Repurposing Carpet Samples

Next time you’re out running errands, stop into your local floor covering showroom and ask for free, small rug-size carpet samples. As the new swatches come into the store the old must go out- Score!

Read my latest post on SC Johnson’s Family Economics for some fun ideas on repurposing these freebies!

Disclosure: I am a compensated blogger for SC Johnson.

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4 Responses to Repurposing Carpet Samples

  1. #1 - april says:

    We got some free carpet samples this spring when we did a Candyland birthday party for my son. We wanted an outdoor version of the game where the kids were the game pieces. The colors that we got from the carpet stores were not ideal for the game, so we spray painted them and laid them out in the backyard. We used the cards from the game and my husband went around to each kid and let them pick their card, then they went to the next block. It was a lot of fun. The winner even got to take the home version of the game home with them. 😉

  2. #3 - kristin says:

    great suggestions Cathe!! i scored a bunch of decorator samples recently through zero landfill project (see my post about it here ) look for this great resource where you live…i’m always on the look out for uses for all my new materials…thanks!!

  3. #4 - Masako Okamoto says:

    Hi Cathe-

    I really do love your aesthetic sense! <3 That's all for now…