pantry.

  15. #15 - Samantha says:

    These are all super cute, but my favorite is the baseball script. I love it as is, but other cute colors would be black or soft teal or red. The only other labels I can think of are spices and a laundry soap label since I want to start making my own. Thanks for the chance!
    sammiranda65 at yahoo dot com

  16. #16 - Nancy says:

    I would love to win a set for some mason jars I have… so cool. I didn't even know they MADE decal sheets to print on..

  17. #17 - Melissa says:

    I adore the ones with the green border! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. #18 - Tales From My Empty Nest says:

    My favorite labels are the black and white ones. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway. Love & blessings from NC!

  19. #19 - My Life Under the Bus says:

    OMG !!! Again much like a salty treat it's hard to pick just one. Love the ornate labels…how about labels for cereals ???? : )

  20. #20 - Jen says:

    Fabulous! I have quite a modern kitchen, but I think those ornate decals will give it a vintage touch without being out of place. Very inspiring!

    Jen (at) crackpotshop (dot) com

  21. #21 - Mzzterry says:

    I just love these! I think the green & white are my fav. You are very creative & extremely generous! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. #22 - Caseymini says:

    Love the decal idea and love your blog. I have been following for quite a while now. That last set with the "java" is great!

  23. #23 - MM3 says:

    You are so talented! I look forward to seeing what beautiful and creative thing you have come up! Love the green ones.

  24. #24 - Coloradolady says:

    I love the set trimmed in green or the ones that are blue….so cute!

  25. #25 - Patty B. says:

    Decal paper? I'd never heard of it. How cool! I so want some of that.

  26. #26 - Tracybabey says:

    Love these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. #27 - Anji Johnston says:

    You are a Goddess! Of everything I love! I want to live in your house and create with you all day! Thank you for the constant inspiration

  28. #28 - sweetjeanette says:

    How generous!!!!! I'm torn between the vintage and ornate…. I guess if I HAD TO choose (LOL)
    it would be the ornate. Thanks for the chance to win!

    aunt(dot)nette at gmail (dot)com

  29. #29 - Alicia says:

    Oh my goodness… this! My favorite is the first set except I would love to see it with a red border.

  30. #30 - Edie says:

    You rock! I'm not much for the kitchen stuff, but the slide paper has huge potential for me. I'd like to see cannister sets for odd stuff like whimsywoowoowishes, crabby attitude adjustment powder, mad money, Roasted Crumbs of Naughty Children…. but then, I'm weird.

    purpleone at

  31. #31 - Irma's Rose Cottage says:

    Wow! Love all of your labels, however, I would like the ornate ones. What a lovely giveaway. Love your blog.

    Irma 🙂

  32. #32 - Princess Danell says:

    Super great idea! You could label just about anything. How about kids?


  33. #33 - Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B says:

    I love each and every one of these…but my favorite is the one you've used in your own kitchen- beautiful! Love the "Accsories" box!

  34. #34 - Anonymous says:

    I love the 20s and 30s labels

  35. #35 - Linda ★ Parker's Paradise says:

    Wow, these are awesome! So many things could be labeled! I love the first set but think maybe another color than light green. I've been looking for a label for my coffee jar for some time. I'm sure I would love any of them!

  36. #36 - sandy McClay says:

    Isn't this fun???? I have been using the decal paper from that company for awhile…I love to make images for vintage large jars…..and there is nothing that can't be made into a decal! Thanks for the spice label sets!
    I have a jar I made in my blog banner!

  37. #37 - Angela says:

    I think you have really hit on a winner here! I love the green ones, the first ones you showed. They would be great for my kitchen. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  38. #38 - Sandy says:

    Another tip, after you have the decal on the item,and it has totally dried, tape off the decaled area and use your acrylic spray to seal it…Then it can be lightly washed with a moist cloth…. 🙂

  39. #39 - Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife says:

    I love all the labels, but, the ornate ones are my favorite. Would love to see what those would look like in red and for other things in the kitchen.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  40. #40 - itsmelah says:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE this idea. So cute. My favorite are the blue gray ones with the fancy script font. Crossing my fingers that I win.

  41. #41 - orchard_girl says:

    While cleaning out my mother-in-laws house I have found several vintage canisters and boxes. Now I know what to do with them! I love the 'creamer' style script. You are so talented!

    hkorchardgirl @ gmail . com

  42. #42 - shelleyandmike says:

    I love love love them!! i would choose the first set if I'm the lucky gal…spices would be nice too.

  43. #43 - Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE the first set – the green ones, but in French blue if I was lucky enough to win. What a beautiful project -thanks for the inspiration!

    jgnordhorn at comcast dot net

  44. #44 - Centsational Girl says:

    YOU are incredible ! I love each and every one of these plus your individual creative touches. Wow, just wow.

  45. #45 - Meghan T. says:

    I love the baseball lettering one from the 20's and 30's!
    Fun Fun Fun!

  46. #46 - Clair Shearar says:

    Great project – absolutely fantastic!


  47. #47 - Caroline B says:

    My favourites are the 'baseball' lettering labels – my set would have to be blue & include 'doggy treats'!
    Love your blog – I am amazed at how many ideas you come up with!

  48. #48 - Erin J. says:

    Oh my gosh! What cute ideas! I had no idea decal paper even existed…thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

  49. #49 - Lynn B says:

    Ooooo Cathe you are such an inspiration for new ideas, these are fabulous! I also loved the decal necklace your daughter modelled.
    Please enter me into your giveaway.

  50. #50 - lee says:

    these are adorable! i didn't know about decal paper. we used to use plain paper, over the image w.clear ontact paper and use bleach to remove the paper.

    i think i'd like the first set made for spices. the blue is adorable!

    good giveaway, great hostess!

  51. #51 - oh,henry! says:

    wonderful, this is really really great what you did. I bought similar stickers on etsy, and stick them on old pickels' or jam jar.

  52. #52 - lee says:

    these are adorable! i didn't know about decal paper. we used to use plain paper, over the image w.clear ontact paper and use bleach to remove the paper.

    i think i'd like the first set made for spices. the blue is adorable!

    good giveaway, great hostess!

  53. #53 - Lynn B says:

    Cathe I forgot to mention I like the black and white ones!

  54. #54 - Sherry Goodloe says:

    I like the baseball style lettering for tea, coffee, flour, etc. Very cool. You are sooooo creative and giving! x o

  55. #55 - Effie says:

    Another great project! I just love the baseball type font, fabulously retro!

  56. #56 - Elsina says:

    I love the way your canisters turned out! I will have to see if our stores (outside USA) sell this decal paper, and perhaps make them in red or blue. Thanks for sharing the pdf files!

  57. #57 - Susie Jefferson says:

    OH! Those vintage blue 50s ones… To Die For! Love love love them. Yes please, do enter me for the giveaway!

  58. #58 - jennifer says:

    these are wonderful! I love the last set so much, thanks for sharing.
    queendragonfairie at

  59. #59 - papelhilo-l'araignée says:

    i love all the sets, in fact !! if I win, I would ask you for the same, but in french 😉

  60. #60 - Tea Potty says:

    Great labels! I would love the baseball ones. How about adding the labels "Washing Powder" or "Bath Salts"?

  61. #61 - pheonixandsirens says:

    These are gorgeous, so hard to chose,but the first vintage set (the green and white ones) are my faves. Other handy labels…I'm a big baker so different spices would be great, chocolate, popcorn, soups, different oils, baking powder, baking soda…WOW, this idea is like the ultimate pretty non-OCD version of a label maker, *G*!

    I probably wouldn't use, trail mix, protien, compost, creamer.

    This would be amazing to win, we're moving (cross-fingers knock-on-wood), so this would be such a fun and beautiful thing for the new kitchen!

  62. #62 - SmilynStef says:

    You never cease to inspire … love all of those fun label designs.

  63. #63 - Madigan at madiganmade says:

    These are just gorgeous! I'm having a hard time deciding on one… but I think I love the sports script the most.
    I always love great organizing ideas!

  64. #64 - debb says:

    These are amazing! Who knew???? Thank you for the labels!

  65. #65 - Peony Moss says:

    These are AMAZING. I'd go for the first set, and ask for labels for powdered sugar, superfine sugar, and couscous.

    Thanks 🙂

    moss dot peony at gmail dot com

  66. #66 - Lainie's Little Things says:

    Thanks so much! I love them all and would very much like to use them on some kitchen minis. But it would be great to have a life size set.

  67. #67 - Stephanie says:

    I love the first set (the green border ones). I'd love to see a label for "bread flour" "cracker crumbs" "Bread crumbs"

    stephanie dot falcon at gmail dot come

  68. #68 - . says:

    Love the post, I really like how you put thing step by step and I cant wait to make these for our kitchen (it will look so good in here by the time fall comes).

