Flea Market Style Magazine

It’s out. It’s delicious. It was worth the wait! The latest issue of Flea Market Style finally hit the shelves here in little ol’ Petaluma and I scooped it right up. It’s absolute candy to a flea market nut like me, (semi-sweet chocolate to be exact, my fav.) They even did a big feature on my favorite flea market in Alameda.

Here’s a few teaser crops of inspiration from this issue:Oh…did I mention that Just Something I Made is featured as one of the best flea market-style blogs to follow?

A HUGE Thank you to Flea Market Style magazine editors and publishers! I’m walking on air. What a pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful piece of work. And, as a graphic designer, I give big kudos to the publication designers/art director(s) as well for an amazing layout and for every scrumptious detail throughout this issue.

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59 Responses to Flea Market Style Magazine

  1. #1 - Miss Paula says:

    I think I would like this mag! Got to find it first! How do you post picture to the size on this post! I like this look!! Oh by the way, like your pennant stamp roller

  2. #4 - Jill says:

    Congratulations Cathe!! I received my little ruler in the mail yesterday. It is a sweet little piece and I will measure with style! Thank you!

  3. #5 - cynthia says:

    You deserve to be mentioned! Thanks for some very cool ideas!

  4. #6 - Karen Hoida says:

    Congratulations!! I imagine it’s a little like hearing your song on the radio…I haven’t been blessed personally, but a dear friend of mine frequents Romantic Homes with her decor and style and I am so happy to see her in print too!!

    Enjoy and you deserve it. Beautiful site!

  5. #7 - Ann says:

    Can’t wait to pick up a copy. I loved the last publication!! I love vintage metal trucks, the pin cushion looks fantastic.

  6. #8 - Rachelh says:

    Embarrassingly enough, I had no idea this magazine existed. Well, guess I’m going to have to march right out and get myself a copy. Congrats on the mention. Well deserved!

  7. #9 - Boom says:

    I got mine too. After looking in 6 places and not finding it; I was about to give up when there it was staring at me in my grocery store. Whoopie. I know what I’m doing after dinner.

  8. #10 - Marian/pink princess says:

    Awesome. BUT the mag is not here so……not THAT awesome for me lol.
    Enjoy is double for me, will ya??

    Hugs from Marian

  9. #11 - Berta says:

    Guess I will be hitting the news stand tomorrow after work to check it out! Congrats!

  10. #12 - Kristen says:

    Oh! MUST get this!

  11. #13 - Alyssabeths says:

    Oh my, how very exciting, Congratulations! I’m not at all suprised though!

  12. #14 - Heidi Woodruff says:

    wow, can hardly wait to see this issue!

  13. #15 - martina says:

    I just bought a copy this morning but haven’t opened it yet. Work and a friend dropping by to tell me about her trip to France (and giving me a package of French macarons!) delayed reading it.

  14. #16 - Anne Thompson says:

    Congratulations, Cathe! I picked up the magazine this morning and read it through this afternoon. What a treat to find you in there!!! Anne, yourmainestamper

  15. #17 - Dawn says:

    Ohmygosh, CONGRATULATIONS! You are even MORE super famous now, that is awesome!!! (and SO well deserved, I might add!)

  16. #18 - rita burhans says:

    Congratulations! I am so glad to see you in this magazine. I will have to get out and buy a copy. You have a really neat blog, and I enjoy it very much.

  17. #19 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Congratulations Cathe. Love your blog and love all the creative things you make and do. Looking forward to reading this mag.

  18. #20 - JeanFB says:

    Wooohooooo, congrats!!!! I picked up the first issue of Flea Market Style and read every single word. I practically wore it out. I have been going crazy looking for it here in the Raleigh, NC area… we’re a little slower down here, LOL!! I’m going to go stalk Barnes and Noble again tomorrow – can’t wait to get my hands on it. So happy for you that you’re in it!!!

  19. #21 - Angela says:

    I was glad to see your work mentioned! That’s exciting!!

  20. #22 - Dana Gustafson says:

    Congrats on your fabulous accolades in this magazine! I love that project!

  21. #23 - kaitlyn says:

    it’s very tantalizing the way you have presented snippets of the images! they look so intriguing – i should get you to create my new shop banner! lol

  22. #24 - Joanne says:

    I totally agree with you on Flea Market Style. I have not yet bought a copy in San Antonio, but cannot wait. This magazine is one of the best ever printed on flea markets, collecting, antiques, etc. It’s a magazine you can look over and over again. By the way, I’m still looking for an old pickup truck to make a pin cushion!

  23. #25 - Joanne says:

    Another comment! I just zipped over your photos from the magazine without spending much time because I want to be surprised and savor every photo and word when I get my copy especially the article on your blog. It makes it even more exciting to get this issue.

  24. #26 - Noreen says:

    Congrats on being in the magazine! It’s always fun and exciting to find others are aware of what you’ve been doing.

  25. #27 - September Ferrante says:

    Hey! Congrats! will be going out to buy this tomorrow.

  26. #28 - kathleen schriber says:

    cathe, i’ve downloaded the pdf files from country living pertaining to your shrinky dinks. i can’t open the files. it says adobe doesn’t support this file because either it is corrupt or because it was sent as an email…???whatever that means.
    is there a way you can send me these two files via my email and see if i can open them for printing?
    i love the images
    thank you,

  27. #29 - Stephanie says:

    Congratulations! The mag looks way cool… right up my alley! I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for it on the racks.

