Fabric Yo-Yos

When’s the last time you yo-yo’d? I wrote about fun yo-yo crafts on SC Johnson Family Economics HERE. The day I was writing it I visited my favorite all-craft thrift shop, The Legacy, to find this amazing vintage yo-yo quilt. I didn’t buy it but someone lucky sure did!

You can make the yo-yos freestyle or with a yo-yo maker like Diane Gilleland did for this darling handbag!

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for SC Johnson.

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18 Responses to Fabric Yo-Yos

  1. #1 - Karlene says:

    Love the yo-yo’s. I have just made one to adorne the clasp and tie on a journal cover I’ve made. They are just too cute. I remember yo-yo’s at my Nan’s house when I was little 🙂

  2. #2 - Elise says:

    You’re HILARIOUS! Our sweet friend, Dana taught our cutie-pie 4H’ers to make these – I have been TOTALLY addicted ever since! Off to check out your post! xo!

  3. Fabric yo yo’s remind me of my childhood. My mom made them but I can’t remember what she made them for. Every time I see some they remind me of when I was a little girl…a very, very, very long time ago!

  4. #4 - Louise Bouton says:

    Hi Cathie, How fun to visit the Legacy! Would you like me to send you an email on the day I bring in the buttons at the Legacy? It has been awhile since my last visit to JSIM and it is always a treat. Also gives me ideas for new posts on my blog. much love Louise

  5. #5 - Saucy Chick Sherry says:

    Years ago I had made shoe boxes full of fabric yo-yos and then ended up giving them all to a thrift store. Boy do I miss all that work I did! I still love fabric yo-yos. Happy creating…

  6. #6 - Dennis says:

    What a clever craft!

  7. #7 - Berta says:

    I have two vintage yo-yo quilts. Love yo-yo’s. I need to make a trip to the Legacy! Last time in it was just before closing so I didn’t get to browse!

  8. #8 - Amy says:

    Is The Legacy in Sebastopol? I think I’ve heard about it.

  9. #10 - Anna @ Lawrence Girls says:

    I love how easy these make up! 🙂

    Can you believe they sell kits at the hobby stores around here for $10+ for a round circle of plastic?!

    I scored a huge box pre-made at an Estate Sale and I still have enough for a quilt. I made a pillow with my favorites.

  10. #11 - Ellen Crawley says:

    Where is The Legacy Thrift Shop? Tried link, no it didn’t want to work for me.


  11. #13 - Curtains in my Tree says:

    I love the yo yo look. I seen an all white yo yo coverlett years ago and it was so pretty all white. Maybe they called it a yo yo quilt?

    anyway all yo yo’s look so great together


  12. #14 - kate says:

    Hi Cathe,
    I was late in reading my Country Living magazine this month. I had read from your blog that you had an article in there, but to see it in print was awesome!!! Congrats! That is such a fabulous honor that you DESERVE!

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you do with us and hope you are able to take a little time and enjoy the summer with your family!

  13. #15 - Elaine says:

    I have the yo-yo quilt that I helped my mom make when I was a young girl. We made SO many yo-yos!! It was such a great time and the quilt is such a treasure.

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  15. #16 - Alice says:

    I just came across this picture on Pinterest and thought the quilt looked familiar. It looked just like the quilt I bought at Legacy and it is one in the same. I live in Petaluma too. Cool! I am glad to have found your blog.

    • #17 - Cathe Holden says:

      Alice, that is absolutely your quilt!! The next day after taking that photo I called The Legacy to see if it was still for sale, wishing I’d bought it (like I need another vintage quilt, seriously!) So glad you found it and LOVE that you found it again on Pinterest! And super love that you’re a P-Town gal! Thanks so much for sharing this with me.