    And the old canister you found, its great.

  69. #69 - Anonymous says:

    You are so generous with your talents and a source of constant inspiration. Now if only I could make the time to act on all that inspiration…
    Love them all, but the vintage labels are my absolute favorite.

    tartanmagnolia at gmail dot com

  70. #70 - Kathie says:

    once again you've got my creative juices flowing… love the baseball script and black would be perfect on my new red breadbox. thank you, thank you for this wonderful blog!
    kmaggierose at aol

  71. #71 - MosaicMagpie says:

    You make the greatest stuff. You should change the name of your blog to "The Best, Greatest Somthing I Made".

  72. #72 - Gaia says:

    SWEET! I love these labels. You're the best!

    gaiaklass at att dot net

  73. #73 - Donna says:

    These are just gorgeous! I love the black and white ones especially! You do the BEST graphics and are so generous to share. Thank you!

  74. #74 - ntsisterz says:

    Your ideas rock!!! I like the Dutch design for myself,but how about something 50's retro or 60's Sputnik?

  75. #75 - ~~EVERYTHING~~~.ANASTACIA~~~ says:

    Awesome ideas! Thank you (again) for your amazing tips and instructions! I'd like to enter on your give-away…and if I win, I would like the "baseball type" fonts.

  76. #76 - marysworkshop says:

    Oh, these are great! I'd have to choose the baseball team lettering in cobalt blue which would look great against the white.

  77. #77 - CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [07 Aug 11:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  78. #78 - mizdarlin says:

    About ten years ago, I found a set of white tin boxes (flour, sugar, salt) with the same sort of style as your 'baseball' well as a tin 'utensil' holder, very old fashioned high-back style (the ones that used to be for matches?) so a set like that, customized for maybe spices would be wonderful..what a busy woman you've been..These are wonderful-you've definitely created a 'tute for the ages!

  79. #79 - Nell says:

    I can't even begin to express how much I love your blog. It inspires me to no end! I've been working on a theme for my kitchen that would revolve around all things baking and cakes specifically. I would love something like this with pink or red… maybe a border that has sprinkles. I'd be happy with anything you made at all though! Everything you create is beautiful!

  80. #80 - Suzzi says:

    This is so cool and so many uses. How great are you.

  81. #81 - monica says:

    i primi che hai utilizzato mi piacciono molto…grazie.kisses from italy

  82. #82 - Alison says:

    I LOVE labeling and I LOVE the first set with the green borders!!

  83. #83 - Kathie says:

    HELP! Ok, I looked for this product on line and found it… but the shipping for the $11 product is $7.80! did you buy yours from a local retailer? know of any of the chains that sell it. I really dislike spending so much on s/h. Thanks!

  84. #84 - Anonymous says:

    Thanks Loads Cathe! I like the last set with it's vertical treatment. The title are perfect for me. Smiles, Sally
    sjhackney (at) yahoo (dot) com

  85. #85 - Shawn says:

    beautiful work, and I thank you for offering a set!

  86. #86 - Marbella Jewelry Designs says:

    i like them all, but i'm really digging the last ones. the pretty ornate ones
    thanks for the opportunity

  87. #87 - Gayle says:

    Just made some plum brandy. The plums from Dad's orchard have to steep in vodka for about 4 months in gallon jar. One of your labels would be PERFECT! Now, how do I pick one??? Thanks as always for your creativity and generosity!

  88. #88 - flutefish says:

    I like the dutch stenciling ones best! I agree with the first commenter about the spice jar labels. What a cute gift that would make!

  89. #89 - imquilternity says:

    You are so clever and so generous! They are all so wonderful, it would be difficult to decide. Good luck with your giveaway!

  90. #90 - Erin says:

    You consistently just blow me away with what you create! How cool are these?!?! I'd love to add some decals to my pantry jars!

  91. #91 - Jcbaron99 says:

    Wow! Amazing stuff! I would love to do some projects with it ;0) Thanks for the tutorial!!

  92. #92 - Carrie says:

    Wow, these are great. Now my mind is turning over all the things I could do with decals. Love the first set. cneaglefan at hotmail dot com

  93. #93 - Jersey says:

    how fun!! i love all of them but would probably choose the second (the bread box/baseball lettering).

    *fingers crossed*

    (ps. love your blog!!!)


  94. #94 - Aimee says:

    I like the Dutch set. How fun are those water-slide decals? I can't wait to see what else you do with them.

  95. #95 - My Blessed Serendipity Life says:

    I love the black ornate labels. They look great on those white canisters!


  96. #96 - The Pennington Point says:

    Oooh Me me! I just bought some mason jars at a garage sale and I would love that first set of decals to dress them up! Lisa~

  97. #97 - nancarts says:

    Hi Cathe…love all your decals! The cannisters, bread box, and jars are great. I think they are all wonderful, but if I would be the lucky winner, the ones with the green borders are my favs…or the greyish on white. Any would do!!
    Thanks for being so generous.

    Smiles and Blessings,

  98. #98 - DK says:

    We're big on jars for storage and organization around here. I really like the last set. They look marvelous against the white background like that. As far as things we keep in jars and such around here: q-tips, crayons (have a huge tin full of crayons and crayon bits), oatmeal, bulk spices (we use enough cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, and both baking soda and baking powder to warrant having large-ish jars of each), nuts and bolts and screws (my man does computer repair and so we have a good stash of appropriately-sized parts), tiny tools (again with the computer parts, but I also do musical instrument repair and have most of my small/tiny tools in recycled jars), beads, buttons, even yarn remnants/scraps have their own jar above my work desk. I also keep bins full of potatoes and onions and save the onion skins in huge old pickle jars for dying.

  99. #99 - DK says:

    I'd also like to say that I *love* that there is a label for "compost"

  100. #100 - Jeannine says:

    I really enjoyed the Baseball lettering style. So perfect on your bread box. Count me in!

  101. #101 - Roberta says:

    Kathy you are such a sweetheart to do all this and share it with your followers 😉 I love the original set in green just as they are and would love to apply them to my Tupperware Modular Mates. Thanks again for the giveaway, fondly, Roberta

  102. #102 - {Meghan} says:

    you are just amazing, amazing, amazing!! i'm torn between the first set and the last– i love them both!!
    meghan [dot] ann [dot] sheridan [at] gmail [dot] com

  103. #103 - Cindy says:

    WoW!! This is amazing, I have been wanting to find lettering like the ones on the Bread Box forever. My favorite is the baseball lettering, wonderful nostalgia! I have an old tin bread box just like the one you put the word "accesories" on. Thanks for the chance to win this.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  104. #104 - kim. says:

    super neat-o! i'm amazing at how easy you make everything look 🙂

  105. #105 - Grimmy says:

    I like the first set. So awesome. I would like it in maroon and with an extra label that says "cake flour" if I win. Awesome giveaway.

  106. #106 - linda from vegas says:

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!! I love these!!! thank you so much for making them and sharing them with us. I really love the first ones with the green trim.

  107. #107 - linda from vegas says:

    P.S. my email address if I win is

  108. #108 - Melissa says:

    That is so amazing!! I absolutely love the Dutch Twist!!

  109. #109 - Sasha Holloway says:

    that is SO bad ass .. love it

  110. #110 - Ann says:

    Oh I love these – can't resist labelling everything in sight myself! My favourite is the first green framed set – cream canisters with green labelling is so 50s!

    Thanks so much for making these for us Cathe.

  111. #111 - Elise says:

    Do people ever ask you if you get bored, Cathe? HEEEE HEEEEEE! Just kidding… YOU are AMAZING! What a FANTASTIC discovery ~ you are truly an exceptional creative explorer!!!

  112. #112 - VintageCrafter says:

    Wow! I now want to stencil everything in sight!!! You have the neatest ideas:) I love them all. My favorite is the 20s and 30s set. The last one is wonderful too!

  113. #113 - Sarah B says:

    These are amazing! Thank you for all the efort you went to to allow us to use them. So very kind 🙂

  114. #114 - Mel says:

    Even though the green ones are fabulous and would match my kitchen, I'd have to go with the Dutch design. They are too cute. Thanks!

  115. #115 - Anonymous says:

    I like the "baseball team" lettering the best. My husband is a bread maker so we have lots of different kinds of flour – All Purpose Flour, Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Bread Flour. We also use Cake Flour, Confectioner's Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chips.
    Thanks, Anita

  116. #116 - cakegirl says:

    You are soooo talented! I love the first set with the green border.

  117. #117 - Country Dreaming says:

    Very cute! Love them all.

    I think I'm losing it — did I see the beautiful butterfly on here??


