The Magic Jelly Shop & Giveaway!

My #1 artist, illustrator and designer idol has long been Karena Colquhoun, also known as Magic Jelly. Yes, you read that right, number one. So to find out that the long awaited  Magic Jelly shop is finally open (and she wants to share her goods on my blog with my readers), I’m not only excited to promote the grand opening, but equally excited to just have her beautiful work featured on my blog!I think one peek at the shop or the Magic Jelly blog and you’ll understand why I am so enamored with it all. Karena, an artist and illustrator living in Semaphore, South Australia, has talent beyond measure. And those of us who have followed her work and blog for any length of time are now dancing around like goofballs singing and chanting: The Magic Jelly Shop is OPEN! The Magic Jelly Shop is OPEN!

I adore Magic Jelly collages and prints. I encourage you to spend some time digging through her blog for photos of them. The Magic Jelly shop is now stocking two of her original pieces from the Magic Circles series.You can purchase beautiful jewellery featuring Magic Jelly art and design.

Even the Magic Jelly packaging is spectacular.

I adore the Memoryland series!

You’ll find Pocket Mirrors, Drink Coasters, Magnets, and Button Badges, all sweet to purchase for yourself and just in time for stocking stuffers and host gifts for the holidays!

To get this party started, Magic Jelly is giving away one of the following to three lucky JSIM readers!

Blue Budgie Oval Pendant

Memoryland No. 2 Pocket Mirror

Magic Jellies Magnet Set


Visit the Magic Jelly Shop and leave a comment below about your favorite item, (and any other kind things you’d like Karena to know!) Only one comment per person, please!


Friday, November 9, 2012 at noon (PST). Winners will be randomly chosen, notified and posted soon thereafter.


#143 Sylvia: Blue Budgie Pendant

#34 Novena: Memoryland No. 2 Pocket Mirror

#167 Mary Ann: Magic Jellies Magnets

To keep up with all things Magic Jelly, be sure to subscribe to the Magic Jelly Newsletter!And of course, be sure to like Magic Jelly on Facebook!


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253 Responses to The Magic Jelly Shop & Giveaway!

  1. #1 - Tamara says:

    Oh my… the Black Mask drink coaster is super cool. I get it, Cathe… her designs are soooo groovy!

  2. #2 - Katie says:

    What a great website! My favourite things are the button badges – the owls or ‘fairisle’ designs.

  3. #3 - Suzanne Gregg says:

    I love the Death’s Head Moth Pendant (medium).

  4. #4 - Ang-e says:

    Everything is so spectacular! My favorite is the magic circles series of bracelets. 🙂

  5. #5 - Kathy Garrison says:

    I love the magic circles to make my own jewelry. Her style matches my sensibility! Love it!

  6. #6 - Marilyn says:

    I like the Death’s Head Moth Pendant. 🙂

  7. #7 - Kathi says:

    I luv the magic jellies magnets and the coasters!

  8. #8 - Susan Graben says:

    Love the Jelly the cat coaster!!

  9. #9 - Kelly says:

    I love the “Blue Budgie Oval Pendant” and the “Favorite Shoes Pocket Mirror”. And just because I am not above groveling, My 50th birthday is next Friday:)

  10. #10 - Cindy Eikenberg says:

    Thank you so much for introducing us to the Magic Jelly Shop! It is easy to see why you love the collages and prints…they are simply stunning! Looking forward to seeing more!

  11. #11 - Jill Bocskay says:

    The graphics are such a reminder of beloved childhood images. Can’t tell you how much we looked forward to our Aunt’s amazing jello creations. The use of these images really makes me smile!

  12. #12 - Jaci says:

    I love the Magic Circles #3 bracelet!! It’s darling!

  13. #13 - susana says:

    Hi: I adore vintage, so I love everything the store has, but what I like the most is the packaging, love it!.

  14. #14 - Sarah May says:

    LOVE everything on the site and all the graphics!! My favorite, if I have to pick, is the Black mask drink coaster!! -)

  15. Such a fun, whimsical shop! I LOVE the budgie pendant!

  16. #16 - Lin says:

    LOVE the Blue Budgie Pendant! I lost my birds when the water heater failed and there was a gas leak. Fingers crossed. Ty for the giveaway.

  17. #17 - laura says:

    I think the blue budgie pendant is my fave! I had one as a pet for 15 years he was a cutie!

  18. #18 - Mary Lambos says:

    I LOVE your new site!!! My favorite is the jello. I love it, it reminds me my childhood !!!

