Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman: Book Review and Giveaway

I will admit that reviewing books is a bit hard for me. Unlike a product that can be used and tested and opinion given right away, a book requires actual reading, something I don’t take time to do often enough. Last December, I was sent a copy of Amy Barickman’s hot-off-the-press book, Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework Cooking Sewing Fashion & Fun to have and review. I’ll tell you, I was SO impressed by this book from the get go, that after only a few days with it, I hopped right online and ordered one for my sister, Jennifer Farquhar, for her birthday, knowing she would appreciate this creative, domestic handbook more than anyone I know.

Firstly, the graphic designer in me found this book to be so well designed and printed. It is a heavy piece, full to the top with vintage eye candy. I had to spread the pages just to give you an idea of how plump with deliciousness this book is.

Ok, so it’s an incredibly beautiful book…and, you had me at “Vintage Notions.”  This book is not only on my coffee table keeping me creatively satisfied and saturated in yesteryear, but it has allowed me to visit a time of my sweet grandmother’s era when every stitch held meaning and repurposing was far ahead of it’s time.Vintage Notions came about as a labor of love by Amy Barickman who is restoring great appreciation in the crafts and skills of women of the past through inspired publications that were written for them by Mary Brooks Picken. Mary was founder of The Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences in 1916. I actually have a few of her early booklets.Amy Barickman brought these important and pleasant lessons, tutorials, arts, crafts, recipes, tips from out of the past and colored them into an incredible keepsake gift. A gift to many of us who may feel we were born too late. Vintage Notions allows us to see the important relevance of the inspiration of the early century domestic arts and how to apply them within our lives today.

Vintage Notions is lovingly divided into all the months of the year.

Every month has a pocket for keepsakes, patterns, notes and notions.

There are techniques to revisit.Beverages to make.Birthdays to plan.

Lunch to fix.Patterns to sew.Notions to play with.Outings to organize.

And sentiments to cherish. This one above is quite special, allowing me the opportunity to tell my mom that I just purchased Vintage Notions for her for Mother’s Day, as she is dearly cherished every day. (Hi Mom!)

Here is a wonderful, little video about Vintage Notions.

That’s my review, though I’ve barely scratched the surface of the blessed content of this book. Thanks to Amy, you can purchase Vintage Notions at Indygo Junction and receive a JSIM reader discount of 20% with code: CH2VN


Amy Barickman is giving away Vintage Notions books to TWO lucky JSIM readers. Entry is open to all readers who leave a nice, related comment on this post. Entry closes Sunday, April 17 at midnight PST. I am heading to Springfield, Missouri today to visit my mom and sister and I will announce the winners when I return home on Tuesday!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the fantastic entries! The random winners are #24 Martina and #247 Lynn! Congratulations ladies!

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357 Responses to Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman: Book Review and Giveaway

  1. #1 - Lisa says:

    Thanks for a great review – this would make the perfect Mothers Day gift for my Mum.

  2. #2 - Melody says:

    Thanks so much for your review and for introducing us to what looks like a marvelous book. I can imagine reading and re-reading each page. Thanks so much for the chance to win this treasure.

  3. #3 - Gry Merete Syversen says:

    Hi! This book seemed to be right on the spot for me….just lovely. So I would love to try my luck in this giveaway….before I try to by it online. I cross my fingers and toes, hoping I’m lucky this time.
    Whish you a lovely trip to Springfield this weekend!

    With love from Norway

  4. #4 - Jan Quigley says:

    This looks like a beautiful book & being a huge fan of everything Vintage & a huge collector of books I would love to add this to my collection. 🙂

  5. #5 - Niina says:

    This is a book I would never, ever part with.

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  7. #6 - Marie says:

    thanks a lot for this nice and complete review…I am really found of vintage style and I think that Amy Barickman has made de gorgeous book. Hello from France. I am looking forward to seeing the results of this giveaway !

  8. #7 - Heather Ferguson says:

    What a beautiful book. I love looking through old catalogs and magazines. Such good ideas and great images.

  9. #8 - J L says:

    I’ve viewed this book on a bookseller’s site. Even without the monthly projects, the graphics alone make this a book to treasure. Thank you for another great giveaway opportunity.

  10. #9 - Mone says:

    What a lovely book! Seems to fit perfectly into my tiny collection of vintage treasures. I learned a lot of different crafts from my granny, so some of the illustrations remind me of the late 30´s to 50´s, from when her patterns and magazines mainly were.
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. #10 - Helen says:

    Would really love to win this! It looks so lovingly put together and like something my daughter’s daughters would love to have.

  12. #11 - Pamela says:

    I love, love, love this book. But I had forgotten about it. So glad you reminded me. If I don’t win it, I’ll definitely be buying it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. #12 - Emma Bourke says:

    Wow this book looks amazing! Would love to be entered please 🙂

  14. #13 - Tamara says:

    What a beautiful cover! And I love the stitching in the pictures you shared as well as the fact that vintage recipes are included!

  15. #14 - katy says:

    You know, I don’t even drink alcohol, but the very description of this book has me intoxicated [and maybe a bit high ;)] I might start having bedtime stories for mommy from this.

  16. #15 - bryssy says:

    I have several of my grandmother’s (she’s 90) books that are similar. I’d love to have a book like this to compile everything!

  17. #16 - Jean Fernandez says:

    I love your blog and it is a wonderful source of inspiration. This book is right up my alley. I love all things vintage. I would love to have a copy!

    Thank you!

  18. #17 - Amanda R says:

    This looks so beautiful! I love a book that covers several topics and wish things today were much simpler like when we were young. Tell Amy thanks for the chance to win her book!

  19. #18 - Esther says:

    It looks a beautiful book, I love vintage books on such subjects and this looks like a fabulous instilling of such things.

  20. #19 - coasterkim says:

    I just love books that look like scrapbooks – this is adorable! I just love the pockets for recipes, patterns, etc. I would LOVE to win this! Thank you for the chance.

  21. #20 - mary ann says:

    This book looks to be both instructive *and* inspirational….a really treasure. Sure hope I win! Thanks!

  22. #21 - Sharon Bennett says:

    WOW! What a great book. Brings back the memories of me learning to quilt (all by hand of course) between my Grandmother and her Sisiter, my Aunt Bess in….are you ready?? Springfield Missouri!! How cool is that? We lived in Springfield on Sunshine St and my Aunt lived in Rogersville about 15 miles away! When you get there, tell Springfield, hello from me. Thanx for the memories. Sharon

  23. #22 - Denise Campbell says:

    As both a librarian – with a strong love for books and a lover of vintage – especially when it relates to sewing or crafting, I would love to be one of the lucky recipients of this book! It looks absolutely delicious.

  24. #23 - Megan S. says:

    What an amazing book! It looks to contain all the knowledge I need for setting up my house. My embroidery techniques are sadly lacking and need a good boost!

  25. #24 - Martina says:

    What a lovely book! Thank you for this review and giveaway!