  118. #118 - Michle says:

    How neat! I like the set in green and also the set that looks like handwriting. Hope I win


  119. #119 - Michelle Whitlow says:

    SO cute!!! I love it. I just bought some clear glass canisters for my counter and I was thinking up ways to put labels on them. This is great11

  120. #120 - Julie Campbell says:

    You are so stinkin' smart! These are amazing! I LOVE this idea!

  121. #121 - Elisabeth says:

    Love these – especially the black ones you put on the red canisters!

  122. #122 - Jennifer says:

    I just got chills when I saw your post. I finally finished re-doing my pantry and just said to myself that I would love some beautiful labels to go on all my organizational containers in the "new" pantry. And here they are!!!!! I used black and red in my pantry so I think that the "dutch" labels would look nice. I might want to request a few generic lables like — snacks, jello/pudding, baking, etc. Thank you, thank you!!!! You are awesome. You have amazing talent and a generous heart!

    friospring at

  123. #123 - lynner says:

    love love this. thanks for sharing

  124. #124 - Char- The Mad Shopper says:

    For my kitchen I would like black letters in the 2nd design without the creamer or sweetener (instead soymilk powder and cornstarch.) I love what you did with yours. Thanks!

  125. #125 - Char- The Mad Shopper says:

    For my kitchen I would like black letters in the 2nd design without the creamer or sweetener (instead soymilk powder and cornstarch.) I love what you did with yours. Thanks!

  126. #126 - Nicole Austin says:

    i love this! my favorite are the last set, the ornate black and white labels. so wonderful!
    (kinueko at gmail dot com)

  127. #127 - Linda says:

    How fun are these…thank you for the images. I'd love to try the deals….

  128. #128 - Dahn says:

    Your work is incredible. How do you come up with all of these ideas? I love your site and need to comment more often.

  129. #129 - Josephine says:

    Just wanted to say that I absolutley love your blog. It makes my day whenever a new post is up. Amazing work!

    Smiles from Sweden

  130. #130 - marga says:

    Muchas gracias!!!!
    hermoso trabajo

  131. #131 - Lea says:

    Great Post. I have ordered my inkjet decal paper already. At a bargain price of 20 sheets for less than £5.
    I love your blog it is really inspiring.
    I can't wait for your next blog.

  132. #132 - annie says:

    What a great idea! i love the last set, the black and white labels. You've done an excellent job!

  133. #133 - Sarah says:

    Super cool, I would love some that include almonds and peanuts. We all enjoy snacking on those and I have lots of various tins that would love this mini makeover! thanks

  134. #134 - Sherita says:

    Glorious! I love your lettering art!

  135. #135 - kat says:

    if i was not so in love with this tutorial i'd be yelling at you for painting that gorgeously beat-up tin.
    ok, i'd like the first set, please. in black. i shall have to get back to you with the words, because i don't know what i need – plus i'd like them in french. see how i'm assuming i'll win?
    you should design a set that looks old. like it actually was on a grandma's canister.
    thanks for sharing you ideas & hard work!
    katsinthebelfry at gmail dot com

  136. #136 - Suzy says:

    These are so cool. Love them all. Makes me want to go buy something to decal lol! Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. #137 - Linda B says:

    WOW! These are so cool! My favorite is definitely the 20s&30s style. You are so talented and come up with awesome projects! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  138. #138 - VinGirl says:

    Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! I would love the first set if I one, they are so clean and vintage/modern. I would also love decals for the bathroom, with cotton swabs, etc. They are all wonderful!
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


  139. #139 - Jinx says:

    I love the first set! The green would go great with my vintage inspired kitchen. : )
    Great job! You are awesome at this stuff!

    Ashley Womble

  140. #140 - kelly says:

    so cool! i'm not sure i would know how to choose! i think the copperplate ones with the green are my favorites. very purty!

  141. #141 - Jillian says:

    I love the vintage frames in green and would love an "office" set to help me get my mess under control – pens, pencils, recycle, etc.

  142. #142 - Clémentine says:

    I hope this could work for France ! I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I went through all of your posts to watch the pictures ! I now will have to read all the explanations coming with the pictures, and to improve my english.

    My favorite set is the black one. Could it work with french words on it ?
    Thanks for the giveaway and all your sharing on your blog.

    Clémentine (

  143. #143 - suzieQ says:

    Oh my goodness, you are a magician! I just found a set of really neat spice jars that need labels and you have given me some ideas. If there you look up "clever" in the dictionary, your picture is there! I can't decide just yet, but IF I won, I know you would give me time to decide…right?

  144. #144 - jess & stacia says:

    I love the baseball style labels but maybe in a lighter blue. Thanks for the chance to win! Spice labels would be awesome too.

  145. #145 - jess & stacia says:

    I love the baseball style labels but maybe in a lighter blue. Thanks for the chance to win! Spice labels would be awesome too.

  146. #146 - Callie says:

    I just found your blog and am amazed at the wonderful fonts and decals you have made. I like the Breadbox lettering the best. I'll be back to read through your old posts.

  147. #147 - Joyce Joneschiet says:

    I tried to make my own decals and they're OK but your's are gorgeous! I especially love the last set. I'd also love to see smaller ones for spices made out that too! Thanks for all the goodies you share!

  148. #148 - danyelle says:

    I like the ones with the green border best.

  149. #149 - KronoNaut says:

    Wonderful labels. I tend to forget about decals, and just glue paper to things.

    Gary Watts
    Seattle, Wa

  150. #150 - Michellem says:

    I LOVE the ornate labels – Thank you so much for your endless inspirations! I find myself looking endlessly at the beautiful things on your blog – I'd like to crawl into your brain!! I'm imagining these labels on maybe bridal/baby shower favors? Monograms on things for sure!!

  151. #151 - amor says:

    Oh wow!
    Those look lovely 🙂

  152. #152 - Anonymous says:

    girl! where do you find the time?

    xo from San Antonio, but soon to be Fort Worth!


  153. #153 - ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... says:

    Hey ! I have just popped over to your blog and I feel I will come back soon !!!
    thanks for your label sharing, it is very helpful and generous !

    Hugs from France !

  154. #154 - Donna says:

    Wow Cathe these decals are so neat and you, well you are amazing!
    I just have one question, do you have a junk drawer?

  155. #155 - Sunshine says:

    I cannot wait to get started making these for my kitchen! I love the Dutch ones and the ornate ones. Thank you so much for doing all of these fun DIY crafts.

  156. #156 - Mandy says:

    Rats! Just sold two old breadboxes in my garage sale this weekend! Guess I'll have to hunt up some more. These would make great Christmas presents and look sooooo lovely. The last set is my fav. Can't wait to try this! Thanks Cathe! Mandy

  157. #157 - Campbell says:


    I love the ornate labels the best-very classy and chic! You always come up with the best things!


  158. #158 - Deborah says:

    This would be fun and inspire me to reorganize my pantry for fall! What a great idea! Thank you.

  159. #159 - Annette says:

    You are sooo talented. =) Choosing one is tough – Vintage would have to be it. =)

  160. #160 - Erica says:

    What fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  161. #161 - 32˙North says:

    These are SO fantastic. I have some of that paper from but haven;t used it yet. I'd bought the clear and they also have white so I got a few sheets of that as well. I've always loved canisters!

  162. #162 - Anonymous says:

    Cathe, you've done it again. Brilliant! I would love the "baseball"-style set, if I win. I am

  163. #163 - beadyjeannie says:

    Just gorgeous! I'd love the first set, if I win. Are there any spice labels out there?

  164. #164 - Sally Watkins says:

    Dutch Stenciling with the vintage frames running a CLOSE second. I would love labels for canning supplies; lids, rings, pectin. Oh, and Doggie Treats! Love these! Thanks for sharing.

  165. #165 - Cheryl says:

    Such a great idea! Would love a set of stencils for my canisters!

  166. #166 - girlnblack77 says:

    I thought edgy decoupaged staplers were going to be my inspiration-of-the-day, but this tops it. lol
    I'm ready to label everything in my house! 🙂

  167. #167 - Katie's Nesting Spot says:

    Cathe! You are too generous! I can't believe all the fabulous variations you did and provided for your readers.

  168. #168 - Elisabeth says:

    LOOOOVE your blog – left you something on mine:

  169. #169 - Kevan says:

    This is amazing! I'd love the green bordered ones. This makes me hungry to scour the city for matching jars & tins.


  170. #170 - So-Sew Me says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have been wanting to get some canisters but couldn't afford the fancy ones I liked. Now I can make my own!
    That decal paper reminds me of those fake tattoos.

  171. #171 - The Spann Fam says:

    I just found you via Design Mom! So innovative & creative. Thank you for sharing your ideas. xo
    spannfam (at) hotmail (dot) com

  172. #172 - cmjhawaii says:

    I would love the first set. Maybe one that also has Baking Soda or Cornmeal.
    flowerpower0097 at live dot com

  173. #173 - Amanda Conley says:

    Oh, I am so inspired by your post. I've really been needing to do this in my own kitchen. I'm in love with the vintage baseball lettering. It's fantastic and looks really great.

