Scrap Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: DAY 4

Are we having fun yet?! Welcome to Day 4 of the Spectacular Sponsor Swag Giveaway. If you missed what this is all about, you can find more info and product reviews on the posts from Day 1, Day2 and Day 3. Just remember, your chance to enter is only on Friday’s blog post, Day 5. (On a side note, there’s a gnarly rain-storm raging off and on here in Northern California, so if power goes out and I can’t get Friday’s post up, I’ll get to it as soon as I can, promise!)

……………………. Want2Scrap …………………….

This lovely company was well represented at CHA, you could find them by following the shiny sparkle coming from their booth. It was Sparkle City!Want2Scrap specializes in bling, acrylic albums, chipboard albums and album kits as well as laser designs, designer paper and ribbons. In fact, my special friend and CHA roadtrip buddy, Elise Durenberger, is one of their newest designers! And JSIM reader and local fab-talent, Dana Gustafson also designs for Want2Scrap.

Want2Scrap sent out all of these wonderful embellishments to include in the swag bags:

Self Adhesive White Pearls…and Pink Pearls,Le Cream Baby Pearls,and their gorgeous new self-adhesive Jumbo Swirls bling about to be released!
Here is the sweet thank-you card for the swag bags that my retreat friends gave to me after we returned home- embellished with the beautiful Want2Scrap pink pearls. So, so special.
Be sure to visit the Want2Scrap blog for incredibly beautiful inspiration.

Thank you Want2Scrap!

……………………. X-ACTO …………………….

X-ACTO knives have been my No. 1 tool since my first job as a paste-up artist at an ad agency in 1983 at age 17. I have never been without one. So you know I’m loving that they would send exciting product from their new Designer Series -traditional tools with a sharp new spin so you can craft with precision and style.

The X-ACTO Designer Series Craft Swivel Knife,The X-ACTO Designer Series Corner Rounder Punch,and X-ACTO Designer Series Decorative Edge Scissors 4-Pack!Thank you X-ACTO!

……………………. SCRAPERFECT …………………….

ScrapPerfect’s Perfect Crafting Pouch was one of 20 winners of the CHA Innovations Showcase that I attended as a member of the press. I was so impressed by the demos they and their crew shared and I enjoyed wonderful conversation with ScrapPerfect founder, Amy Roszak (right) and her sister, Susan (left– who travels just to be with her sister at shows- I love that!). I came away from CHA sure that the Perfect Crafting Pouch was the one product I’d been looking for all of my crafty-designy life. I use it to keep ink from feathering and bleeding when I write wood or fabric. That’s just ONE of the many uses for these pouches. Although I could try to describe all the other incredible uses, I’ll let Amy show you in this video by Craft Test Dummies:

ScrapPerfect has several products for the crafter. They sent Perfect Crafting Pouches for the retreat scrappers… and for the giveaway bags, they share their Perfect Crafting Pouch Strap n Tap, Perfect Cleaning Cloth and Embellie Gellie. (Please note that ScrapPerfect will be on vacation March 26 – April 3rd.)

Thank you ScrapPerfect!

……………………. THE MAGNET SOURCE …………………….

The Magnet Source makes so many different kinds of magnets, I’ll bet you’ve used some of their magnets for making your own refrigerator magnets or other craft. They create magnets for everything from hardware, home improvement and automotive to craft & hobby, office & school to housewares.

They make these super cool, Super Magnets– neodymium discs. These rare earth magnets combine the powerful strength of neodymium, the strongest permanent magnetic material in the world with peel & stick adhesive backing.

Oooh, I love a super strong magnet! There’s a pack of Adhesive-Backed Super Magnets in every swag bag!

Thank you The Magnet Source!


That’s Day 4 folks! I’ll be back mid-day tomorrow (Friday) with the final review of sponsor swag and open up the comments for entry to win one of 3 huge bags of fantastic!

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78 Responses to Scrap Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: DAY 4

  1. #1 - Kristy T. says:

    Wow !!! Waht awesome goodies !! The anticipation for Friday and a chance to enter is overwhelming ! LOL !! Such a wonderful gift !!xxxxxxx

  2. #2 - Sarah says:

    It must be a very large bag to hold all of these goodies! Fantastic products!