  19. #19 - Karin says:

    I love the vintage look of all of the jelly shop products and absolutely fell in love with the Jelly the Cat coaster!

  20. #20 - Nancy Y says:

    Love the Li’l Mary Pocket Mirror! The entire shop is fabulous ~ love all the vintage images and beautiful packaging!!!

  21. #21 - renee says:

    I would be so happy with an empty box.

  22. #22 - Else T says:

    I love the autumn cottage pocket mirror! And the memoryland No. 1 badge set. These designs are wonderful!

  23. #23 - Kathy Bumb says:

    I love all these products, but especially the button magnets – the Magic Jellies in particular. What an adorable site.

  24. #24 - Shellie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelets…all of them! Thank you for introducing me to the awesomeness of Magic Jelly!

  25. #25 - Kate says:

    I love the magic circle bracelets! I have my fingers crossed..

  26. #26 - Lynne says:

    Oh my goodness! Adorable and beyond! Love that bird pendant. I’m subscribing to her every way possible. Thanks!

  27. #27 - Julia Wood says:

    I am absolutely enamored by all these wonderful Magic Jelly Shop items! Thanks so much for introducing them to me! I adore the Memory Land mirror and coaster – I do love me some hexie shapes! But that budgie pendant could be worn constantly! Magic Jelly LOVE!

  28. #28 - Miss B. says:

    I have to agree with you that she is just amazing. I have longtime been a fan and this is quite exciting news!

  29. #29 - Tracey Wirth says:

    It is so hard to choose, but I would say the “little swallow” heart ring. It is so cute and vintage looking. I can understand why Magic jelly is your favorite Cathe! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  30. #30 - Patty Kosonen says:

    Thank you, Cathe, for introducing us to Karena’s Magic Jelly website. The colors and nostalgic designs she uses really appeal to me. I like all of the items, but the Blue Budgie Oval Pendant reminds me of my parakeet that I have had for many years. Thanks again.

  31. #31 - emily says:

    i love karena and have stalked her for some time now. i love her magic girl and friends magnets. i need them for my fridge!! congrats on the opening of your store! now i can stalk you better!!

  32. #32 - Samantha says:

    Magic jellies button badge set! I love the jewelry too.

  33. #33 - mub says:

    I love everything with the Magic Jellies on them… I can’t really decide which is my favorite! I like the pocket mirrors though, sometimes I think that would be pretty handy to have in my purse!

  34. #34 - Novena says:

    I just love the “Magic Girl” pocket mirror! Such a sweetie!

  35. #35 - Nancy d says:

    I love the budgie oval pendant! Budgies hold a special place in my heart. I had one little gal that lived to be 15 yrs. Also the Magic Circle Bracelets are just gorgeous! One of each please 🙂

  36. #36 - Lora says:

    The Jelly the Cat Pocket Mirror is adorable.

  37. #37 - rebecca @ beurrista says:

    I’m loving the magic jelliy magnet set.

  38. #38 - kathyS says:

    The Magic Jellies Button Badge Set has me fall-down laughing –crazy good. (Love love the packaging and labeling.)

  39. #39 - Sally Hackney says:

    I like anything with fair isle or magic jelly pattern. It’s all so cute!

  40. #40 - Susan says:

    Cathe I love everything! I especially love the Li’l Mary Pocket Mirror!
    Thanks so much.

  41. #41 - Carol says:

    Love all your creations but the necklace is my fave!

  42. #42 - Missy K says:

    I love the old fashioned pictures; especially the oval pendant.

  43. #43 - Becky says:

    I love the pocket mirrors! My favorite is the Black Mask.

  44. #44 - Lisa Castillo says:

    Love everything but have to get a pendant for sure! Congrats!!

  45. #45 - Julie Snodgrass says:

    I really like the blue budgie pendant. The whole website is darn cute too.

  46. #46 - Pamela says:

    Okay, I’m in serious trouble!
    Her images remind me so much of wonderful childhood memories.
    I am in love with ALL things Magic Jelly !
    Thanks for bringing her website to my attention………..I think 🙂

  47. #47 - Gayle says:

    I think her bracelets are awesome – they’re versatile and could be worn with anything in my closet! What a talented artist – thanks for bringing her to my attention!

  48. #48 - Sarah says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to delve into her site and get lost! I love the old world feel of her work.

  49. #49 - lynne ATL says:

    has to be lil mary drink coaster

  50. #50 - Cathy Nash says:

    Beyond awesome! I’d be delighted to have anything!!