  26. #25 - RandomCreativity says:

    It looks like a great book! I love using the vintage notions and craft/cook books that I inherited from my Grandma or picked up at yard sales – I would love to win a copy for some new ideas for using them. Thanks for the giveaway and interesting review. 🙂

  27. #26 - Valerie says:

    Great review! I just love vintage things, so this book looks like something I could really use!

  28. #27 - Casey Rice says:

    Cathe, I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. Love it and the things that you come up with. I collect antique sewing notions, books and tools. This book looks like one that I need to add to my collection. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  29. #28 - Debbie says:

    This looks like such a fun book and I am glad that you gave it your review. I’d love to entered into your giveaway.

  30. #29 - tina says:

    Please add my name to the drawing. I LOVE to craft and bake, and I like that this book will share a history of these things. Love that it has pockets to hold sentimental items… Honestly, Cathy, I think this book would look wonderful for MY coffee table too! (if not better! Ha! Ha! Ha!.. Just kidding!) Have a great day! ~tina

  31. #30 - Phyll says:

    This looks like my kind of fun. Thanks

  32. #31 - Robyn Brown says:

    I love all things Vintage and I’ve seen this book but wasn’t sure. You offer a lovely review and it looks to be a real visual treat. Thank you for the comprehensive review.

  33. #32 - papelhilo says:

    I love this type of concept book ! would love to win !

  34. #33 - Emily Keaton says:

    Oh, wow–this book looks amazing! Thanks for the awesome review, Cathe. This is a must-have book for me to pore over again and again–if I don’t win one of the giveaway copies (fingers crossed that I do, though!!!!), I’ll be putting this at the top of my wish list. For Mother’s Day perhaps?? Thanks!

  35. There are so many people I know who might need this book, me included 🙂

  36. #35 - Nancy says:

    What a charming and beautifully designed book. Definitely a keeper!

  37. #36 - Tammy Sprinkle says:

    What a beautiful book! I love the pockets and the whole concept of slowing down and appreciating the little things in life. What a lovely compilation. I would love to win this book. I would cherish the lessons and recipes and little quotes and beauty of the whole book. Thank you for a chance to win. Fingers crossed.

  38. #37 - Lezli says:

    I think Amy Barickman peeked inside of my head and brought a needed vision to life. I’m so glad that now these vintage notions won’t be forgotten and will be passed on to a whole new generation that finds them facinating and not frumpy.

  39. #38 - Annette says:

    what an amazing book! I am one of those who was born in the wrong era. I would enjoy this book myself and would share this know-how with my two teen daughters.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  40. #39 - Immi says:

    I love the idea of honoring the past, and the loving work of the women who came before us. While many of us work in different ways today, I think it’s important to recognize the value of the domestic arts. This looks like a beautiful book, one to immerse oneself into!

  41. #40 - Deneen says:

    I would love this book! The beautiful illustrations would keep me from putting it down! Fingers Crossed!

  42. #41 - Terri says:

    This is exactly the sort of book that I could spend hours soaking in & loving. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  43. #42 - Crystal S says:

    This book sounds so sweet and lovely! I can’t wait to read it! I love the idea of learning from my grandmother’s peers how to do the things I’m just now exploring – sewing, crafting, etc. Vintage anything is a hit with me! I really like how the book seems to go beyond just crafts, and really incorporates the entire lifestyle of another era. I can’t wait to read all the recipes, projects, and other ideas!

  44. #43 - Gina in Louisville says:

    I am so glad you did this review. I’ve seen this book on other blogs but always assumed it was about buttons and ric rac. I would love to have this book and will buy it if I am not one of the lucky winners.

  45. #44 - Sally Hackney says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book and I’d love to win it. So many great ideas!

  46. #45 - Lynne Weinberger says:

    Amy’s book is a gem of inspiration and eye candy to savor! Thanks, Cathe, for the opportunity to win it — or buy it at a discount. Your blog is a favorite way to start my day. Sending crafting admiration and hugs.

  47. #46 - Myrna Eisenlauer says:

    I just visited with Amy’s mother at the Junk Jubilee in Des Moines this past weekend. She was very excited about this book. I’d love to have a copy.

  48. #47 - Lisa T. says:

    Oh, dear…I’m pretty sure this book was written just for me! If I don’t win, it will definitely be going on my Honey-I-Have-To-Have-This list.

    Thanks for the lovely review!


  49. #48 - Leesie says:

    This book looks absolutely AMAZING. Just the type of book that I adore!! If I have my usual luck with winning anything I might just have to buy it! Love from rainy sweden 🙂

  50. #49 - Norma(n) aka Stormin says:

    TRuly looks amazing!!!!

  51. #50 - Linda Blowney says:

    The tomato soup recipe made me laugh! My Nana used to tell us that she was making us ‘homemade’ tomato soup – it was tomato paste and water! 😉 This looks like a great book for those who didn’t have a Nana to teach them how to do basic things…

  52. #51 - Paula Appel says:

    I couldn’t agree more ~ what vintage eye candy ! Seeing the cover and the pages this masterpiece will include made me think of my beloved Grandmother this cool Iowa morning. I soooo miss her presence and her willingness to teach me as a young girl and still later in my years the values of family, faith & friends ( old & new ). Thank you for giving us the grand opportunity to win such a gift !

  53. #52 - Vicky K says:

    I have collected vintage needlework and books for years. I am so happy to see that someone has put a book together that celebrates needlecraft. Thank you for the opportunity to own a copy.

  54. #53 - Natosha B. says:

    What a fabulous book and book review! My mother is a domestic goddess – I really don’t know how she did it all with four kids, but her creativity and resourcefulness is amazing. This book reminds me of a little victorian book of quotes she bought for me when I was a little girl. I loved vintage things even at that age! I would love to win this book for her 🙂

  55. #54 - Mona Moore says:

    This book makes me drool. I’d love to have a copy.


  56. #55 - Michelle M. says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I heard about this book awhile back and it looks like such a gem for vintage lovers and sewing enthusiasts alike. I’d loooove to win a copy! 😀

  57. #56 - Patty says:

    Oh the eye candy alnoe is worth it! God I love books!

  58. #57 - Kathleen says:

    Oh my goodness! Wouldn’t it be lovely if all books were just like this one! So lush! Thank you for the gift-away and this blog entry. Sincerely, kathleen xx

  59. #58 - Michele Finn says:

    This book looks so amazing and inspirational! What a treasure!!!

  60. #59 - Carol in NC says:

    What a great book. I think it’s awesome that women are realizing the value and importance of not only keeping the domestic arts alive but actually incorporating them into their daily activities. Moms rock!

  61. #60 - Jenn says:

    that book looks super cool!!

  62. #61 - SewLindaAnn says:

    I never really took the time to check out this book, and I’m sorry I didn’t I love everything vintage and it looks like a fun and dreamy comprehensive read – the fact that you can use it for storage and make fun recipes is a plus. Thanks for the interview, I’m putting the book on my Amazon wish list in case I don’t win.