  3. #3 - Laura Solomon says:

    Ok. You are killin me here…

  4. #4 - Lona says:

    I figured out on Monday that I don’t need to comment during the week–but I like doing it. Helps you know we’re out here, salivating.

    BTW, lambing season is in full force here on the farm. Any lambs on your farm yet?

  5. #5 - Helen says:

    Wow! I just love x-acto knives, especially when I can’t find mine and use the kitchen knife, it just doesn’t “cut it”. Like you, I learned to use my first one around 17 years of age at my first job. So many great products. We too are experiencing all that rain in Calif.

  6. #6 - deb christensen says:

    holy cow, what a wonder tool that scrap perfect pouch is!! amazing. i’d like to say thank you for showing all these awesome products that i would probably never know about. the nearest craft store is an $800 plane ride or a slightly less expensive but bumpier and much longer ferry ride to the mainland, which i don’t get to do very often…so many of the things you’ve featured i may have missed out on. it’s like i’ve been on a major field trip!

  7. #7 - Julia D. says:

    Boy, I have never seen anything like that crafting pouch and the magic it can do. I could use that a lot in some of my crafting projects.
    Thanks for the info and the video was great, loved to hear either you or the videographer’s laughter and excitment as well.
    As always, you are so great at presenting these great finds of yours.
    Thank you,
    Julia D.

  8. #8 - Patty says:

    I love those pearls they look so sweet on book paper. Gaa this is like giftapocolipis!!!

  9. #9 - LibraryGirl62 says:

    Seriously…these posts are making me WANT to do scrapbooking! Can’t wait to enter 🙂

  10. #10 - Jill says:

    I know I don’t “have” to comment every day… but I just enjoy visiting all the Sponsors… coming here to see all the goodies and then checking them out!

    I have used X-acto products forever… I am glad to see the items they have to offer. The other scrapbook products are just plain cute!

    Looking forward to Friday! Hope you are safe from the storm!

  11. #11 - Nancy says:

    I am a devoted fan no matter what you are blogging about! I loved hearing about CHA and all the new product news. I miss the days of going to conventions and shows. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win a swag bag.
    With gratitude and thanks for everything you do for your readers…

  12. #12 - ErinK. says:

    I cannot believe how much good stuff there is in one bag!!!

  13. #13 - Anne says:

    That Scraperfect ‘Crafty Pouch’ is amazing — I have to get one!

  14. #14 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Huge snow storm here too and we may lose power. :o(
    I love this Xacto Swivel Knife! What an amazing Craft Perfect Pouch! Another batch of wonderful goodies Cathe. I just cannot imagine the time and effort you put forth to gain all of these goodies to give away. When did you take some time for YOU to enjoy CHA??? Hope to have power for Friday! Each of us! Stay safe and warm…

  15. #15 - Amy Baldwin says:

    Some more fantastic goodies. You gotta love anything from X-Acto…their products are such excellent quality…I am excited to know that they have decorative scissors! I will need to purchase some of those, I am sure they cut perfectly!

  16. #16 - nitasha says:

    One more reason why I can’t wait till Friday! YAY!

  17. #17 - Regina says:

    I didn’t know X-acto made scissors. I’m intrigued.

  18. #18 - Arielle says:

    Thanks so much for the great links again! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the entire week’s crafty links, much tot he chagrin of my wonderful hubby. 🙂 Hope you’re able to enjoy your gnarly rain storm – I know we love watching lightening storms! So pretty!

  19. #19 - jengd says:

    Wow! This is just neverending! I don’t think I would have scrapped if I’d been there- I would have been too busy looking through the goodies!

  20. #20 - Julie H says:

    How did you find all these cool things…and I never thought to use magnets in my crafting. But it makes perfect sense.

  21. #21 - Bobbie Fleishell says:

    Wow!!! What a fabulous swag bag, awesome goodies!

  22. #22 - robynski says:

    I have been enjoying each and every post of yours this week. SO many neat things to scrapbook with! I love neo-d magnets. So tiny yet so powerful. But today you got me with that teeny tiny exacto swirly blade thing. I have to have one.