  51. #51 - Heather says:

    OMG I LOVE everything.. why have you been hiding Kerena?? I want that budgie necklace!!! and SO MANY OTHER THINGS!!!

  52. #52 - Silvia says:

    For starters I love the Name of the Shop. Who wouldn’t love to shop at a place called ‘the Magic Jelly Shop’
    I love the Li’l Mary Pocket Mirror, the way Lil Mary looks just makes me giggle

  53. #53 - martina says:

    I’d love the budgie pin, since I’ve had pet parakeets and the pin is a sweet reminder. The memory badge #2 buttons were my other favorite from the Magic Jelly shop.

  54. #54 - Anne says:

    It is very difficult to choose … Each item is so nice and fresh.
    The one I prefer is the Original Collage Magic Circles because evrything is possible.
    Thank you to let your readers participate to this beautiful giveway.

  55. #55 - Linda C says:

    Amazing stuff! I love love love the original art and the jewelry!! Will be watching your site!

  56. #56 - Pam Welling says:

    Love love love the whole vintage, sweet designs
    And I LOVE the magic circle bracelets, oh and the
    Magnets, oh and the packaging! Is it wrong
    To love the packaging???

  57. #57 - Kim M. says:

    Love the pocket mirrors! Oh my, the beautiful vintage things you have…just lovely. 🙂

  58. #58 - Donna Lueders says:

    I just love the vintage look to her items. And on the bonus side, they are packaged up so nicely. Her artwork is spectacular, thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  59. #59 - patsposies says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Magic Jelly’s artwork and items… Particularly the Jello magnets!

  60. #60 - Bonnie says:

    Love the Memoryland No 2 Button Badge Set as I remember from my childhood all the items:
    The budgie that our neighbor lady talked to all the time,
    The camera that you looked down to see the image to take a photo,
    The soda from the shop where I worked,
    And the tiny horseshoe magnet which might have been a Cracker Jack prize

  61. #61 - Suzanne says:

    The Blue Budgie oval pendant is just what I have been looking for to go along with a blue and yellow quilt that I am making for my daughter! It would complete my search perfectly!!

    All of her designs pull at my heartstrings and she will be on my list of places to look for upcoming special gifts…..thank you for sharing!

  62. #62 - Kris says:

    YAY congrats on the new shop! LOVE Magic Jelly! Karena is such a talent! I was in awe when I stumbled upon her work, her website is gorgeous, the letterpress paper design is amazing. Queen of nostalgic design 🙂
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! My heart goes to the Blue Budgie pendant I just love colour and obsessed with anything yellow!

  63. #63 - Angela G says:

    You are right Cathe, her artwork is adorable. However, I’m a novice at graphics and I how the art work, i.e. the partridge in a pear tree is used. Could you ask her explain?

  64. #64 - Gloria Westerman says:

    Congratulation to Magic Jelly!!!!! so exciting…..
    I love the Memoryland No 2 Button Badge….just to cute….tfs

  65. #65 - Bev Sprenkle says:

    love the moth pendant!!

  66. #66 - Tina Bosh says:

    Oh, my favorite was the Blue Budgie Oval Pendant. I had at least 4 or 5 blue budgies over the course of my childhood. They always seemed to fly away out a door left open. I sure hope I win a pendant. I would love to have one.

  67. #67 - Cass says:

    Firstly, thanks for letting me know about a great Aussie artist, love her work. My favourite item on The Magic Jelly Shop would be bracelet number 2, love it. But then again I loved the Magic girl mirror as well, and then of course there were the coasters.

  68. #68 - Cynthia R says:

    I love the crisp, clean colors of the oval pendant. Thanks for sharing with Cathe’s followers!

  69. #69 - Susan says:

    I like the Fair Isle magnet set!

  70. #70 - Corvus says:

    The Death’s Head Moth necklace is lovely!

  71. #71 - Sue says:

    Blue budgie pendant…happy, happy memories of my Aunt Madeline’s blue budgie, Petey. When one Petey died, another Petey appeared.

  72. #72 - Zenetta says:

    WOW such creative, beautiful designs! I especially love the items with the budgie image…too cute.

  73. #73 - pamela says:

    I love the Magic Jelly shop and it is just a perfect blend with all your wonderful things…!

  74. #74 - Linda L. says:

    I like the Favourite Shoes Pocket Mirror best but would love the White Swan as a pendant.

  75. #75 - colleen gilgenbach says:

    LOVE the bracelets. All the jewelry but especially those.

  76. #76 - wenzdai says:

    EEEK! her death-moth necklace!!!

