What Sparks You?

What sparks Cathe Holden? (Creatively speaking.) Come read my guest post over at Spark The Event about my creative process. You just might discover a few things about me you didn’t know.

And, want to see something really incredible- check out this video of the 2009 Spark The Event. This is what my dreams look like.

|SPARK| from Jmills ENT. Jeremy Miller on Vimeo.

Registration to Spark No. 3 is still open, click here!

What sparks YOU?

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6 Responses to What Sparks You?

  1. #1 - vilma says:

    Hello! in the video vimeo
    Who is the artist, beautiful work of 00:35 minutes?
    Plis! Thank!

  2. #2 - Julia D. says:

    Your guest post on Spark the Event was beautiful. Your creativity certainly shows how it comes from your heart and love of God. Good for you. Your wonderful spirit of devotion is a blessing that you share with all of us daily in your great talent.
    Thank you.

  3. #3 - Susan says:

    I just found you and I’m your newest follower… You are a super blogger!
    I love your sites and I’ve been browsing your projects page and I think I want to make every one! LOVE IT!
    Susan @ homeroad.net

  4. #4 - Annalea says:

    I love it when your faith shines out in a post . . . a divine spark to inspire me. I’ve also found flashes of inspiration just as I wake from sleep, but you’re in better company than simply I; Sir Walter Scott wrote of stories surrounding him such that he fairly waded through them on his way to his desk each early morning.

    Have a wonderful 4th!

  5. #5 - Stephanie says:

    That is such a beautiful and inspirational video (and I loved your guest post over there too). Thank you so much for pointing us over there.

    Do you know what the music is on the video? It’s lovely!

  6. #6 - Miss B. says:

    This is so cool, I so want to attend one day!