  63. #62 - Jocelyn says:

    This book looks awesome. Isn’t it so amazing how Vintage things are so inviting? I love all things vintage, but I remember my aunt (who is 95 now) saying that when she first got married, she didn’t want this old stuff, she wanted modern!! ha! Her modern, our vintage 🙂 Thanks for the review. This would make a great Mother’s day gift……. for me ;-D

  64. #63 - Rachel says:

    I love vintage anything. I have made this a definite must have to add to my library. I appreciate the past and love to read about how things used to be. I know that reading about the history and techniques would be enlightening. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book.

  65. #64 - cabbie lopez says:

    i would love to have this book as a remembrance of our passion for the arts. this will also serve as an inspiration for me and the future generations as well. i believe that expressing ourselves through the arts as a way to recapture and combine memories is sharing what we love and thus makes it even more special.

  66. #65 - Heather says:

    This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mother! If I win, I will certainly give it to her, and buy a copy for myself…

  67. #66 - Becky says:

    This book looks like something my sisters and I would love to have. We love all kinds of vintage notions and recreating things that we have seen when we were younger!

  68. #67 - Carol Pullen says:

    What a beautifil book !!! My mother would love this for Mothers day and her birthday also. She always collects vintage material. I have never seen anything like this book before.
    I hope I win it, she would be so Happy. It would be good reading material. My mother loves to cook and sew.
    That would be so nice to pass it down to her daughter YAH!!!

    Thank you,

  69. #68 - Pam Widmier says:

    This book looks amazing!! My great grandmother taught me how to crochet and my grandmother taught me how to sew. I have old hooks and a antique/vintage featherweight machine that I use still. If I don’t win this book, I will have to purchase it to see other neat “vintage” things she has throughout the book. The graphics look too true to the different patterns/items that I have seen passed down within my family. Thank you for an opportunity to win this book!! You are a gem!

  70. #69 - Victoria Riddle says:

    That book looks wonderful! It would be perfect to sit outside and look over with my morning cup of coffee. I’m in!
    Thanks for the great give away 🙂

  71. #70 - Stefanie Lee says:

    Holy Moly!! this book looks absolutley fabulous. My fiance laughs at me I am constantly hitting the thrift store to find old vintage patterns. Oh how much this book would be used. I need this.

  72. #71 - Judy Gilpin says:

    This is a really nice looking book that I would love to read and have for my own. The pictures are beautiful too and even recipes.

  73. #72 - Juliette says:

    Another blogger and I were JUST talking about our love of vintage illustrations yesterday -and both of us love sewing and working on all sorts of DIY/crafting in our homes- so this is just perfect timing! I’m going to have to email her the link to this post (even though I know spreading the word on giveaways only reduces one’s chance of winning, ha ha!).

  74. #73 - Cheryl Walker says:

    Vintage Notions looks like just a wonderful nessesary book to have :))

  75. #74 - Christina Lutostanski says:

    this looks like a wonderful book,. thanks for sharing with your readers

  76. #75 - dmeredith says:

    What a lovely book! I collect vintage sewing items as I run across them. I’d love to win a copy for my collection.

  77. #76 - wendy baker says:

    i keep asking my kids if they want a little something embroidered on their tatty jeans. it feels like this art of expression ought to be kept alive, in spite of their ignorance in the ways of their elders. i miss all those sweet details that were alive and kicking when i was able to get a lesson in real time. i hope that this lovely book will help keep some of these special skills alive and kicking. particularly so, since i can’t get it done easily in my own nostalgic corner of the world. i miss the niceties of daily life from a while back. it sure would be sweet to have some of them at my fingertips in a pretty book.

  78. #77 - Claire says:

    Wow, this book certainly does look like a treasure! I would give it a very good home. Have a wonderful trip.

  79. #78 - Dorothy Reinhardt says:

    Wow! This book looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it.

  80. #79 - Jean says:

    The book looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to search for more info about it.

  81. #80 - allie says:

    This book looks absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited to read this book– officially on my wish list!!

  82. #81 - Piper Wise says:

    well, here I sit salivating! Oh my what an absolute LOVELY treasure! I’ll bet I could fill up all of those keepsake pockets! Great review, Cathe!

  83. #82 - Jennifer Nardone-Johnson says:

    How lovely! Nothing better than learning something new through a beautifully crafted book. I need to get my hands on this.

  84. #83 - sohma g. says:

    I go to estate sales and estate auctions and buy vintage materials constantly. I love stepping into somebody else’s world and seeing how things were done with what they had. I find so much comfort in seeing the lives people lived and have now passed on. When I buy something, I feel as if I am taking part of their life and memories with me.

    I mostly buy sewing supplies and home decor. When buying sewing supplies, I love to marvel at what was planned for the material and try to see if there is a theme in the taste of the previous owners.

    This book would be wonderful to own. It could be an instruction book on what to do with all the things I treasure from the estates I’ve picked through.

  85. #84 - Cara says:

    Both my daughter and I would greatly enjoy a book like this! Looks delightful! We cherish all the little notions and vintage scraps we received from my grandmother. She would have loved a book like this, too.

  86. This book is right up my alley. So wonderful that you have this as a giveaway.

    Wonderful blog too! Keep up the great writing.


  87. #86 - stacy converse says:

    It looks like the perfect book to devour and then pass on to the younger generations! Thank you for keeping the art of domesticity alive.

  88. #87 - Sandra Treadway says:

    I must get this book for myself & also for my 93 year young Grandmother. She sews beautifully, even making her own coats & makes the best chocolate pies you’ve ever tasted! I wonder if she had those booklets when she was younger?

  89. #88 - Gail Thayer says:

    Oh, I’d love to win this book! I’ve thumbed through it at the store and it tempts me every time I go in……:).

  90. #89 - Patricia says:

    Lovely, this book looks so nice and would love to dive in and read!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. #90 - Melissa Greenwood says:

    This book looks AMAZING! I collect and use many vintage domestic items, it brings me so much satisfaction (silly as it may sound) to use the same colander and flour sifter that my great grandmother used. I love to think about the history of the items, and the women who have used them. I have much appreciation for the old adage “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” and the inventiveness and frugality of repurposing items that had outlived their original use, both back then, and now! (I think a lot can gleaned from the depression era that can be used in today’s times.)

  92. #91 - Melissa says:

    How wonderful!
    I love the eclectic mix of vintage graphics and ephemera. A visual feast!
    Thanks for sharing :).

  93. #92 - Krystal says:

    Oh, how I love books full of color and more ideas then I will ever have time to complete. It pushes me to apply the ideas somewhere else.

  94. #93 - Elaine M. Wilson says:

    Wow…what a fun book! It looks like it would be right up my alley as I love vintage notion’s, and I am always collecting them. I use them in my crafting projects and also display them. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  95. #94 - gwyneth says:

    oh my!!!!!! this book looks fabulous!!!