    Thanks Cathe!

  23. #23 - Heather says:

    I am simply blown away by the goodies that are going into these swag bags.. Amazing!

  24. #24 - Tamara Hensley says:

    Truly amazing and I especially LOVE the Xacto products!!!!

  25. #25 - Celeste B. says:

    I love adding pearls to my projects, they just seem to add so much! I always use my x-acto for everything too! 🙂 I can’t believe all those things you can do with the Perfect Crafting Pouch. I can’t believe she had more to show you – that truly is a crafters’ best friend!!! WOW!!! I would love those magnets – Oh, the possibilities!

  26. #26 - Adrienne says:

    Okay, the last four days I have been drooling over here! I’m surprised I haven’t shorted out my keyboard yet! LOL!

    I just love your blog and have been following you for awhile! I’m always excited when “Just Something I Made” goes bold in my Reader! Anyway, hope you have a good evening!

  27. #27 - Jennifer Muller says:

    Such awesome goodies!! I can’t wait till tomorrow!! 🙂

  28. #28 - Patti says:

    I can’t wait to share that poncing pad with my card making class!! Wow.

  29. #29 - Terri Gordon says:

    Hello, I love to visit and read your wonderful posts, such wonderful things. See you Friday. Terri

  30. #30 - Dana Gustafson says:

    Woohoo! Another fabulous day of swag! Thanks so much for the shout out, sweet Cathe! I hope the ladies loved the Want2Scrap bling!

  31. So mind-blowing!! This is going to be a phenomenal give-away. Signing up tomorrow for sure, with fingers crossed big time!

  32. #32 - Mindy B. says:

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

  33. I love Super Magnets…I have to hide them from my husband. He works for PG&E and is working up in your area because of the storms. Hope your power stays on! Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  34. #34 - rhain says:

    yay!! ive been looking and looking for those scissors!!!!

  35. #35 - nicole Austin says:

    wow, what an amazing giveaway! 🙂 looking forward to friday! 🙂

  36. #36 - ivy says:

    i once had to get stitches slicing the fleshy backside of my thumb in college in a class i took ‘arts & crafts for leisure’ with a x-acto knife. brings back memories and i still use & love their products!

  37. #37 - Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy says:

    WOW! I love me some magnets and new tools! I love want2scrap too! Amazing bags!

  38. #38 - Kristie says:

    Am I the only one whose wish list has grown exponentially this week?

  39. #39 - Christine says:

    and again: so great scrapping tools!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes from rainy ;-( Berlin!

  40. #40 - Elaine Allen says:

    OMG Cathe –

    I thought all the other goodies this week were fabulous, but things just keep getting better – LOL! Love the Want2Scrap goodies, yummy, so pretty. And I’ve used X-acto products for years, they can’t be beat. Wonderful sponsors.

    Elaine Allen

  41. #41 - Lori says:

    Everyday just gets better!!!

  42. #42 - Sharon says:

    The tote bag and every one of those gifts are very special prizes for the lucky winners. But your wonderfully creative ideas are the best prize of all, and we ALL win that one! Thanks for a great site.

  43. #43 - Valerie says:

    Wow, that scrap perfect pouch looks like magic! Is it filled with some sort of powder? I’m very curious as to how it really works. 🙂

  44. #44 - Leslie N says:

    I’m so glad i stumbled across this website today. These items are absolutely incredible.

  45. #45 - Scrappymama6 says:

    Awesome goodies, thanks for the chance to win! Ive never won anything scrappy-related! Have a great day!


  46. #46 - Nichole Benway says:

    I can’t believe the amount of stuff you are giving away!!! What a great gift! Fingers crossed…….lol

  47. #47 - Wanda Cecere says:

    so much great stuff – i would be happy to play with any of it. Most of it takes forever to get to my area. thanks for the chance

  48. #48 - Vicki K says:

    If anyone would know how to make excellent cutting tools – it would be Exacto. SO glad to find out about their other products.

  49. #49 - lynne says:

    feel like I’ve been to CHA with all of this info. Thanks so much for sharing the swag.

