So many things to collect, so little time, so little space. I love collecting, do you?!

I even love, love, LOVE seeing other people’s collections. So, luckily, Selena Cate has added Collect Share to her fabulous line-up of weekly share posts over on Apron Thrift Girl. You’ve got to get over there and share what you collect and follow so you can check out new collections weekly!I just pre-ordered Lisa Cogdon’s new book, A Collection a Day, from her incredibly ambitious project of 2010. I met awesome Lisa last August at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. Check out her book at Uppercase and pre-order yours! I can’t wait to receive mine!And…being a collector by nature, I think it’s also good to collect items with a practical purpose, so I wrote about it in my latest post at SC Johnson’s Family Economics HERE.

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for SC Johnson

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7 Responses to Collecting!

  1. #1 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Oh Boy I am headed over to SC Johnson. I am a collector since childhood. Looks like a will enjoy seeing everyone else’s goodies. Thank you for sharing.

  2. #2 - wendy baker says:

    more than two of a kind leads to a collection. i dare not admit to how many quirky collections i have. xow.

  3. #3 - Sirpa says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this interesting link!!
    Regards from Finland!

  4. #4 - Christie Cottage says:

    I love looking at collections. Some are inspiring and give great ideas on what to do with things on hand!

    I hope you’ll stop by my blog today. I have a very special post.


    Today's blog post
    A tribute to my husband on the 10th anniversary of his death


  5. #5 - Ashley says:

    My latest collection has been vintage ads from the 40’s and 50’s. I have a bunch framed in my dining area (:

  6. #6 - Audrey says:

    One can never have too many jars!

  7. #7 - Yvonne Young says:

    Beautiful labels would just look great on my jars of Surprise Raspberry Jam that I make for my church’s bazaar this fall. The labels might even sell more jam for my church’s general fund!
    Thank you,
    Gr G-ma to 3