  174. #174 - Shannon says:

    I love this idea. Could I steal a photo so I can point to your post from my blog?

  175. #175 - Anonymous says:

    I'd love the first set with the green trim around the labels. I love your site!

  176. #176 - Melissa says:

    Never heard of this stuff, but got the gears cranking in my head with all the great things I can do with them. I think my favorite is the vintage labels-they match my victorian house! Thanks, Melissa,

  177. #177 - lolamouse says:

    so cute and so useful too! I think I like the vintage look best (20s and 30s) and would love to have one for pasta!

  178. #178 - Nadine says:

    Lovely giveaway!
    I like the first set (green), as they match the style and colors of my kitchen.


  179. #179 - Anonymous says:

    Oh, I would love the ornate set and the idea of a small version for spices would also be great! You are so creative.


  180. #180 - Jaime says:

    I love these! They make my white label-maker labels look so tacky! 🙂

    My favorites are the green and white ones and the Dutch labels. If I had to pick, I would pick the green and white vintage style labels. I would add "cornmeal" and "popcorn" labels.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    (booksbyjme at yahoo dot com)

  181. #181 - Artfulife says:

    You are so very talented! I would love to be the lucky gal to win these 🙂

  182. #182 - Anonymous says:

    WOW! this is my first time on your site and I'm just blown away. (Got here from CraftDude).

    Who can choose among all the fantastic decalls! I suppose, if I had to pick just one to win, it would be the Dutch ones, but the Vintage grey ones are great, too.

    You can count me as a loyal fan from now on.


  183. #183 - gail Saunders says:

    Cathe, these are great. I've actually copied some of your labels on regular paper and wrote in with sharpie then glued to a glass jar…print bled but I still love the label. I love all your designs but if I were to win I'd choose the "base ball" style . The copost lable would be perfect as well as Xylitol and Hemp Nuts (omegas) Thanks for the chance at a win!

    ps I visit you often…thanks for everything

  184. #184 - Tifa says:

    If I had some cute jars like the ones you found on Etsy, I'd use the ornate set!

    I'd love to see some ones for spices. I keep big jars of the spices I use the most on my counter; cumin, paprika, black pepper and sea salt.

    Great job!

  185. #185 - Maria says:

    I love the border on the first set that you made! At my home, we eat a lot of beans and drink a lot of different types of teas. So if there were more options for beans (black, red, mung, kidney) and teas (white, black, herbal), that would be awesome!

  186. #186 - Amber says:

    I wish I had your job!

  187. #187 - greeniezona says:

    Really, I love all of these, but right now I have a sweet eye for those lovely dutch decals! I am trying to picture all the canisters we have on our counter right now (I'm at work), and I think you've got it all covered except rye flour and graham flour. (We have a lot of flour in our house. You'd think we must make special breads all the time, but really we don't.) Maybe one for just granola, instead of the trail mix.

  188. #188 - Caryn Shapiro says:

    Love this idea! My pantry could look so great with decorative labels over p-touch!

  189. #189 - MamaJ says:

    Wowee! I liked the "Dutch" version… actually I loved all of them! You're amazingly creative! 🙂

  190. #190 - Bigi says:

    This is such a great idea that can be used to label items all over the house, like my tool jars. Thanks for sharing

  191. #191 - Rachael says:

    Super cute! I can never find canisters that match my decor (and taste)! 🙂

  192. #192 - Tiffany says:

    Wow! That's a really great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  193. #193 - New Crafter says:

    Love this idea. Does anyone know if you can you use the decal paper in a Cricut Machine?

  194. #194 - Fuzzballette says:

    Dude, those are lush! Wouldn't know which design to pick! But maybe if I win, I will be able to make that decision… :o)

  195. #195 - Kelly R says:

    Absolutely awesome!!! You are so talented. They are exactly what I have been looking for since I am trying to organize my kitchen but be able to leave out my coffee, tea, sugar, etc as part of the decor. Wow!!! These are perfect. Count me in on the give-a-away. Good Luck everyone. Whoever wins is getting something really unique from a very talented designer/crafter.

  196. #196 - Erin says:

    I LOVE the baseball team lettering! What a fabulous idea. Thank you so much for the tutorials.

  197. #197 - stoneamazon says:

    The baseball team lettering would be perfect in my kitchen. I love all of them. What fantastic design!

  198. #198 - Samantha says:

    i love these. my step mother had all the different containers in her kitchen when i was growing up, it reminds me alot of her.

  199. #199 - laureng says:

    so cute, just the thing i need for my kitchen…and a craft project i can actually complete!

    gaither.lauren at yahoo

  200. #200 - Amanda says:

    I love the first ones! So kitschy but classic!

  201. #201 - jeswel says:

    that's just freaking amazing.

  202. #202 - 2girlsnaboy says:

    Too cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

  203. #203 - Barb says:

    I love, Love, LOVE the green bordered ones! I'd squeal with girlish delight if you included labels that said "grits" and "granola". Even though I do know grits from granola, it would be ever so cool to have labels for them!

  204. #204 - Amber J. Anderson says:

    So adorable! The Dutch ones would go great with my "Alpine Kitsch" kitchen decor. My only additions would be labels for cornmeal and granola. Thanks for the contest!

  205. #205 - Jessica says:

    Such a great DIY project! I would love the first set in white and dark blue to match my blue ball jars. I think spice labels would be awesome too!

  206. #206 - Lesa McMahon says:

    oooo… I LOVE the baseball logo inspired look.


  207. #207 - BTStars says:

    These are so cute!!!! I love the first one you did! I would want one for my Nutritional Yeast and Vital Wheat Gluten!

    Such a cute idea!!

    kitschymommy @

  208. #208 - Anonymous says:

    I would love the vintage 20 30s decals set.

  209. #209 - Kristin says:

    Fantastic idea! I'd love a set in olive green with "Stubs" and a large "Recycling" instead of "compost" and "bread".

    coloroverkill (at) mac (dot) com

  210. #210 - Kristin says:

    Fantastic idea! I'd love the second set in olive green with "Stubs" and a large "Recycling" instead of "compost" and "bread".

    coloroverkill (at) mac (dot) com

  211. #211 - Stephanie says:

    These are awesome! I never knew that you could do this 🙂

  212. #212 - christene says:

    well, well, well…those are awesome! if i don't win them, i will definitely make them! so cool!

  213. #213 - Evermore Organics says:

    I'd love the ones with the green border. I have so many jars of herbs for my soaps and the labels are.. functional at best!

  214. #214 - mirabelle says:

    Love the green ones. Some additional ones for spices would be even better!

  215. #215 - Judy says:

    WOW What a wonderful blog you have! I have been lost in it just trying to read everything! You are such an inspiration. I'm off to the thrift store tomorrow to find me some cannisters! Thank-you for offering such a wonderful prize. Please sign me up!
    Many Blessings~Judy

  216. #216 - Yvonne says:

    Those are all fabulous. I wish you had a set in french to go with my french kitchen.

  217. #217 - Anonymous says:

    Love these! I could use any of them, but my favorite is the "ornate" style. Beautiful work!

    Lynda Swink
    pixilated at att dot net

  218. #218 - Julie says:

    oh how lovely! makes me want to organize my kitchen.

    my favorite is the green one up top, but maybe done in a slightly more sea-foamy green. i'd need extra ones for my quinoa, raisins/dried fruit, barley, arborio rice, granola…oh, boy, you see now why my kitchen isn't organized yet. too much stuff!

  219. #219 - Callie Callender says:

    I love the vintage lime green you posted here… and I'd have to have a label for my dogs treats… 🙂

  220. #220 - Jan Ely says:

    You are too good to us all out here in Blogland… I love the "baseball" style with the tails. How about some that say "dog food" and "cat food"? I dump my pets dry foods out of the ugly bags and put them in old cannisters (for the cat) and big top-loading metal bread boxes (for the dog) for easy scooping.

  221. #221 - The Swisstensens says:

    I love the ornate labels. I'm so glad that I came across your blog you make beautiful things. I'm hooked.

  222. #222 - Nikki says:

    Hummm I like them all but my favorite is probably the 20s and
    30s ones or the green ones. my husbands aunt just gave me a bunch of canisters for my kitchen and I was needing some labels for them so this is perfect.

  223. #223 - Purrfect Kat says:

    My favourite set is the first one!! so country-chic! My kitchen's colours are baby pink and light grey. I'd love to have some stickers for couscous, lentils, and nuts, as well as the traditionnal ones!! 🙂
    thx so much!!

