Washi Tape Flowers

Because you need one more thing to do with all that washi tape you’ve been hoarding, here’s a very simple project to turn your rolls of loveliness into three-dimensional blooms.


  • Washi Tape or other paper tape
  • 26 Gauge floral wire
  • Flower stamens
  • Floral tape


  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters/pliers

To make the flowers:

Cut 6-inch lengths of wire, one length per flower petal.

Wrap the center of each wire around a pencil, marker or other round object less than the diameter of the width of your washi tape to create petal loops.Adjust each wire loop to preferred petal shape.

Trim a piece of tape a little over twice the height of your petal loop. Place loop onto lower half of tape and fold the remaining tape over. Press together firmly. Trim corners to create petal shapes.

For leaves, repeat the petal steps using only a 3-inch section of wire without loop and trimming to leaf shape. Turn wire and repeat at the other end. Fold double leaf wire in half. Make different sizes and shapes for different color and patterned flowers.

Vary your stamens per flower style.

Fold two stamens in half and place between 5 flower petals.

Wrap petals and stamens tightly together with floral tape beginning at the base of the petals. Wrap tape around wires several times before adding leaves.

Place the folded wire leaves section against the flower stems and continue tightly wrapping with floral tape, wrapping to the end of your wires and just slightly beyond before tearing off the end of the tape to finish.

Separate and bend flower petals and leaves to desired shapes.

Adhere washi tape flowers to hair accessories, wrap stems with ribbon or contrasting washi tape and pin as buttoniers, or add blossoms to gift packaging. I gathered three flowers together and tucked them into my silver basket vase pin.





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49 Responses to Washi Tape Flowers

  1. #1 - Edith says:

    Wow these tiny flowers are awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this idea. I love it.

    Hi from Paris – France =)

  2. #2 - Elise says:

    The CUTE never stops comin’ from lovely YOU! These ARE breath taking!

  3. #3 - wishywashi.com says:

    these are absolutely adorable!

  4. #4 - peggy gatto says:

    these are such fun!!!!
    thank you!!

  5. #5 - Danee says:

    so very sweet.

  6. #6 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to make some of these…so many ways to use them.


  7. #7 - Cindy Is Crafty says:

    How darling! I have several metal thimbles that I was trying to come up with an idea for. You brooch and flowers made the light go on! Thanks!

  8. #8 - Nadia says:

    thank you so much for posting this, they are amazing

  9. #9 - Ann says:

    Just so pretty! You always share such wonderful ideas with us Cathe and these are perfectly lovely. Definitely want to try them – and I love your little basket brooch. I’ll be looking out for one of those!

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  11. #10 - Lisa says:

    Fantastic idea for my washi tape. Now I think I need to get some more. Thanks for sharing.

  12. #11 - Julia D. says:

    I have yet to ever try Washi Tape. Looks like I need to go for it and make some of these adorable flowers. Can think of many ways to use them and would be such a relaxing craft to make. Thanks Cathe!
    You are such a great inspiration to all of us.

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  14. #12 - Carol Dee says:

    I adore these! They are so sweet. Hmmmm, I still do not have any of this tape! I might have to change that now. LOL.

  15. #13 - All Washi Tape says:

    Precioso!! hoy lo he enlazdo en mi blog, espero que sea de su agrado. Gracias ; )

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  17. #14 - ele says:

    These are so lovely! 🙂

  18. #15 - Jennifer says:

    I love the brooh but love, love, love the silver basket vase pin … where did you got it?!!!

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  20. #16 - Marly Bernardino Tristão says:

    Linda suas flores, e fáceis de fazer, obrigada por compartilhar essas idéias criativas.
    Um abraço.

  21. #17 - Elaine Cristina Fraines Rodrigues says:

    Ficou lindo Cathe, maravilhoso. Obrigada por compartilhar suas ideias conosco. kisses and bye

  22. #18 - Mary Wheeler says:

    I like what you did with these flowers. Keep up the good work!

  23. #19 - Àngels says:

    Ooooh, thanks so much for this beautiful tutorial.

  24. #20 - Wanda G (stampcat) says:

    ACK! Cutest thing EVER!!!

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  27. #21 - Michelle L says:

    Adorable! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  28. #22 - Charmaine says:

    Love this idea…thanks so much for the tutorial!

  29. #23 - Pendra says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial…these are so cute!!

  30. #24 - elena says:

    son monisimos, y muy cucos, donde puedo conseguir los pistilos de la flor??

  31. #25 - Linda K says:

    What adorable flowers. My favorite thing in the whole wide world and you bet I will bookmark this page and get me some tape and wire so I can try this thanks for sharing. Love them.

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  33. #26 - Mélu says:


    Thanks for sharing the idea, these flowers are really pretty!

    Hasta luego 😉


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  35. #27 - jet says:

    woooow they are beautiful and sooo pretty, love it.
    thanks for the great tute and your sharing;-D

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  37. #28 - Mary Anne says:

    Really enjoyed this craft love that it cn be dessed up or toned down.

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  39. #29 - Stacy Molter says:

    Thank you for creating and sharing your gorgeous washi tape craft! Your craft was featured on my site this morning as part of my 10 Easy and Awesome Washi Tape Crafts round-up.


    Enjoy your summer!


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  41. #30 - Johanna says:

    These are so adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing!! 😀

  42. #31 - Sarah says:

    Those are adorable! Going to try this for sure, been on a flower making roll lately.

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  46. #32 - Katha Engblom says:

    Oh, great. I’ve successfully avoided going down this particular rabbit hole but now I see where I might need to start accumulating some of the cute stuff!

  47. #33 - Pam says:

    Congratulations, Cathe
    Love the pattern for the washi flowers. I work as an activity aide in a nursing home and can’t wait to make these with the residents.
    Will look forward to you new videos.
    Thanks, Pam

  48. #34 - Mrs Harman says:

    I love these little flowers!! I love your website and store too. Shame we are on the other side of the pond in the UK!

  49. #35 - Wanda says:

    I love your Washi Tape flowers! I really intend to make some. My Grandmother used to make wax roses from paraffin and I have fond memories of her displaying them around her home. Your cute little flowers brought back fond memories of those times. Thank you for the inspiration. Wanda