  77. #77 - Gerri herbst says:

    Oh what sweetness. Loved the little swallow heart ring the best. Thanks for introducing me to magic jelly.

  78. #78 - Cadry says:

    I love her designs so much, and her whole blog is so creative and fun to read. My favorite items are the budgie pendant (above) and the magic circles bracelets. I love the vintage quality to her work, while still feeling current with an attitude all of its own.

  79. #79 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    Well there isn’t really anything in the Magic Jelly shoppe that I don’t like! Wonderful things…thanks for sharing!


  80. What a lovely little shop! My favorite of Karena’s creations is her Magic Circles No. 12 collage.

  81. #81 - Gwen says:

    I can understand your infatuation with Magic Jelly! What a lovely shop! If I had to choose only one thing it would be the white swan ring. Thanks for sharing this shop with your readers.

  82. #82 - SuzyMcQ says:

    Oh, I couldn’t agree more, her works is stunning. I adore it. My favorite is the cute budgie pin. I’m a sucker for birds and parakeets are so adorable.

  83. #84 - Janet Pierce says:

    Love the jelly magnets. Great site.

  84. #85 - Belle says:

    I love , love love that budgie pendant!!!

  85. #86 - Evelyn Florinchi says:

    I love the oval budgie necklace.

  86. #87 - Jane Rhoades says:

    What a talented lady! Her designs are so appealing – wonderfully retro! I think my favorite item is the Blue budgie oval pendant. Thanks so much for sharing her web site.

  87. #88 - Kelly Aubert says:

    I love the magic circles bracelets! What a cute, fun shop!!!

  88. #89 - Mary says:

    I have always loved pocket mirrors, since my grandpa bought me one for Christmas one year. The L’il Mary pocket mirror is fabulous, she’s got some spunk!

  89. #90 - Carol says:

    Oh my! What lovely items! I just love the jewelry! The circle bracelet is amazing…so incredible!
    ~So fabulous!

  90. #91 - Jan Hinton says:

    I love all of your goodies. Hard to choose but I think I like the jewelry.

  91. #92 - Melissa says:

    thanks for a great give away…i like the memory lane #1 magnets CUTE

  92. #93 - Colleen Wolowski says:

    I love the pocket mirrors!

  93. #94 - Grace says:

    wow everything is gorgeous. I love the vintage look and the illustrations. My favorite is the Magic Circles no 2 Bracelet.

  94. #95 - Dawn Castor says:

    That budgie necklace is the cutest! Thanks so much for letting us know about this cool website–love it!

  95. #96 - Bonnie says:

    the magic circle bracelets!!!!!!

  96. #97 - Jen Johnson says:

    Magic Jelly, wow, unique! I think my fav items are anything with the cat on them – love the cats! But all the things kind of remind me of the era in which I grew up (kinda tells you how old I am!) VERY COOL!!

  97. #98 - Mary says:

    I really like the magic jellies pocket mirror. Thank you for the giveaway!

  98. #99 - Marlene Debeljak says:

    I love the magic jelly bracelets! I think #1 is my favorite, but I love them all!!! Thank you!

  99. #100 - Linda Greiss says:

    I love Blue Budgie Oval Pendant! Karina’s site is gorgeous and I really adore all her wonderful graphic images.

  100. #101 - Cynthia Hanna says:

    Lots of lovely things in the shop – but the black mask pocket mirror kept my attention!

  101. #102 - Celia says:

    Oh how I love this shop! Thanks Cathe!
    The yellow Blue Budgie Oval Pendant would be my choice (mostly because I can wear it to show it off) and I love bright colored accessories.
    The Memoryland No. 2 Pocket Mirror would be a perfect companion for my purse, all the compacts would be affordable stocking stuffers for my 4 sisters! 😉
    So many choices…
    Good luck with your new store!

  102. #103 - ruby t says:

    So many wonderful items on Magic Jelly—the name is a favorite of mine.
    I do like the Circle Collages Original Art. The Memoryland 1,2,and 3 imagery is so great….coaster are fun.
    Good luck with the new business, Karena.
    Thanks for a giveaway.

  103. #104 - teepee says:

    I just love those jelly molds (they remind me of what my Mom took to the church potluck) magnets. Would love to have a set.

  104. #105 - Jane T says:

    My very favorite item is the swan ring. There are lots more, but you said just one!!!

  105. #106 - Steph says:

    This Kansas girl likes the “Favourite Shoes” design! :O) There’s no place like home!