  96. #95 - Cynthia Shaw says:

    I just love the look of this book. My grandmother used to make a lot of my clothes and just seeing some of the pictures reminds me of her and all of her sewing notions. The feel of crackling but at the same time soft, dress pattern paper against my shoulders as she would pin a pattern still comes to me sometimes. I still have 2 of the dresses she made for me and hand smocked. I don’t sew. Didn’t inherit that talent from her but I am trying to scrapbook with vintage images and I’m sure this book would give me much inspiration!! Thanks for making me aware of it. Cynthia

  97. #96 - maybaby says:

    Oh, I LOVE this book! I first saw it at the Creative Connection event in Mpls last fall, and have been kicking myself that I didn’t buy it and have her autograph it. I would LOVE to win it! Thanks for the opportunity, and have a great visit.

  98. #97 - Maisy says:

    Love this book to the moon and back! It’s everything I admire and aspire to. Gotta have it!!!

  99. #98 - Jenny @ Kerrfect! says:

    That book looks really cool! This is the second contest to win one that I’ve entered, so if I don’t win this time I’ll have to go buy one! It looks like it’s full of all sorts of little tidbits for vintage inspired living, not just sewing advice

  100. #99 - Lo Wai Sin says:

    It seems that the book is a useful book! It would be great that if i got this book, so that i can learn to organised my house in a better way and be a good mother!

  101. #100 - kathy valadez says:

    Beautiful. I no longer have my mother, grandmothers or my mother-in-law but this book feels like it will connect me to all of them. After reading your review and watching the video I got goosebumps and will definitely buy one for my beautiful daughters and hopefully I will win one for myself. Thank you for sharing this.

  102. #101 - anne says:

    I love to find vintage notions at the thrift store, and I’ve been lucky enough to come away with old buttons, bias tape, spools, and crochet embellishments. This book looks fantastic, and I’d love one of my own!

  103. #102 - Glenda Poldrack says:

    I know I will love this book. So many of the pictures you show bring back many fond memories of my childhood. I would love to win a copy as I know so many of us would.

  104. #103 - Maria Medeiros says:

    omg so beautiful! Lovely!

  105. #104 - Bethany says:

    I was definitely born too late by about 50 years (even my 9 year old nephew has noted this to me). books like this make me feel more in communion with my grandparents and others of yesteryear who forged the paths I now tread, trying to master for fun what seemed to come naturally to them out of necessity.

  106. #105 - nancy says:

    As a seamstress, I am given all kinds of vintage notions “can you use these? My [insert female relation here] does not sew anymore”. I love incorporating them into things. I think I will need to order this book, it look fabulous.

  107. #106 - Denise McD says:

    This would be lovely to give to my daughter on her upcoming 16th Birthday and I know she would be thrilled. Ta for the chance to win!!

  108. #107 - H Lirette says:

    What gorgeous pictures and projects! I would love to give a copy of this book to my mother.

  109. #108 - Grace says:

    I would absolutely love to win this book! It looks so beautiful! I long for the simplicity that generations past experienced. They weren’t easier times but I think they were simpler times….times where family was treasured, faith was grounded, and peace was easier to find. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  110. #109 - Carolyn says:

    Instantly transported back to my childhood with the first page. My fantastic grandmother was one of the most domestic women you’ll ever meet. Taught me to sew, cook, knit and tat! I would spend hours looking through her books and magazines, which were of a similar vintage to the illustrations in this book. Thanks for the memories!

  111. #110 - Megan Peters says:

    What a gorgeous little book of treasures! The little pockets remind me of one of my favorite childhood books, “The Jolly Postman”! So great!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  112. #111 - Julie Bramman says:

    I have two daughters, my 17 year old is very interested in sewing…which makes me happy as I also was at her age–desiring unique items, handmade, one-of-a-kind treasures. I think it’s excellent this author put so much time and effort into creating a lovely book. Thanks for posting this.

  113. #112 - Jamie says:

    My mom would love this book as well. I think it’s adorable!

  114. #113 - Jenny says:

    Your blog is such a delight to read, and this book looks like a delight as well….I love looking back on simple times and simple things!

  115. #114 - Sherry McRae says:

    This is a book to share, for sure. A gift that any young woman starting her new married life could get inspired by. As well as being a truly warm comfort for any older woman that has already “been there, done that”. Gorgeous art collection and so thoughtfully put together. Once again, Cathe…Thanks so much for sharing!!

  116. #115 - Kathy Weier says:

    What a lovely book! I Will definitely be checking it out! Also, I would love the opportunity to win it. Thanks!

  117. #116 - Lisa Hajda says:

    What an awesome — and practical — book!

  118. #117 - Kathy Stutzman says:

    Would love this awesome book! What you shared was really cool looking. Sounds and looks like it has a gazillion ideas in it.

  119. #118 - C.Stockman says:

    Love the concept of this book as I so enjoy anything vintage. I was talking the other day to a lady I met at Barnes and Noble about the rebirth of the home arts with knitting, crocheting, embroidery, etc. It’s a pleasure to see it continue!

  120. #119 - Lorrie says:

    I like the play on words in the title. At first I thought it was just a book showcasing vintage sewing notions – pinkeepers, needle cases, etc. But I see from the subtitle that it’s so much more. Notions of vintage housekeeping. Fascinating.

  121. #120 - haruna says:

    lovely giveaway!
    I have been wanting to check out this book for sometime now,
    but a local book store hasn’t stocked it yet… so it would be so awesome if I actually win!

  122. #121 - Melissa Barber says:

    Whoa! What a fun book. This would make my 7 year old shake his head. He recently asked me,”Mom, why do you like to make everything look old?” 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration and fun!

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    What a wonderful book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!


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    Thank you so much for the review. I’ve run across this book online several times, and now it is definitely on my wish list!

  125. #124 - Elizabeth Fenwick says:

    This is the kind of book I love! My grandmother and great grandmother both did the most exquisite embroidery. I still have pillowcases with floral designs in the most perfect satin stitch. Thanks for sharing.

  126. #125 - Rebecca Blood says:

    You had me at Mary Brooks Pickens. I first found her in a friend’s circa 1940’s sewing book (from which she learned to sew, an activity which is, Miss Pickens says, “as interesting as driving a car”). I found her again in a used bookstore when I purchased 3 volumes of her Woman’s Institute of Dressmaking, written in the 20’s. My husband found the final volume and gave it to me for my next birthday.

    I can’t wait to own this book.

  127. #126 - anna says:

    this book looks like so much fun!

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    This is a book after my own heart. Yes, it got me at “vintage notions” also. I do hope I win. Thank you Amy Barickman for writing a book that I couldn’t!

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    xoxo Elizabeth

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    Thanks so much for having this giveaway 🙂

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    I have several Mary Brooks Picken books…..this would be a fab addition!

  135. #134 - Jennie says:

    Being a costume designer I’ve used Mary Brooks Picken’s works for years as research in both period dress design and patterning. I often wish to add more vintage details to my designs and this book would be a huge help. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful book!

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    Thank you for offering this giveaway on your blog. I hope your visit is wonderful – I love Springfield!

