Serving the Community

For as long as I’ve been a graphic designer, I have donated my services to help charities and organizations in the way of program design, logos, brochures, and more. One of the nice things about pro-bono work is that while helping those in need, I was building a stronger portfolio of design.

Years ago, a colleague suggested that it’s usually a good idea to volunteer in the community doing something you don’t actually do as a living. But designing was second nature to me and something I was doing anyway, so I never understood that concept… until now.I’ve written more about serving the community by way of washing dishes at our towns community Kitchen in my post today at SC Johnson’s Family Economics. Please read it and share your story.

Since becoming a dish-washer, I’ve realized the need for good quality food-prep cutlery. The tools used in the Kitchen are often donated used or thrifted and have been terribly banged up being tossed into the same drawer with many other utensils, or often used as utility tools by others. So, I looked around and found Dylan Cohen of Sonoma Cutlery right here in Petaluma. And by simple request, he provided the Petaluma Kitchen chefs with a beautiful wood knife block full of new Sonoma Cutlery, including a Chef knife, paring knife, kitchen shears, and honing rod. (Sometimes, all you have to do is ask!) Dylan was more than happy to help out with this wonderful donation to the Kitchen. To thank Dylan, I would truly appreciate if you would consider shopping Sonoma Cutlery if you’re looking to gift something wonderful to a special cook, even if that someone special is you. Check out the awesome selection of Sonoma Cutlery knives- they are the best quality knives from Solingen, Germany, fully forged, full tang, with 3 riveted POM handles. The steel is X50 Cr Mo V 15 (that’s cutlery talk for “same steel as Wusthof & Messermeister”). They are lifetime guaranteed and priced at 20-30% less than Wusthof, because you are not paying for the brand name.

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4 Responses to Serving the Community

  1. #1 - monica says:

    my grandma always said “you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

    I guess she was right!

  2. #2 - Kokopelli says:

    Great story! I worked in a professional kitchen during my days as a student and I know how important good tools are, especially cutlery. Ask me about cutting 300 tomatoes with a dull knife! No way! *lol*
    And serving the community is very satisfying. I volunteer four hours a week in the children’s archery training at my local club and teaching crafting classes. Love it!

  3. #3 - Sandra Richardson says:

    Kathy, How kind and generious of you. The only hands God has are ours here on earth. Be Blessed

  4. #4 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Cathe I just knew you had a generous and giving soul. How wonderful that you were able to get new knives for the kitchen. How kind you are to wash dishes. As my mother would have said, “You have earned your wings”. May your season be merry and bright.