  106. #107 - Lynne Weinberger says:

    I love the Magic Circles bracelets – all are just too cute!

  107. #108 - Stephanie S. says:

    Such cute items and I just have to fall in love with the parkeet necklace. I love birds and found I am allergic to feathers. Had to give them up. Had a parakeet and he was our baby. Wonderful items and packaing is great.

  108. #109 - Aliki Cavras says:

    Hi cathy! love the magnet set! xxx

  109. #110 - Wendy says:

    I am in love with the pocket mirror. Every girl definitely needs one of those!!

  110. #111 - Amanda Burke says:

    Fair Isles drink coasters! I love all of them actually but that is #1!

  111. #112 - julie says:

    Those are awesome I like the bracelet or mybe the ring or mybe the pins ok ok I just like them all. Thanks for sharing, God bless.

  112. #113 - Christie R. says:

    The Death’s Head Moth pendant is my favorite!

  113. #114 - Gloria says:

    I’m a big fan of collages, so I’d have to go with them. They are gorgeous!!!!!

  114. #115 - Manola Sommerfeld says:

    The Budgie pendant is so cute!

  115. I love the magic girl pocket mirror. What a cute shop! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  116. #117 - tina says:

    I adore the lil mary pocket mirror – super sassy. All her items are super cute. thanks for the info.


  117. #118 - Heidi Woodruff says:

    Magic Jelly? Wonderfully magical in a SWEEt way! (Reminds me of grape jelly on my pbj sandwich–always a favorite!) I love the pocket mirrors, though it’d go in my purse!

  118. #119 - Erica says:

    The Magic Jellies magnet set is just perfect to update my fridge door’s magnet collection. Delicious! And congratulations on the new shop, too. Fab…

  119. #120 - Caroline B says:

    How can I choose a favourite? If I had to I think it would be the budgie pendant. Hope you send to the UK!

  120. #121 - Sylvia Binch says:

    My favourite item in the shop is the Magic Circles No. 2 Bracelet !! It’s a work of art ..
    Good luck with the grand opening of the Magic Jelly Emporium .. the design of the website looks amazing !

  121. #122 - fonda rush says:

    i love the Magic Jellies Magnet Set! the button badges are so cool! i love your website. rush88888 at gmail dot com

  122. #123 - Chiara says:

    I love the pocket mirrors ♥ Favourite shoes pocket mirror is adorable 🙂

  123. #124 - Irit says:

    The White Swan Ring is my favorite item – and I also ordered it as soon as Karena opened her shop. LOVE her quirky designs!

  124. #125 - Kate says:

    Jeepers! My worlds just collided! My two MOST Fave Bloggers/Artists/Inspiring Crafty Creators are ALREADY connected. *slaps head* But OF COURSE! They are BOTH brilliant and Vintagely, Paperly, Retro-fantistiquely, Bookedly enlightened. And I seriously can’t remember if I already knew this or I’m suffering creative dementia. Either way, I’m pleased as petal-pie to know of this very special connection. I adore all of the carefully considered, delightful fancies in the Magic Jelly Shop. I ESPECIALLY feel love for the collages and their inspired offspring – the Magic Circle Bracelets! Do pardon the super-long comment, but I’m really, really excited.

  125. #126 - Abbey says:

    That blue budgie pendant is just smashing! Budgies are so underrated. Such an artsy bird 🙂

  126. #127 - Leesie says:

    Wonderful stuff, SO hard to pick one item, but I fell for the Death’s Head Moth Pendant (large) so nice design and colour!!

  127. #128 - Ellen M. says:

    I love the “Favourite Shoes” print, plus the whole retro vibe of her designs. Looking forward to getting the newsletter!

  128. #129 - Shari Harniss says:

    Any of the necklaces would be so wonderful! Just beautiful and so unique!

  129. #130 - Brandy says:

    Of the three things you’re offering, the pocket mirror is my favorite. Everything of hers is so cute though!

  130. #131 - lynnewill says:

    Very sweet!! Love the favorite shoes pocket mirror, but it is all so fun and will make great gifts for friends, just to let them know they are special. Thanks for sharing this site.

  131. #132 - Laura says:

    I love the Magic Circles bracelet #2! Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  132. #133 - LisaT says:

    How very, very cute! For my favorite piece, I am torn between the L’il Mary Drink Coaster and the Death’s Head Moth Pendant

  133. #134 - Bobbi says:

    Oh my! I love that the Magic Jelly artwork is so unique. I applaud you for getting your artwork out there for all of us to enjoy. Thankyou! I had a blue budgie when I was young, that I absolutely loved, so hands down the oval pendant (and the darling box it’s in!) is my favorite. Thankyou for sharing what you do. Keep it coming!