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    What a beautfiul book for a girl’s whole life! Looks like a book to savor – thank you Cathe and Amy!

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    I am a hand-quilting, bread-baking, “make it or mend it” old-fashioned girl at heart… and this book looks like a perfect fit! Thanks for a lovely and generous giveaway.

  150. #149 - Allison says:

    My aunt recently gave me a big batch of vintage buttons that had been passed on to to her… some of them have the original cards! Some are quite simple and others more ornate, but since they are so special to me I’ve never used them… perhaps one day that project will come that these buttons were made for.

    Very lovely blog… and very lovely book!

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  155. #154 - Naomi A. of Colorado says:

    This reminds me of the times when my grandmother would take out her sewing patterns and place them on the bed to see what she would make next or the magazines she would look through to see what “pattern” she could find in them to make a dress, apron, skirt or whatever someone in need needed at the time! Very cute!

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    looks absolutely gorgeous so far, can’t wait to look through the whole thing- if I’m not a winner I’ll be ordering for sure!

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  164. #163 - Kelly Watson says:

    Well this is just brilliant. Vintage sewing notions always seem to have the best graphic design.

  165. #164 - jodi @ back40life says:

    looks beautiful – thanks for the info!

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    When does the 20% off code expire? I may have to buy one if I don’t win-it looks yummy! 😉

  167. #166 - Anna W says:

    I have two cherished items that were given to me by very special people, and hold a permanent place in my heart: A vintage sewing ottoman, complete with removable tray that organizes bobbins of thread (some vintage ones that were left in the tray), needles, and other sewing notions that was given to me by my mother in law after her mother in law passed away. The second treasure is a vintage makeup case-one of those beautiful oval ones with the mirror inside it. The young woman who gave it to me explained that it had belonged to her grandmother, who had used it as a case for her beading supplies. And since I was a beader as well, this beautiful young woman thought that I should have it. This wonderful young woman soon left this world for the next in a tragic accident, and that case causes me to remember her smile, her grace, and her love whenever I use it.


  168. #167 - Amy says:

    What a lovely book! I definitely need this one on my bookshelf!

  169. #168 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    This is surely a treasury for the creative library. I love the infusion of recipes, vintage treasures and lots of good ol information. Yes, this is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.
    Safe Travels Cathe and enjoy your time with family.

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    I love vintage things and this book looks positively scrumptious! I have a couple of Mary Brooks Pickens’ books and I find them to be quite inspirational and helpful, even today! Thank you for the generous giveaway offer!

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    And PS, yay for Springfield, MO, my hometown!!

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    What a lovely book! And a nice idea to include pockets to tuck things into. I’m so glad to see people wanting to preserve the past through photos, or books, or by learning the skills so they don’t die out.

  176. #175 - Mo Blayney says:

    it would make a lovely thank you present for my twin sister who helped me make my art show a great success! she is the best and always has time to help others – she would ADORE this book!! thanks…in anticipation !! x mo x

  177. #176 - Jackie Gilbert says:

    Love the book – gotta have one!! It reminds me of my Mom!
    Thanks for the give away –

  178. #177 - ANNIE says:

    This book is so beautifully sweet! It looks like something that will be treasured, read and reread for many years to come. I always wanted to live during this time ~ life was so different and wonderful. Thank you for the great inspiration.

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  182. #181 - Nancy O says:

    We just cleaned out my mother-in-laws sewing stuff…She is 92. We found lots of unopened packages of bias tape made in the USA even.
    It was fun to find cards of buttons and other good stuff. Thanks for all that you share Cathe.

  183. #182 - carly says:

    This is GORGE. Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  184. #183 - Elizabeth K says:

    As I was reading your post on this book, it was so hard to fight back the tears. I lost my Mother not too long ago. Everything in this book represents her. And the love she had for sewing, creation, cooking was what made her such a beautiful woman, not to mention she was the BEST MOTHER. I am so grateful she taught us (Her Children and Grandchildren) the importance of how important it is to have the knowledge of these things. Everyday in my life it seems I am in the creation mode. THANK YOU MY SWEET MOTHIER :0) Thank you SO much for posting this. Not just because it is a drawing. But because it touches my heart, and makes me very grateful that someone took the time and patience to write about these amazing things. Thank you again.

  185. #184 - Jane T in NW Louisiana says:

    I would so love to win this book. I love anything that is old. I might would give it to my mother for Mother’s Day though and purchase one for myself should I win. Lovely giveaway!

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    What a wonderful idea and an excellent gift for every mother (and daughter) as well….
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Sorry for my poor english.
    Kind regards from Germany

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    I especially love the charming decorated quotes and the sweet vintage recipes. Iced chocolate? With salt? Yum! Yarn and notions in a picnic basket? Darling!!

  193. #192 - Jody Kippels says:

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    Aside from the eye candy aspect of this book, it fills me with nostalgia for my late aunt, who was born in 1907 and preached the gospel of home economics as a college professor and high school teacher for over 30 years. I would love to read more about Mary Brooks Picken. Thank you for giving me the chance to win this lovely book.

  197. #196 - Elaine says:

    My Grandmother was also a subscriber to the Women’s Institute publications and I have several. I would love to have a copy of this book! Thanks for the great review, Cathe!

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    I was a Home Economics major at a small Christian college in California & this book speaks to so many of the things I was taught by my grandma, mom, and professors to cherish in life. I must get this book immediately! 🙂

  201. #200 - Barbara Beck-Azar says:

    it’s heartwarming to see vintage craft and homemaking skills return in the form of books and conferences like you attend. Handmade to me is the best way to bring family and love back into the home. Even if I don’t win the book, it’s on my list to purchase!

  202. #201 - Arielle says:

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    This book makes me miss my mom. She would have loved it. She was an amazing seamstress. She sewed almost all of our clothes from play clothes to bridesmaids dresses… the trims, the notions, the lace, ahhh. Lovely. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all…” Yep. I got the crafting, sewing, creating gene from my mom. She would feel right at home in my apartment filled with trims, notions, lace and I would love this book to find some new inspiration!

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    Oh, I want this book so much!

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    I also had to tell you I blogged about your Easter Egg holder at
    Your site it so inspiring!

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    Thank you for the chance.

  222. #221 - LibraryGirl62 says:

    So wonderful! Maybe I would stash little things from my grandma in there…

  223. #222 - Jeannine says:

    I remember my mom had a book similar to this at one time, lots of domestic helpful hints. I like the idea of a “magic Pattern” from which you could make all sorts of similar items. And what to pack in a picnic; picnics used to be our cheap date when we were dating.

  224. #223 - Brynne says:

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    Please pretty PLEASE I hope I win one 😀

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    This sounds like a very fun book. I learned so much just by looking at the illustrations on the materials and trimmings page (all the different ways to gather)! It sounds like this is a book organized by month so there is plenty of time to take it slow and go through it. I would love to welcome this book home!