  224. #224 - shouldhavezagged says:

    These are great! I think the top set would look the best in my kitchen. You were so thorough in thinking of label types, too. The only thing I can think of that you didn't include are dog biscuits (although I suppose COOKIES works for that). 🙂

  225. #225 - WandaLee3 says:

    wow – love these! My preference would be the first set outlined in green but would be thrilled with any!

    Wanda in NH

  226. #226 - Purple Jiggle says:

    What a great idea! I would love redecorating my kitchen with the second set. I would need to add a label for my homemade cappucino mix as well! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win!

  227. #227 - Pam @ Frippery says:

    These are absolutely freakin' fabulous!Thanks for sharing them.

  228. #228 - Our Homemade Home says:

    It is a great idea and You can just stick it on all boxes and cans. I love it! The canister labels would be a hit in my kitchen:) It isn't a new kitchen, I have to paint the cupboards (hard job) and the labels would be a sweet topping:)
    Here is my mail:

    XOXO from Ireland:D

  229. #229 - Barbra says:

    VERY COOL! I love the vintage set. Just great!

  230. #230 - Janean says:

    just found your blog last night.


    all the labels are fantastic, but the second one (blue) and the last black, lacy, cross stitch-inspired labels are my favs.

    i'm off to read more and catch up a little. thanks for inspiration!

  231. #231 - neshura says:

    Fascinating! While I do love the retro, would also love to see some modern styles. I wish I were more crafty with graphic artistry.

  232. #232 - Emily says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They are all amazing! The last set is my fave, and would look amazing in red or orange in my kitchen!

  233. #233 - Welshmillie says:

    I love the baseball lettering set,being from the UK I would love to see a biscuits one :o)

  234. #234 - Cindy B says:

    I think the green & white are my fav. You are very creative & extremely generous!thanks!

  235. #235 - Melissa says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the decals….I think I would have to choose the "ornate" set in a bricky red color! (I use brick red, gold and green in my kitchen)…THANKS for the opportunity to win!

  236. #236 - Melony at Whimsy Daisy! says:

    Wow! The Dutchy looking ones are amazing with the black and red combo. You have outdone yourself and are so generous to offer these for free. I'm thinking some labels for buttons, toothpicks, and glue sticks would be awesome!

  237. #237 - L. Attinello says:

    I always look forward to your posts. You have a generosity that is wonderful and your ideas are bright and always interesting and clever.. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and creativity!

  238. #238 - affectioknit says:

    I just found your blog from the MotherLoad! I love your little decals – the first ones are my favorite!

  239. #239 - Ana says:

    Hi, thank you so much for these labels. You mention that it is possible to alter the color with image editing software. What software do you suggest for that purpose? Thanks!

  240. #240 - Karrieann says:

    Oh my gosh! Those are so dang cute and so simple! So creative! I am such a random person.. so random choice would be perfect!. I know of few friends that would love these ideas.. passing on the info! Thanks!

  241. #241 - Amy says:

    Very cool! I've been looking for labels for my spice jars. I'd like to find something removable so if I switch or don't use a spice anymore I'm not tied to that label anymore. These could work!
    you can reach me at

  242. #242 - Ummm, honey?? says:

    How wonderful and timely too as I am on the hunt for more canisters for my kitchen. I can't decide if I like the first or the last ones the best. Decisions, decisions!

  243. #243 - Deborah says:

    this looks like soooo much fun!

  244. #244 - Libby says:

    Love this idea! So glad you're willing to share. I love the "baseball" lettering design, but I think I'd have to go with the first one for my kitchen with a blue accent color.

  245. #245 - Kathy says:

    I love them all I would be so honored to have any of them, it would be happily your choice. I found you via a curbly link and now your on my favorites too. Thanks for all the great new insperation.

  246. #246 - meri_drake says:

    You are amazing! These are wonderful and I can't wait to label everything in sight!
    Thanks for the giveaway…I'd love to win!

  247. #247 - Dee says:

    Sooo So cute!!!

  248. #248 - gendaisy says:

    Fun! I like the Dutch inspired ones. 🙂

  249. #249 - Heidi V says:

    My favorite is the vintage organizing frame art but I'd like it in red!

    Thanks for the tutorial and the info regarding that paper! That is awesome!!

  250. #250 - Renee says:

    Love these! This would be a great way for me to organize all my macrobiotic grains (sometimes I have trouble teling the bulgur from the quinoa).

  251. #251 - secret cake says:

    So creative and clever! I love the ornate labels at the bottom. Would they stick/stay well on plastic, too? I keep my flours and sugars in airtight plastic bins.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  252. #252 - hi-d says:

    This is a great idea! It would be cool to see these for spices as well, since I buy a lot of mine in bulk and put them into empty jars. 🙂

  253. #253 - Mrs Chronic-Shock says:

    I love the Dutch inspired labels, but I think the Ornate would look spectacular on clear glass 🙂

  254. #254 - Brooke says:

    I'd love to have the green ones. they are so cute!

  255. #255 - TheYellowRose says:

    Gorgeous! I love all of these sets, but the last one is probably my favorite. I have a set of cream-colored canisters with copper trim and spoons that these would look amazing on! Thank you for the tutorial!

  256. #256 - Karen says:

    Just found your website. What beautiful labels! I saved all of them for future reference, and have bookmarked your site in my blogs folder for future visits. I love you vintage-y styles and am inspired to paint some of the old canisters that I've been finding as we've been cleaning out my parents' house. Thank you for the giveaway. I'd love to win the red labels! 🙂

  257. #257 - Barrie says:

    I love the baseball fonts. I'd love the oatmeal, rice, sugar and if you happened to make one with flour or quinoa – I'd take those too 😉

    Thanks for the chance!

  258. #258 - Betsy says:

    oh i love the green ones!

    maybe add cous cous, quinoa, and gluten-free flour?

  259. #259 - Amanda says:

    I'm a new blog subscriber – these are stunning! I love the last set, but the first set fits better into our kitchen style. Thank you for sharing these!

  260. #260 - MaggieOldmixon says:

    What a great idea! The ornate decals are not only elegant but give the white ceramic jars that old time apothecary look. They would also be great in a bathroom lined up under my medicine cabinet (cotton balls, q-tips, vitamins, etc)

    Your blog is a new favorite!


  261. #261 - AlaskaGirl says:

    I love love love the "baseball lettering" label set! I live in a log house in rural Alaska, and I've decorated with vintage objects (some of which are in everyday use) and those would look so great in my kitchen.
    deanna [at] alaska {dot} net

  262. #262 - Amanda says:

    I love the black and white ones soooo much! I am currently building up my pantry, but haven't gotten around to labeling any of the jars yet. This is a great giveaway and tutorial!


  263. #263 - sookhyuniee says:

    wow thanks again for being so generous! i would love to win this giveaway and get my kitchen organized! love your blog and I'm an avid follower!

  264. #264 - Jeannie says:

    Great labels and thank you for sharing and for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  265. #265 - trippin says:

    Wow, I love them all!! My favorite is the lettering on the bread box.

  266. #266 - Leah says:

    oh cool! I'd love the baseball lettering-style!

  267. #267 - MickieShaffer says:

    I love the labesl, now I have to stop at Michaels on my way home.

  268. #268 - MickieShaffer says:

    I love the Asian labels the most.

  269. #269 - Mrs Soup says:

    Oh these are GORGEOUS! I love the green ones. So beautiful.

  270. #270 - Jenna says:

    Those are just beautiful! I love the first set…green or a burnt orange would go beautifully with my kitchen colors. My email is

  271. #271 - Miss Alexandra says:

    i think the first set is wonderful, in bright red! i'm a baker so having spice tags and ones for cake and bread flour, and cornstarch, etc. would be lovely!

  272. #272 - Melissa says:

    I love the decal paper! Your designs are incredible. I would absolutely love some decal paper to work with!


  273. #273 - Nadia @ says:

    these decals are so cute! I hope I win!

  274. #274 - Marfa says:

    I would love the black fanciful labels…they look so beautiful!!!

  275. #275 - Harper says:

    These are wonderful! I love that you've included a label for Change – don't we all have those. And I have never heard of the paper you are using. Too cool.

    Please don't enter me in the giveaway as what you have provided so generously is exactly what I want – colors, categories, everything. Thanks.

  276. #276 - Cricket says:

    I had no idea there even was such a thing as water-slide decal sheets. Whatever will they think of next? My favorite design is the first one, and while my kitchen is red and purple (ghastly) I would much prefer them in aqua or that lovely green you have there.

    Other words I would want are steel-cut oats, wheat germ, flax seeds, ground flax and cornmeal. Not demanding at all, am I?

  277. #277 - laceylady says:

    I really like the first set of vintage framed canister labels, only in blue to match my kitchen.
    These would also work nicely to label my 2yo's toy bins (cars, blocks, crayons, etc..)