  28. #30 - Melinda says:

    Just got my copy, but have not looked at it yet. Several of my other blog friends are in there too. How exciting to know so many celebrities!
    That is wonderful that you were featured. Cute pincushion!! Love & blessings from NC!

  29. #31 - Stacy says:

    I just picked up a copy of this great magazine the other day! In fact, it is where I learned of your blog ~ fantastic! So glad I found you both 🙂

  30. #32 - Cheryl Walker says:

    I got the magazine and, I love love love it.

  31. #33 - Jill says:

    I was so pleased to look through one of my favorite magazines… Flea Market Style… and then to read about YOU! Your little pin-cushion truck caught my eye because (1) I am the Mom of a boy (2) I sew, so pins are a part of my life!

    I HAD to come visit your site! Loved it! I will be back! Cheers!

  32. Congratulations!

    The pincushion is adorable.

  33. #35 - Peaches says:

    GT OUT OF TOWN! Printable Cotton?! You must be kidding me? I had no idea such wonder existed. Where have I been?
    This bed is fabo. Funky and vintage and all kinds of wonderful. I could see this reworked with all kinds of nifty bits.
    Great stuff! I’ll be checking out the magazine next time I’m at the store. You go girl!

  34. #36 - marysworkshop says:

    Congratulations, Cathe, on having your blog selected as a favorite by Flea Market Style magazine! You certainly deserve it, and I am so pleased that they also appreciate your amazing talent. – Mary

  35. #37 - Judy B. says:

    I saw that cute, cute, cute old truck pin cushion in the newest issue of Flea Market Style! I thought, how clever!! I was reading Paper Whimsy’s Bits & Bob’s email this morning and clicked on over here. I love your website and have bookmarked it! Such wonderful ideas!

    Thanks for sharing!! Judy

  36. #38 - Deanna says:

    I love this!! I could get lost at a flea market…

  37. #39 - Heidi Woodruff says:

    Yay! I finally found a copy of the magazine (at Safeway!). Love it! Loved seeing your blog listed, too! Hugs, Heidi

  38. #40 - Patti Buckley says:

    Looked you up after seeing you in Flea Market, love your site! What fun! Have you bookmarked now and I’ll keep checking back.
    Thanks for the joy!

  39. #41 - Toni says:

    I love the grass numbers.

  40. #42 - Christi York says:

    Hi Cathe;

    thanks for your post on this lovely magazine – ordered it on-line and it came really fast.

    I’ve blogged about it here:

    And mentioned your name as well.

    Thanks again!

  41. #43 - April says:

    Where can I buy your magazine? In McHenry, IL 60051
    Thank You!

  42. #44 - dawn haight says:

    how do i subscibe to the magazine

    • #45 - Ellie says:

      Did you ever figure out how to subscribe to Flea Market Style??
      I’m going nuts looking for it on the Web. This is MY KIND of magazine. Didn’t know it existed until I saw one at the Dollar Store, of all places. (It wasn’t $1.oo though!) Please let me know (by email, please) if you were able to subscribe and tell me what to do. Thanks.

  43. #46 - stephanie says:

    Wow, my father had all of this stuff 30 or 40 years ago.
    Folks thought it was junk, I always loved it. Everyone thought I was crazy. It was a family owned grocery for 50 years, he even sold cheese and stuff to Bonnie and Clyde.

    He is 90 now and someone broke in the store and took him for a cleaning.

    I have pics of the cotton gin period and all of those awesome days.

    Love the Magazine!!!!

    Stephanie Cottrell

  44. #47 - Margaret I Cain says:

    I was so excited to find your magazine in CVS Pharmacy. Please keep the issues coming. I would love to subscribe to it.

  45. #48 - Margaret I Cain says:

    Great magazine. I couldn’t put it down. I want more than a seasonal one.

  46. #49 - jamie barnhardt says:

    i totally love the magazine. i got my first issue and can’t find the next one. when does it come out or have i missed it. its the best magazine i have every read and take caution on who pics it up in my house. this one is a keeper. and f.y.i. i made all my christmas present this year and saved a bundle and i loved it and everyone was very pleased with their presents. and want me to make more so keep the ideals comming. you have made me start thinking of my own ideals and i am having a blast . please e-mail me anyone and let me know how to get old issues or where and when to get and expect new issues. thanks again and keep the ideals comming please.

  47. #50 - Priscilla says:

    I have the magazine and I love it. I found my magazine at Walmart. Fabulous magazine.

  48. #51 - Nancy Zahn says:

    love this website

  49. #52 - sharon jenkins says:

    I love everythiong you do . I’m home alot and I enjoy trying alot of these things.

  50. #53 - Rebecca Wierzbicki says:

    I would love to subscribe to this Flea Market Style magazine but cannot find anywhere to sign up. Sincerely, Rebecca

  51. #54 - Kathy Detchon says:

    Where do I get this catalog?

  52. #55 - June Lockard says:

    Can you subscribe to the Flea Market Style Magazine. I can’t find a place to subscribe to it in the magazine or on the web. Thank you for your time.

  53. #56 - chris says:

    how can I get a subscription?

  54. #57 - Bobbie says:

    Would like to know how to get a subscription for the mag??? Flea market finds or stle?

  55. #58 - cheryl Myers says:

    I ordered this magazine months ago.I was told that I would be receiving my first edition in January. I haven’t received any magazines.

  56. #59 - Elizabeth Romine says:

    Love this magazine! Iwant to subcribe but can’t find a addres or where to send subscribtion to it? Would love to see this more in Illinois markets in this magazine. Great pics and Ideas!! Send me a address where i can subsribe too! Liz