  233. #232 - Christine N says:

    Love this book and would equally love to win a copy!!! I keep seeing it at stores and keep putting it back. If I don’t win, maybe next time I’ll buy it!

  234. #233 - Lauren says:

    April 12th was my birthday! Such a sweet present Vintage Notions would be. The book looks amazing and I love all things vintage. My charming (or slowly becoming) 1850’s farm house has turned me over a new leaf from trendy college student (years ago now) who loves all things modern to seeking out character and charm.

    Completely unrelated but I am just loving your free graphic elements. I have made use of several frames and of course your farm animals. Thank you for sharing you are so very sweet. I just love your style Cathy. Best Regards.

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    WOW! This book looks absolutely amazing and inspring! What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  236. #235 - Mindy B. says:

    What a beautiful giveaway. I think any woman would appreciate and learn something from the book. What a fantastic way to find inspiration and connection to the past while we create and domesticate today. It reminds me of the photos of my grandmother and her siblings, and the stories they told about sewing, cooking, crafting, making a home.

  237. #236 - Mica says:

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  241. #240 - juau4 says:

    Vintage sewing and needle arts are my passion! I love collecting and reading as much as I can devour! I’m happy to learn about this book!

    judy7885 at gmail dot com

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    I loved your “you had me at vintage notions” comment. Ha! I totally said that at reading your title to this post!

  243. #242 - Charlene Clous says:

    Your review left me wanting to get lost in this book, I feel it would be a great inspiration for me as were my mother,grandmother and great grandmother. They left there creative spirit with me, for which i am blessed. Thank you for creating this book.

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    If I’m not one of the lucky winners I will be asking for this as my
    Mother’s Day present. Lynn

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    I have always found comfort and serenity in reading simple homemakers journals/magazines of yesteryear. It gives me a much needed pause in the overly complicated world of today. I would love to have this book . Brilliant idea!

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    This looks like a great book! I’ll have to look into this one!

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    I instantly thought of my grandmother and her love of sewing on first view of this incredible book. I can’t wait to read more!

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    I’ts glorious! And just like everything I collect. It reminds me a lot of the old Craft Basket magazines I hoard. I mean collect. 🙂

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    WOW- that is one beautiful book. I’m pretty sure it just jumped to the very top of the ‘books I have to have’ list…
    I love how it was divided up into months and the little sneaks you gave definitely make me want to see more!!!

  260. #259 - Jennie says:

    Wow. This book sounds like it includes a lot of tips and tricks that I really need to learn! I can just imagine devouring this book as I spend my summer at the beach. Awwwww.

  261. #260 - Debra Bopp says:

    I love the pages you have shown! We all need to be reminded of a time when things were good and things were done by hand. We all need to be reminded that things don’t all have to be bought but with a little creativity and effort we “can” make and do things ourselves. Thanks for your review!

  262. #261 - Teresa Raines says:

    Several blogs have reviewed this book, but none of them offered the examples and pics that you have. What a beautiful book! I collect and use vintage notions for sewing along with vintage sewing baskets. This book is such eye candy, and I love that it includes cookery. Even if I don’t win the book it is definitely on my list of books that I would love to have.

  263. #262 - Bonney says:

    I think this is the kind of book that you pick up time and time again just enjoy the feeling that looking at pictures brings. And let’s face it, any pattern with the word ‘magic’ in it is a must make!

  264. #263 - Billie Kretzschmar says:

    Great review. Would love to win.

  265. #264 - Diane Moyer says:

    Love this book. My friend at my local quilt shop bought one, and after i picked it up 6 times to look at it, I went to the counter and bought one myself. I am savoring each page, reading slowly and read only a few pages at one sitting.

  266. #265 - Adrianne says:

    The book looks lovely! What a wonderful way to bring all those vintage ideas together. 🙂

  267. #266 - Jean says:

    I was lucky enough to meet Amy in person at the Country Living Fair in Ohio last year. I purchased her lovely book that day and began reading it immediately. Being the nostalgia buff that I am, I couldn’t put it down. I found myself thinking frequently about my mother and grandmother as my fondest memories of them both center around home, food, crafts, and especially love. Thanks, Amy – this is a book to treasure.

  268. #267 - Cathy MT says:

    I took an online survey today about crafts and had to choose a reason I craft. I chose the statement, “To escape…” This is a dreamy, escape book to a place I want to be. Cheerful, charming, well thought out.

  269. #268 - Linda Rosenau says:

    Lovely, just lovely. Thank you!!! 🙂

  270. #269 - CJ says:

    At first I kept thinking how nice this book would be for a gift… now I am thinking that I’d rather get one for myself! It looks lovely.

  271. #270 - Donna Pheneger says:

    What a great review and very detailed! I really like the idea of what this book has to offer ladies of all ages! Thank you, Cathe, for the giveaway and thank you, Amy for the two books for the giveaway!

  272. This book is so lovely! I love old fashioned things like this! My favorite thing is my mother’s old Watkins cookbook. Nice post, Cathe!

  273. #272 - Julia D. says:

    Thank you Cathe, for sharing with us the wonderful book by Amy Barickman. You can certainly see it was a true labor of love. Just seeing a snippet of it’s wonderful stories of history, brought back memories for me of wonderful times in my life. One memory is of my grandfather and dad putting an old treadle sewing machine in a row boat to take across the lake to our cabin. It was to give my sister and I something more to do then just the glory of having such a wonderful place to stay . My mom and grandmother started us out with teaching us to sew clothes for our dolls while spending the summers there. We had no electricity, but not a problem, since we could sew to our hearts content for our dolls and then continued on into clothes for high school days. It was pure joy!

  274. #273 - Patty Katashima says:

    I am a lover of all things vintage~ I might not be able to wait to see if I win one of these, I might have to get one now and give away the other one if I win! : )

  275. #274 - Jenne says:

    I love it! It reminds me of the appliques we used to buy at the fabric store that my mom would sew onto the front of my overalls. 😀

  276. #275 - Tabitha says:

    How could you NOT leave a nice comment about this wonderful book. Oh, I’d LOVE to win. Thanks so much.

  277. #276 - Jacquie says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book someday! It looks great. Thanks for the review and the chance to win one!!

  278. #277 - Kristie says:

    What a clever book. Looks like there is something in there for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

  279. #278 - Cheryl says:

    What a great review! It helps when someone else can “see” the book for me. Also great photos. I would love to win one! If not, I’m going to be asking for a copy for Mothers Day!

  280. #279 - Jane Schettle says:

    What a great find for those of us who like to make things ourselves. Very thrifty ideas.

  281. #280 - Melissa Ward says:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! I absolutely loooooove this!

  282. #281 - Jacque Chinnery says:

    I love Amy Barickman’s books and patterns. I have a number of the patterns from Indygo Junction. This would be a wonderful addition to my creative library!
    By the way, I lived in Springfield, MO, for 4 years. Great city!