  278. #278 - Christine says:

    So glad I found your blog in time for this giveaway! I've been organizing my kitchen goodies into these rad vintage tupperware canisters and they would look even better with these labels!

    Other labels I would use: bread flour, quinoa, couscous, popcorn, granola and cereal!

  279. #279 - Jenn Erickson says:

    Incredible Cathe! As always, your style is exquisite! I'm a big fan of decal paper and have been having fun experimenting with different ways to use it. I can't wait to add some style and flair to my kitchen using your lovely labels!

  280. #280 - Karen@Candid Diversions says:

    How cute is that?! Love the first set.

  281. #281 - jenny says:

    I think my favorite is the white and green set- super cool all the way around! Thanks so much for sharing the pdfs and having a give away on top of it!

  282. #282 - Leslie MacDonald says:

    Oh my gosh, these are all so beautiful! I have no idea which ones I'd pick, but I promise I will let you know if I do win. I am just so impressed by your talent!

  283. #283 - Kellee says:

    Those are so cute and you do such nice work! I would love a set for spice jars! I think are all great. Now I definately need a set of canisters.

  284. #284 - Terri ( Meterr) says:

    Im an "Everything has its place" kind of girl, so im loving these!!!! Id love to win a set for my 1950s kitchen!

    meterr70 at gmail (dot) com

  285. #285 - Misty says:

    I love love LOVE the first ones you showed, with the green accent details. They are just darling! Thanks for sharing these!
    MistyHCUnningham AT gmail DOT com.

  286. #286 - Sas says:

    Love the green ones!

  287. #287 - Sarah SaturDIY says:

    I love the last set of ornate labels! What a great way to transform some ordinary containers into something really special. We don't drink coffee or tea regularly in our house, so in addition to sugar and flour labels I would probably make a biscuit mix or pancake mix label.

  288. #288 - Kosmika says:

    I love all your decals! but i must confess my favorite are the green frames ones 🙂

    kosmi at libero dot it

  289. #289 - Whydiss says:

    I love them, especially the vintage set.

  290. #290 - M says:

    OMG – I looooove decal stickers. I am not very good with DIY (which means I would really treasure winning!) but these are so awesome! I love the one that you demonstrate with. They would be great in Red outlines and black text. I could use them for all the Coffee I combine to make my special blend, under the sink for my catchall bins for Cleaning Supplies, ooohhh, the possibilities are endless!

  291. #291 - JenGreen says:

    Those all look fabulous! I love the baseball lettering, so cute!

  292. #292 - faelix says:

    Brilliant! Even if I don't win, I think I'll have to track down some of this decal paper. I'd love to make some of these in black and white using the vintange organizing frame. They'd work perfectly for my sister-in-law's place.

  293. #293 - Amy L says:

    Really, REALLY great idea! I love that one of your baseball "swirly script" labels says "compost". Really funny. 🙂

    amy at

  294. #294 - apron girls says:

    Hard to say, I love the first set and I love the breadbox set. Both are way cute. Thanks for the free downloads.

  295. #295 - bronya says:

    i'd love to have a go at making some of these … i love the baseball style lettering … thanks so much …
    owenbronya (at) gmail (dot) com

  296. #296 - T says:

    Love this! I think I like the first set in a rust-red color…uber cute! (maybe some Spice labels as well??)


  297. #297 - bruinbr says:

    This is just about the coolest thing ever! So glad that I found your blog and so very generous of you to share AND have a giveaway! I love the Baseball script version, but all are wonderful. I would love to see labels for spices (ie: rosemary, thyme, dill) and maybe some for baking soda, baking powder, cake flour. Honestly though, this is so awesome! 🙂

    bruinbr at gmail dot com

  298. #298 - nicole / Twitter: BTHM1 says:

    i'd adore the 20/30s ones in a dark grey/charcoal.

    I'd love to have Bisquick and Pancake Mix (could loose compost and change, as we have those already parked!

    thanks for the great how to!

  299. #299 - nicole / Twitter: BTHM1 says:

    i'd adore the 20/30s ones in a dark grey/charcoal.

    I'd love to have Bisquick and Pancake Mix (could loose compost and change, as we have those already parked!

    thanks for the great how to!

  300. #300 - Anonymous says:


    I would love to decorate my boring pots with your funky labels. I preferred the first type and I would also like to have the following labels added: lens, quinoa, bread crumbs, dried raisins, dried fig, dried abricot, popcorn, sunflower seeds…I just discovered that I have a serious collections of those pots. Looking forward to your new projects!



  301. #301 - KatieJ says:

    I love this! So so so cool! Thanks for sharing- I am going to link from my blog if that's ok.

  302. #302 - Jen says:

    i love them! choose me choose me, i'd love to win the black ones (3rd one)

  303. #303 - Amy Seven-Stitches says:

    I love the green decals. Where on earth do you get decal paper from? That stuff + your artwork looks amazing.

  304. #304 - Renae says:

    Oh why didn't I spot this post on Sunday – I spent an hour or so making my own labels for the pantry and these are SO much nicer!!

    Maybe mine will fall off and need replacing 😉

  305. #305 - Geek+Nerd says:

    These are so awesome!

  306. #306 - Tania says:

    Cathe I love your style – thanks so much for always sharing something beautiful!

  307. #307 - Gabriela says:


    These are just fabulous! Please, include me for a chance to win your giveaway.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  308. #308 - Sharrieboberry says:

    Those are lovely! I think I may have to try to make some for my daughter. Ever since she was old enough to pick up a permanent marker (yikes!) she has labeled HER items with her moniker.

    Some personalized labels would probably make her very happy (she's 14 now but is definitely still labeling HER stuff!)

  309. #309 - TJ says:

    That is awesome. I would love love the Baseball style ones. They look absolutely COOL.

    jatnnaestevez (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.

  310. #310 - Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses says:

    Another fabulous inspitation! How fun … love every one of them!!

  311. #311 - Peggy says:

    Wow!!! These are great!! I am so glad I found you via HOw about ORange… I will most definitely be back again!!!

    Um it is so hard to decide. The dutch version is so adorable but then the baseball team lettering is great too…

  312. #312 - Tanya says:

    Wow, great work! I love the first set, colours and all!

  313. #313 - Jann says:

    Absolutely amazing–everything you created with the decals looks just wonderful!

  314. #314 - Dianamc says:

    I am in love with the ornate labels! And, ironically, I actually have a set of white canisters exactly like the ones you've used! Great work. I absolutely love your ideas.

  315. #315 - Lbeck says:

    I am so excited to have just found your blog. So many amazing projects! I am getting married in two months and we just received our first set of canisters. We have them all loaded up, but these decals would be a gorgeous way to customize them.
    I love the first set with the green border, but I would definitely need one for "dried fruit"

    lbbridetobe (at) gmail (dot) com

  316. #316 - betty says:

    Do you ship internationally?


  317. #317 - katevp-a says:

    wowee!! LOVE IT

  318. #318 - Jill says:

    I LOVE the first ones! And I'm obsessed with labeling things lately! I'd want a label for other grains like quinoa and couscous.

  319. #319 - Cathe Holden says:

    betty asked:
    Do you ship internationally?


    Yes, I will ship internationally if necessary for a randomly chosen winner. : )

  320. #320 - Cookietreat says:

    These are adorable! Love 'em all!

  321. #321 - Pandora's Box of FIber says:

    You have just inspired me to label everything in my kitchen, whether it needs it or not!

    Thanks for designing pretty labels and explaining how to do them! I hope you continue to be so inspirational!

  322. #322 - Kathy says:

    I love the first set…lovely!

  323. #323 - Val says:

    WOW! Another amazing idea, excellent resource and generous post from you, Cathe! I always love stopping by. The giveaway is very generous and I LOVE the baseball style set! Maybe I'd get lucky and they could come live at my house!!! Thanks for the chance.

  324. #324 - Tami says:

    I adore the first one with the green print!

  325. #325 - Summer Wick says:

    Wow theses are amazing! I really love the 20's inspired version! I love the font and I am huge fan of gray!


  326. #326 - Tikimama says:

    Wow, wish I could do stuff like this! Must be nice to be so creative 🙂 I'd love to win a set of the "baseball" style script. My email is atomicteaparty(at)gmail(dot)com.

  327. #327 - Nicole M. says:

    I love the black set – with the addition of popcorn, peach jam, pepper jelly and cookies (please!) Thanks.
    nicole_melnick at yahoo dot com

  328. #328 - Megh says:

    These are so lovely! I love the first set, with the vintage frames. I would be tempted to label every surface of my kitchen!