  50. #50 - Madelyn R says:

    It just keeps getting better and better!!!!!! <3

  51. #51 - Sara says:

    Too late to enter for this fabulous stuff? In any case, what fabulous stuff! 🙂

  52. #52 - Noreen says:

    I didn’t know Xacto made so many crafting tools! So many new creative products with so many fun ways to use them!

  53. #53 - Elizabeth says:

    another day full of amazing products! WOW!

  54. #54 - Theresa Begin says:

    Ok, can I just tell you I love Amy from ScraPerfect. watched the video got the link..Thank you! Alway’s glue gunned Magnets before what an awesome product from The Magnet Source, absolutel LOVE the adhesive backed magnet (definately going to have to get me some of those)! Yes please to the white pearls from Want to Scrap, now I so wish I could have gone with you!! ( drooloing over the scissors fro Xacto) who, I have, by the way, also never been without and Xacto in my home, what do people do without one? Ok, Cathe, I am not above begging…PLEEEEASSSSSE, I need these items all of them. 🙂 Good show on you you are already so craft you don’t need them! But poor challenged people like me can’t create anything near as nice as you without these helpful little products. Cheers! Looking forward to next wonderful post! Theresa.

  55. #55 - christy says:

    Great Giveaway. Someone is going to hit the jackpot!

  56. #56 - Mica says:

    I have been scrapping for years and I can’t wait for the giveaway comments to begin! My scrapbooks would be so happy to have me use new things.

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  58. #57 - Griseld Antu says:


    Lots of great stuff!

    Thank YOU for sharing! I love your blog!

    –Griselda Antu

  59. #58 - Cyndi Stephenson says:

    Oh my heavens sake. This is a fabulous and generous giveaway. Thank you. My daughter and I would love to win. Fingers crossed.

  60. #59 - Cindy G. says:

    I love those pearl accents! They add just the right amount of “fancy” to things! And, I love Xacto products! I just bought the corner rounder after reading a blog review of it, and it’s way better than the one I had (so I’d have to share that with a friend if I happen to win a bag o’ swag). Awesome stuff!!

  61. #60 - Adeline Falk says:

    Awesome goodies!!!

  62. #61 - Erika Seever says:

    Love these products. The bling and pearls are so pretty

  63. #62 - Pam Jensen says:

    What fun stuff. Pearls and swirls and sparklies oh my. Things that cut and little pouches to store stuff in.

  64. #63 - Paula Michalowski says:

    I wanna scrap! I just bookmarked your blog, it’s so inspirational.

  65. #64 - Janie Boots says:

    Wow look at all this crafty goodness wish I was there to see it all….

  66. #65 - Teri "Terrific" says:

    OMS! Thank you for introducing us to these wonderful products 😀

  67. #66 - Lululiz says:

    More fabulous goodies, I am coveting the blingy pearly embellishments and the magnets! Oh those magnets, great stuff, and I hate to say this, and you’ll probably laugh, but I would use them for geocaching, lol, to place magnetic geocaches. Is that bad??

  68. #67 - Janine says:

    Wow, this is so great again.
    Please count me in

  69. #68 - Tanya Phillips says:

    So many amazing goodies here! I have never heard of the craft pouch. cool!

  70. #69 - Cindy Miller says:

    OOOH the paper crafting pouch looks like a must have and I am a want 2 scrap nut, love their bling!!

  71. #70 - Melinda Garroway says:

    It’s an extraordinary group of goodies that you are giving away!

  72. #71 - Claire says:

    Great products!

  73. #72 - Cathy MT says:

    Whole lotta clever ideas going down here.

  74. #73 - Melissa says:

    so many delights you are offering

  75. #74 - Elise says:

    HEY now! Want2Scrap looks gooooooooood on you, Cathe! Yipeeeeee! What a FABOOOO collection: this is like Oprah’s favorite things show! Of course, I’m partial to that wonderful bling, but darling – EVERYTHING, including the ADORABLE Roszak sisters look incredible in YOUR post! Yeowza! What FUN!

  76. #75 - Deneen says:

    I would love the chance to win! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  77. #76 - Judi Weldon says:

    C|hristmas is March Yes it is possible! Santa I’ve been really good.