  283. #282 - Deb Pierce says:

    This book would be a greaqt birthday gift for my daughter. She just turned 25 and loves all things well loved. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  284. #283 - Wendy Hatton says:

    What a great looking book. The kind that I’d be looking through often in quiet moments. In this day and age of ‘instant’ everything and instruction written in imperfect English this book is a delight.

  285. #284 - Susan M. says:

    This is on my birthday wish list! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  286. #285 - fran says:

    I too feel like I was born too late, I adore everything from the past and enjoy reading history books and blogs, your book would be a great addition to my library. Thank you for writing the book.

  287. #286 - Liz Goldapp says:

    She describes my crafting habit perfectly! I’m surrounded by feminists (me included) and they are baffled as to why I would participate in a “throw back” to more oppressive times.

    It’s about taking time for myself and creating something beautiful!

  288. #287 - sylvia says:

    That looks like a very cool book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  289. #288 - Kay Whipple says:

    This looks like an awesome book. If I don’t win it, I hope I receive it for Mother’s Day from my girls!

  290. #289 - Katharine says:

    Okay, this is the second time I’ve seen someone mention this book with rave reviews, so I can’t resist entering to win one. I want to make lampshades!

  291. #290 - Cheryl Hinson says:

    I would love to give my only daughter who is getting married next year one of your Vintage Notion Books. My mother used to make all of my clothes and was a very good with her sewing, she taught me well. I was unable to own a sewing machine while my children were growing up and my daughter would make paper clothes for her Barbie dolls using only notebook paper and tape. When she was six years old, she made darts to fit the paper to her doll. I showed mom, and though my daughter had never been shown how to sew, we were in awe of her knowledge. She now has a sewing machine that she got for Christmas as a teen. She loves to design and make quilts. I would love for her to have one of your beautiful books as a wedding present for her.

  292. #291 - Leona B says:

    I would ADORE a copy of Vintage Notions! I have been coveting it since I first heard about it.

  293. #292 - Patty says:

    This book looks absolutely delightful! So many wonderful ideas. . . I hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

  294. #293 - Anne Thompson says:

    Oh my goodness! If I don’t win this book, I’m going to have to purchase it after reading your review! It’s just the kind of book I love and would be an important reference for me as I am rediscovering sewing, embroidery, patchwork, and other handwork I did as a child. Anne, yourmainestamper

  295. #294 - Mary says:

    This book looks wonderful! I would definitely give this to my mother! She’ll love it. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  296. #295 - Jean Farris says:

    Greetings from Springfield, MO! How have I been following your blog and not know you had this Springfield connection? Hope you enjoy your visit. I have been coveting this book since I first heard about it–it will have a place of honor among the vintage sewing items I have been gathering to decorate my sewing room (which is in the midst of a remodel) whether I am blessed enough to win it or buy it as a gift to myself. Thanks to Amy Barickman for the generous giveaway!

  297. #296 - Cheryl says:

    They say things can skip a generation…I learned to sew from my Grandma (my Mom can’t sew a button on…neither can my daughter!), but my grandaughter loves what I love…vintage, sewing, crafting, cooking,etc…we would both enjoy sharing this great looking book. Thank you for the chance to enter. 🙂

  298. #297 - tiny.angry says:

    Oh this was a great review! I can imagine just having this lovely treasure in my book collection. The techniques would be great to read over and apply to the items I sew! :3

  299. #298 - darla says:

    wow i love to win i read it and pass it on . who ever won this willlove it . ty for shareing god bless you

  300. #299 - zevenster says:

    Oh, how I love, love, love that book!! It looks like eh.. it tastes of chocolate. And fat pieces of cake, yellow with butter and fresh, lukewarm.
    It looks like it smells of lathyrus, and vintage roses. It probably sounds like crisp, freshly washed sheets, rustling in the wind on an airy summers’day.
    It would feed all my senses and inspire me. It would heal me when I’d feel wounded and make me laugh when days are dark.
    Oh, what the heck. I NEED this book!, SERIOUSLY!!! 🙂

  301. #300 - Sandra says:

    What a lovely book! Love the colors!

  302. #301 - Rebecca Parsons says:

    i love vintage everything…this takes me way back to sewing with my grandmother!!!

  303. #302 - Carla says:

    What a great idea for a book! I’ve been able to find several of those old magazines at the antique mall and they’re wonderful.

    A few years ago I bought Amy’s book “Art to Wear” and I really like it.

    Even if I don’t win a copy, I plan to buy one of these. I love the old pictures and ideas – but straight up, with no modern mockery, cynicism or snideness. It sounds just like the sort of book that I’m always looking for.

  304. #303 - Vera Davidson says:

    I’ve got two nieces getting married this summer which means two bridal showers to attend. Wouldn’t this make a wonderful gift?!! Thanks for sharing and I love your site!!!

  305. #304 - says:

    Sounds awesome! Put it on my Goodreads list!

  306. #305 - Cindi Baptist says:

    This book looks absolutely wonderful. What a beautiful gift this would make! Thank you for giving me this chance to win it.

  307. #306 - Stacy H says:

    As a beginner sewer I think I could learn a lot from this book. It looks like a lot of fun to thumb through too!

  308. #307 - Leah says:

    I love the look of this. I think it could be really inspirational for me in my own work.

  309. This book sounds like a great way to discover or re-discover the vintage arts. I enjoyed reading your wonderful post about it.

  310. #309 - Christine M says:

    What a lovely piece! I would love to have a copy of this treasure and I know each of my sisters and mom would love to have one too! Thanks for bringing this book to our attention!

  311. #310 - Cynthia Potts says:

    Always love it when you bring books like this to our attention. Can’t wait to be inspired by the book as I am by your blog. Thanks for the opportunity ! 🙂

  312. #311 - Laurie says:

    Love the idea of this book. Always felt I was born in the wrong time because I’ve always collected the aprons, notions and little things from a slower more appreciated time when everything wasn’t, what am I going to do next before I’m even done with this. I learned how to sew on a treddle machine and taught my daughters on it too before they used an electric. Thank you for saving these memories!

  313. #312 - Sharrieboberry says:

    I have seen this book but have never opened it. It looks charming. I love vintage patterns, notions and handwork so this looks like something I would enjoy.

    I don’t know if my mom would like this book as she is not much of a crafter and mainly mends clothing. instead sewing items from scratch (though she sewed a lot of my clothes when I was growing up) I don’t think she’s ever quilted, though her mom did.

    Maybe I’ll put this book on MY list for Mother’s Day!

  314. #313 - Alisa Klein says:

    I love vintage! This book makes me want to dive in a devour every page. I love the pictures. I wish my grandmother was still with me so we could talk.

  315. #314 - Cindy larson says:

    Oh, I’ve had my eye on this book. It looks lovely! Thanks!

  316. #315 - Sue H. says:

    What a great looking book! Hope I win.