  329. #329 - Ms Muffin says:

    Awesome!!!! I SO wanna win!!!
    Thanks for the chance and for all the great free downloads!!!
    I have gotten so many cute things from your blog already … am gonna follow you now so I don't miss anything anymore … 🙂

  330. #330 - BreeAsInTheTown says:

    Oh I love the first set, I would love it even more in red to go with my countryesk kitchen. I also love Jill's idea for tiny ones for spices.

  331. #331 - John and Christy says:

    So pretty! Would love to use the first set in navy for my baking goods. I could even do smaller canisters in corn meal, wheat flour, gluten & baking powder.

  332. #332 - mv says:

    it's just fantastic!!

  333. #333 - Julia says:

    I love them all, but I think the Dutch ones would work best for our jars. I'd also love some spice ones, we keep herbs that we buy in larger quantities, like parsley and oregano, in smaller jars that match our rice and sugar, etc.


  334. #334 - Kahler and Katy says:

    I love these!

    For now, I live in a place with no printer, no decal paper, and honestly, i dont even have canisters… BUT, in 2 years, i'll come back and when i do have all those things again, i'll have this page bookmarked! 🙂

  335. #335 - keight dukes says:

    must. put things. in cannisters.

  336. #336 - Kelsey says:

    love the green and ornate labels!

  337. #337 - Haann says:

    I love them. I would want the ornate ones. I have just the tins to put them on.

  338. #338 - Yu Shan says:

    Thanks for doing this post. You make it look easy that I'll have to try it myself.

    ornate labels or the larger dutch labels.

  339. #339 - Anonymous says:

    what a great idea! I loved the last set. they look beautiful.


  340. #340 - Amy says:

    The 20s/30s inspired designs are my favorite.

    amy (dot) i (dot) fox (at) gmail (dot) com

  341. #341 - Emily J says:

    These are really lovely. I think they would make an amazing gift for anyone. Thanks for the inspiration, fonts, and instructions! 🙂

  342. #342 - WatermelonWishes says:

    Wow! I just discovered your amazing blog and am in awe. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win! Andrea of

  343. #343 - Kalee says:

    I love the ornate ones and would love labels for beans, rice, and spices!

  344. #344 - La Résidence! says:

    Oh these are so cool! Love the Ornate ones & like that you've added the little ornaments as add-ons.

    Some ideas :
    "His" + "Her" (could be cute), "Other", "Misc/Miscellaneous", "Cookie Jar"
    "Artificial Sweetner", "Mine", "Yours", "Past" / "Present"/"Future"
    "Ideas", "Keepsake", "Remember", "Odds & Ends", "Love"

    "Popcorn", "Decaf", "Laundry/"Clean", "Q-tips", "First Aid","Sponges"
    "Dog Treats", More for pasta, such as "Spaghetti", "Penne", "Farfalle", etc.
    "Vitamins", "Supplements", "Muesli", "Granola", "Healthy", "Matches", "Batteries"

    and definitely a "Lost" label, maybe for lost socks, or anything else.

  345. #345 - Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I live in Sweden and have been trying to learn the names for all of the kitchen goodies- so it would be perfect timing to win a set of labels to organize my kitchen with! How much cuter would my kitchen be!
    My favorite labels are the green and white rectangular shaped labels. My kitchen is green and white to the colors would match perfectly.
    Thanks again for the giveaway!
    Or tack!! (in Swedish)

  346. #346 - Rebecca says:

    These are incredible! I'd like to feature them on the The theme for this month is DIY Home and my column is on crafting on a budget. (I believe I've contacted you before!) I'll credit it to you, post a link to your blog and drop you a line once the article is published. Thanks for ALL of your fab ideas.

  347. #347 - Kokopelli says:

    This post justifies my choice to give you an award. You deserve it! I hope you like:

  348. #348 - Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    These are great, Cathe! Thanks for sharing it all! I like the last ones you show in this post, but I'd go with the green you show first, since I'd most likely do something for my daughter and son-in-law {they need all the organizing help they can get, plus a new baby is in the mix, too}! It looks like you were having a good time with these!

  349. #349 - Cheri says:

    these are awesome.. I love all of them.

  350. #350 - lm says:

    oh my goodness these are great! I would love the set of black lettering and the grean boarder! Or the old baseball lettering! Thank you for this post and the ideas!!

  351. #351 - kayduh says:

    These are great! I would love to see different kinds of nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc) and spice jar labels!

  352. #352 - randomcreativity says:

    I love the last set, although the baseball one is really great too! Never heard of the printable decal paper before. My kitchen canisters are ugly and hidden, but these would be awesome on my glass jars of crafty things. I will have to photoshop them for buttons and the like, and print some off on clear address labels – thanks you so much for sharing!

  353. #353 - yday says:

    I like them all, but I think I like the green the best. Thanks for the inspiration.

  354. #354 - bairdmtn says:

    Love the labels!! Thank you so much!

  355. #355 - Al Dente Gourmet says:

    Hello Cathe,
    It's a pleasure to find a blog like yours! Beautiful 🙂 I love the labels, they are all fabulous!
    I'm a big passionate for cooking so everything related with the kitchen it's an inspiration for me.

    Amazing work!!!
    you are an exceptional artist!!! 🙂


  356. #356 - Kersten says:

    They are all lovely, but I'm particularly fond of the first set. Such a great green!
    For my pantry, having more types of flour would be nice – bread flour, cake flour, almond flour.


  357. #357 - biggirlssweets says:

    argghhhkkk! I am a day ahead and still late to find this lovely post and comp! ummm…I love you?

  358. #358 - kristianne says:

    Thank you so much for another great idea and for sharing your awesome graphics/labels.YOUR SUCH AN INSPIRATION:)kristi

  359. #359 - Tara says:

    im actually not commenting for the giveaway, just saying I love your blog. My mom just sent me a link here and I think it'll end up on my blogroll.

    -Tara @ or @

  360. #360 - Alicia says:

    oh, drat! I found out about your site too late for the give away! Looks like I'll be spending a lot of time here though checking out all your great posts! Thanks for all you do!

  361. #361 - Andrea says:

    I know the giveaway is closed – I'm just sayin' – Fabulosity!! These are so wonderful, and I so appreciate you making them available for our use at home. *Love* "compost" next to "cocoa" in the first set – tee hee.

    Thanks again for the design work and the sharing!

  362. #362 - AJ says:

    This is SO cool! I love the Dutch set of labels!

  363. #363 - susan says:

    I think the green set. I'd need labels for granola, pistachios, crackers and probably a few more. I love that you made a protein powder label, BTW.

  364. #364 - artzyfartzy says:

    wow, i love these. all of them. what a great idea.

  365. #365 - Debbie says:

    What fun decals! Thank you so much for offering them to us. I love them.

  366. #366 - Michelle says:

    These decals are great. I can't wait to try them.

  367. #367 - Kari says:

    I LOVE these! I love your blog! I am such a fan of ALL of your ideas!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing these awesome print outs!!!

  368. #368 - Amyaper says:

    I love the black and white vintage decals with black scroll look. They are so creative and would look amazing in my very unorganized kitchen

  369. #369 - Flea Market Trixie says:

    once again you amaze me, I love all these and will be making some for my kitchen, thanks for sharing

  370. #370 - Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) says:

    This post has made me giddy! I can't wait to make a set with the white and green. So excited! Thank you!

  371. #371 - Mitzi Ray says:

    Any idea where I could get Decal paper from? I just got back from Micheal’s and I am on hold with Hobby Lobby who don’t sound very hopeful! Where did you get yours from. I found it on Ebay but it is very expensive.

    • #372 - Cathe Holden says:

      Hi Mitzi,

      The only place I’ve seen it is online as linked to in the first paragraph of this post. It’s the shipping that’s so costly though. If you ever find it retail, let ME know!!

  372. #373 - cindy says:

    hi i really like these labels but im trying to find a label for my jams and im after old looking ones but homely. do you have any styles thank you cindy

  373. #374 - Angela K. says:

    These decals are great! What a creative way to add pizzazz to plain containers!

  374. #375 - Andrea Padilla says:

    This is awesome! I’m having a vintage themed wedding next fall and I would love to make decals for jars for my candy buffett! Thanks for sharing!!

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  376. #376 - cheryl diefenbach says:

    i just found this and love it..not sure how to do any of this stuff but i’m going to find out…thank you for sharing and thank GOD you share your talent…..cheryl

  377. Pingback: Laudable Linkage « Stray Thoughts

  378. #377 - mercedes Medina says:

    Wow these are so neat I have been trying to look for decals like these. Thank you so much for sharing. Can you do the old apples & other fruit of the 20’s & 30’s. They would be cool too. Thanks again for the share. Keep up the good work. Merc

  379. #378 - jamie says:

    hello! i love these labels and am wondering where you found the font you used in the green kitchen label sheets. do you create fonts too? i’m making labels for the homemade gifts we’re giving this year, but i don’t have any good fonts. i’d love to hear any ideas, if you have the time. whoosk -at-
    thank you so much for these great downloads!