  317. #316 - Pam Morgan says:

    What a wonderful idea for a book! It’s hard to find real vintage notions these days, but my dear mother-in-law just passed away and she had lots! I can’t wait to have the book so I have some creative ways to use her treasures!
    Pam Morgan

  318. #317 - Barrie Marsh says:

    This book looks great!!! I would give it to my mom also, and then get one for myself!! 🙂

  319. #318 - Lucy ann says:

    oh oh oh…yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy,,, and from this saweeeet “Vintage Notions” book by Amy Barickman… I want it for me & my girlfriends & new mommy’s & new brides….etc etc etc…Gotta love the old day????
    Thank you Amy & Cathe for totally awesome remembrances.
    Love all her “stuff” & Love the JSIM site too….yum yum. Oh Yeah & I do Love My Stuff…So I’m Thinkin’ this could be the uber inspiration…

  320. #319 - Ashly says:

    WOW!!! this book is BEAUTIFUL!! I dont sew but I really need that “summer purse” pattern so I can make one for myself. Really Love all the sneak peeks you show here and HAVE to have this book for myself!! Thanks for the chance to win one

  321. #320 - Priscilla says:

    A quilt given to me by my aunt holds such fascination. It was handmade by my grandmother and great grandmother. When I look at it, I can hear their chatter and see their busy hands as they worked diligently to create it. I am looking forward to being whisked away to that simplier life through Amy Barickman’s book, “Vintage Notions”.

  322. #321 - Jenny Lawton says:

    Oh, my Mom would loooove this. Mother’s Day here I come! 🙂

  323. #322 - Berta says:

    I love this book and already have a copy, but would love to win one for my sister.

  324. #323 - Sarah D says:

    That book looks like a treasure trove! My mother would love that book as much as I would. The red flowery card is beautiful. 🙂

  325. #324 - Genevieve says:

    What a gorgeous creation! I am giving my sis one of these for her Birthday. Thank you! 🙂

  326. #325 - Leah Martin says:

    If I don’t win one, I am definitely BUYING this book! I have been looking for a book like this which is similar to my Martha Stuart books (which I cherish!). I love it- & with a discount I may buy one for a gift! Thanks! :]

  327. #326 - Kathy Bleam says:

    “Vintage Notions” looks like a book I would want to share with my children. In this world of ‘pre-made’ everything, it’s nice to be able to give them the gift of homemade — from clothes and gifts to meals.

  328. #327 - Sheila Meinecke says:

    I am enchanted by all the colorful images of tha past! It would be a never ending supply of inspiration. I love vintage household things from the 30’s+

  329. #328 - Maria S. says:

    Many thanks for offering this gift…I have wanted to own this treasure but sorry to say is not currently in the budget. What a tremendous book to have & refer to time & again!!

  330. #329 - Sue Sullivan says:

    Beautiful book. I have a Ladies Home Journal magazine from 1910. I love looking through it….

  331. #330 - Lindy says:

    I read about this book on Amy’s blog when it first came out. I love anything vintage and this book looks like a real treasure!

  332. #331 - Karen says:

    This looks like a lovely, memory-stirring book!

  333. #332 - shoni burg says:

    Oooh! I want to make the Iced Chocolate! 🙂

    Thanks, Cathe, for hosting yet another awesome giveaway.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    shonijunk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  334. #333 - Carol says:

    I am so excited about “Vintage Notions” — I have always loved domestic notions. Thank you for introducing it! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!! Even if I do not win — it will be a must have!!

  335. #334 - Karen S. says:

    The crochet matted Mother’s Day sentiment inspired me to do something of a vintage theme for my mom this year. Thanks for sparking my creativity in that direction. I’d love to see more ideas in Vintage Notions.

  336. #335 - lorena says:

    oh what a sweet, sweet book! 🙂

  337. #336 - Frances says:

    This book sounds utterly charming!

  338. #337 - asma says:

    greetings from saudi arabia! Not sure I am eligible for this giveaway but nonetheless….
    From the review, the book sounds lovely. I have my own hotch potched collection of household tips from everywhere so am looking forward to buying the book and adding my bits in the ‘pockets’! 🙂

  339. #338 - Denise says:

    It looks like such a wonderful, beautiful and informative book. Even if I dont win this one is going on my wish list for Christmas!

  340. #339 - Anita says:

    Wow, why don’t they make books like this is Holland. Probably i have to make one myself… Thanks for a great review and the beautiful photo’s
    Greetings from Holland.

  341. #340 - Abbey says:

    Wow, I think I may be in love! The colours and patterns are just precious, and I do so love the idea of an all-in-one go-to book for things about the home.

  342. #341 - Carol Warnock says:

    If I don’t win this (well, I never win anything!!) – I am so going to have to buy this book – it is delightful!

  343. #342 - Hella says:

    I would love to own that book. It looks so nice.
    Hella / from Sweden

  344. #343 - Ann says:

    Sigh! Just my sort of inspirational book….. I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places recently but its lovely to see inside and the video. We’ve had Mothering Sunday here in the UK but I might just buy it for myself anyway – if I don’t win one of course ;o) Thankyou for the chance to win Cathe.

  345. #344 - liz a. says:

    what a lovely commentary on a nifty book. all these old fashioned “notions” are all new again, isn’t that great! i am glad i come from a family of women who have always sewed, stitched and created….yay! and thank you for the give-away.

  346. #345 - Donna C says:

    O-M-GEEEE! This book is simply divine!! Just the cover alone makes me want it!!! Even if I don’t win a free copy, I am definitely buying my own. Looking at the preview just makes me happy! 🙂

  347. #346 - Gaye Coleman says:

    Such a lovely work – and tribute to things worth doing well. Thanks to you maybe these arts won’t be lost in generations to come. Blessings!

  348. #347 - glynis says:

    What a lovely book…filled with inspiration. And also a reminder of things past – that we should really bring to the present.

  349. #348 - Milena says:

    this book looks amazing!

  350. #349 - Robin Walston says:

    I love the old Mary Pickens books and have several. This new book is beautiful and I’m glad it is inspired by her work.

  351. #350 - Deanna says:

    What an amazing book. It reminds me of the Home Demonstration Club books I have that belonged to my grandmother.
    I’d love to win this book, but if not, I’ll definitely buy it!

  352. #351 - jeny tyler says:

    What a great book. I love to read and visit yesteryear type things. Even if I don’t “win.” I will purchase the book. The tomato soup recipe got me!

  353. #352 - Angel Bryant says:

    I totally agree with your comment – you had me at Vintage Notions!! Sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  354. #353 - Babi says:

    Please add me to this marvelous give away.
    Vintage notions are my craft. I collect them and search them every day.
    Please, check out my blog and you will see!

  355. #354 - Annalea says:

    What a great book review . . . and a tremendously good book! I have often lamented that I was born just in time to inherit the homemaking-disenfranchisement of equal rights, the disillusioned 80’s view of motherhood. I love things that bring my grandmothers’ world alive to me. I dearly hope I win . . . but if not, this is going to be MY mother’s day gift. ;o)

    Thanks so much for reviewing this book!

  356. #355 - Liz C says:

    I can’t believe I almost missed this giveaway opportunity! Lovely!!!!!

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