  380. #380 - Amanda Carden says:

    Where do i get that paper at ? Hobby Lobby, Walmart?

  381. #382 - Patti Hiatt says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I have made my own and love these better! Thank you for the time you put into the project and for sharing them with us! I’m a “word” person and I am wayyyy too excited about all the possibilities with these! Bless your heart!

  382. #383 - Patti Hiatt says:

    oops forgot my email address to my earlier post …I was too excited!

  383. #384 - Helen Blanchard says:

    I love all of these. But I went crazy when I saw the Ornate Labels. Those are the ones I would love to have . And I am going to check out the canisters at T J Maxx. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing your site with all of us. It is fabulous and I love all the hints and freebees.

  384. #385 - Ruby Backert says:

    Well, I don’t know if I’m too early or too late for the give away but I think these labels are the bomb. It’s hard to say which I like the best. I can narrow it down to 2: the first one shown and the font from the 20’s and 30’s. And if I really had to choose, I think the 20’s and 30’s labels would be by absolute favorite. I also like the way you restored the bread box and the other canisters. What an inspiration!! All I can say is WOW!! and thanks

  385. #386 - cp says:

    omg, you have changed my life… how did I live this long without your creative genius? not being facetious in the least. really and truly… I’m a creative person too but we’re of two different planets. you’re my new hero!!! you’re my Yoda!

  386. #387 - Roxanne Stouffer says:

    These are precious. They would be great for an art studio too although I have been looking for canisters for my kitchen. It has been a long time since I have used decals and to be able to print them and use them is a great idea. Thanks

  387. #388 - pat says:

    Hi Cathe,

    I have been looking for labels like this for years !!!
    Thank you so much for them. Everyone of them is a gem. I don’t know which ones to choose !!

  388. #389 - Jesse Lu says:

    Thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to organize my pantry with these beauties. 🙂

  389. #390 - Casey says:

    All I can say is wow!!! I have been trying to figure out how to do something like this forever and now I know how! They look awesome. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  390. #391 - Karen Thomason says:

    I love the first and second sets of decals, but must tell you I love the detailing in the second. If if were in my favorite color of sage green, they would look perfect in my tiny retro kitchen… I have been re-designing my home since my husband passed away in November… It has kept me sane. I use only the things that I love, and this is one of them. Thanks for helping us achieve the things that we love with your beautiful decals,,

  391. #392 - marissa garcia says:

    If I won I would love the dutch set very cute!!!!!
    what a wonderful idea I love organizing and such a neat way to do it thanks so much for posting the ideas

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  393. #393 - Angy says:

    Wow, beautifully done! Now you make me want to find some vintage canisters and do the same thing. Hey maybe I will win the free decals – August 13th is my 40th birthday after all! Could be good luck for me…

  394. #394 - Lara Riggs says:

    I love all the decals, but the first ones are my favorite. I’d love to have some that say Hard Wheat Berries, Soft Wheat Berries, Sucanat, and Groats for my five gallon buckets of these bulk supplies. They are hard to make pretty in the bottom of my pantry:). Labels for glass jars of yeast, dried milk and for my tilted glass jar of cereal would be lovely too. You are so creative. I love it!

  395. #395 - Heather :) :) :) says:

    Oh my, these labels are CUTE…and thanks for the visual tutorial. I’ve actually been wanting to do something like this, but didn’t know exactly how.

    Oh, I found the link to your site via a link on a blog called “A Holy Experience” I just love your site. I’ve “liked” your page on Facebook, too 🙂 🙂 Thank you, thank you for the free printables…That’s a realy nice thing to do..what a blessing 🙂

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂 🙂 🙂

  396. #396 - Monique says:

    Do you have idea if these will attach/stay on Tupperware?
    We have a super-sized family, and canisters don’t work! 🙂

  397. #397 - Sarah Sommerville says:

    Hi there! First time visitor to your blog and I love it! These labels make me smile! 🙂 Thank you for sharing them.

  398. #398 - Misty says:

    I am so excited! I did not know you could buy decal paper! I love making t-shirt iron ons… now I will have a new hobby!

  399. Pingback: Kitchen Labels « 1 Pastors Wife

  400. #399 - FarmGirlJo says:

    You don’t know how perfect some of these are for my 100+ year old farmhouse! Would hug you real big if I could!

  401. #400 - Ruby says:

    What a super idea…thanks so much for sharing!!

  402. #401 - Tracy says:

    Do you do any labels for the laundry room?

  403. #402 - Terri says:

    These are just awesome! I’m sharing this link with my friends– we’ve been talking about the benefits of labeling things throughout your home and your awesome labels will just knock their socks off! Thank you!!!

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  407. #403 - Trisha says:

    Thank you so very much!! I got rid of many “old cans” a few years ago, and now I can revive and keep the ones I still have. Maybe there’s a trip to the thrift store in my future!

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  409. #404 - mary king says:

    where can that adorable bread box be purchased? have been looking a long time for one similiar to that….can’t find anywhere!!!!!!!!

  410. #405 - Brenda says:

    these are fantastic!!! thank you for sharing!!!

  411. #406 - Emma says:

    Hi Cathe, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful labels. So very kind and generous of you. I love your blog!

  412. #407 - matrona babaris says:

    thank you so much , amazing work

  413. #408 - Marcy says:

    You are really talented! Thanks for sharing with all of us moochers!

  414. #409 - Kimberly says:

    So cute! Thank you for sharing! Stumbled upon your site while looking for buttons for my blog. Just wanted to let you know I have “pinned” a couple of your things on Pinterest that links back to your great site. I can’t wait to try these!

  415. #410 - Deanna says:

    Thank you for sharing the decals! I have the same grungy bread box.
    I would love to put the decal accessories on it but, didn’t see it on here.
    Can you give me any ideas on how to create this for myself.
    Thank You

  416. #411 - Elsie says:

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing. These are so neat I’d been searching for a method to label my storage and get better organized.

    Thanks again

  417. #412 - Jen says:

    Found you on pinterest! I’m organizing my pantry and LOVING the labels . . . though I’m thinking I’ll just print them onto sticker paper for now. I’m even hoping to get the narrow ones to fit on the spice tins I’m ordering. Thank you!!

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  420. #413 - Laura says:

    OMGosh it’s so cute, It gets me excited to be all creative. thanks for sharing all your good ideas.

  421. #414 - nancy johnson says:


  422. #415 - Pat Wade says:

    I love your labels

  423. #416 - ana says:

    i am from Argentina and I would like to print in Spanish, thank you very much!

  424. #417 - Paulette Rose says:

    Thanks so much for the downloadable labels and for the website to find the decal paper. I am so excited! I have jars full of things but my labels never looked so great. Now, with your talent, and my jars I can make them look perfect. Thanks again

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  426. #419 - Linda says:

    These are really cool! Are they removable?

  427. #420 - isabella says:

    your tags are wonderful… and suggests too!!! =)

  428. #421 - dora says:

    i have a quart size glass milk bottle, that i use for cream. the glass is white i would like to find a decal that says cream

  429. #422 - Michelle Miller says:

    I love the font that you used in the baseball style decals! Could you tell me what that font is? The capital letters would be wonderful as initials!

  430. #423 - Daescha says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I just purchased an old metal bread box and kitchen scale. The bread box is solid in color so I am excited to have a font/stencil to paint “Bread” on it to finish it off! (Or the option of decals.) 🙂

  431. #424 - Erin Pacheco says:

    Hi Cathe,
    Thank you for your ideas, do you know of a website or number where I could purchase vintage style water slide decals for children’s furniture for a reasonable price. Thanks so much, Erin Pacheco.
    Please email me at the address above 🙂

  432. #425 - patti says:

    thank you i love your labels……sweet

  433. #426 - Cara Bohart says:

    I Love ,love, love, your site. Thanks so much for all your ideas..

  434. #427 - Rhonda Boyle says:

    You are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  440. #431 - Noreen says:

    Once you have applied the decal, how durable is the decal… washing, wearing off? I love this idea and want to order the decal paper and start organizing my sewing room, kitchen, etc. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for organizing things you need often with keeping them hidden, yet handy when needed.

    • #432 - Cathe Holden says:

      Hi Noreen, If this helps- I’ve been using and handling that creamer can in the first shot daily since I posted this project. By surface cleaning only, it is still in the same great condition!

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    I think my friends are also going to love them and maybe they wantbto ask them in spanish!

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    I called and my office depot explained that they use laser printers. Would I simply order the laser paper?

    My office depot explained that inkjet decal paper will stick in the machine.

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