  134. #135 - Lisa McD says:

    oooooooo the death’s head moth pendant is fab…makes me think of The Silence of the Lambs 😉 Also adore Lil Mary pocket mirror.

  135. #136 - Anne says:

    The little budgie necklace is actually my favorite because it reminds me of all the birds I’ve had. The prints are fabulous, and her packaging is so cute. I think I could make a Christmas list from her shop!

  136. #137 - Amanda Littler says:

    I love all your items but my all time favourite is the blue budgie oval pendant as it takes me back to my youth, visiting my grandparents and d=seeing their budgie – bluebell xx

  137. #138 - Angelique Felgentreff says:

    Black Mask Pocket Mirror

  138. #139 - Dawn Burnside says:

    Awesome images, these really take me back to the days at grandma’s & her wonderful jello creations. I can’t wait to see more, Thanks so much for a chance at this generous give~away!

  139. #140 - Su Hall says:

    I can’t help but adore the vintage images MagicJelly has used! How cool! I have to say the Magic Circles Original Collage Sheets are my favorite. All of the little images are so neat!

    Thank you and good luck to all!


  140. #141 - iHanna says:

    I think the pendants are just super duper adorable, the blue budgie and the other cute illustrations… Want one! 🙂

  141. #142 - Jan says:

    I love these! They are truly unique. I can’t decide what my favorites are, but I know I love the print of Gocco shoes, and the jelly kitty, and ALL the other goodies!

  142. #143 - sylvia says:

    I love the budgie pendant so much, because I love parrots!

  143. #144 - Brittany says:

    Love the magic circles bracelet!

  144. #145 - Susan J says:

    Love the magic circles bracelets! Great idea, and just beautiful!

  145. #146 - Linda says:

    Everything is SO sweet and nostalgic…I love her style! My favorite is the blue budgie pendant. Thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  146. #147 - Jill says:

    Love Magic Jelly! Her collage print with the scooter? It’s not in her store, but hope she brings it in. Must have! From the store, loving Memoryland No 2 Drink Coaster.

  147. #148 - Nancy says:

    I love anything with cats!!

  148. #149 - susan salyer says:

    I think you are so talented..oh my goodness! I also think it is such a generous give away. I love the blue budgie pendant. I had one for many years and i named him bow wonderful.
    susan s.

  149. #150 - Tabitha says:

    Her illustrations ARE wonderful! So many great things–the Party Bear Pocket Mirror caught my eye. My mom would love it for Xmas!

  150. #151 - Val says:

    So glad I checked in with you today! So glad to have discovered Magic Jelly! Love the jewelry! Especially the Budgie Pendant….

  151. #152 - Kittee-Bee Berns says:

    How lovely! I’m also a big fan of Karena’s work. I think everything in her shop is lovely, but I am particularly fond of her jewelry and badge pins. I also agree that the Memory Land series is great. The jello mold badges are so awesome, too!


  152. #153 - Helen Stevens says:

    While the artist in me likes the Magic Circles. I would definitely like to have the budgie necklace. I had one when I was a child. Helen

  153. #154 - Mary Redman says:

    I love everything!….but I especially love the coasters. My margarita would look especially nice on one of them!

  154. #155 - Laura@live-love-scrap says:

    What an fantastic blog/shop!! I fell in love with everything, especially the Magic Circle Bracelets!!!! Thanks for offering this giveaway and introducing us to this awesomeness!

  155. #156 - Doyle Wasa says:

    I really like the jello molds. That just reminds me of being at my grandma’s. But I love all the stuff. Very cool items. Thanks for sharing.

  156. #157 - Elaine says:

    So fun, Cathe! Love the Blue Budgie Pendant. My older sister had a live one when she was a teen – stirs memories 🙂

  157. #158 - Kaye Whitney says:

    Oh my goodness! All of Karena’s work is just beautiful – to me it calls out “childhood” – I find myself sitting and reminiscing everytime I look at it all! (and I adore the budgie pendant!)

  158. #159 - Linda S says:

    I can see why Karena is your idol. Her work is wonderful. Really like her circle collages and along with a lot of others, the little budgie pendent. Thanks for a chance to win.

  159. #160 - Vicki K says:

    I’m assuming you want me to choose something besides Magic Jelly’s packaging…which I just love…and that would be the Favorite Shoes print (or coaster)…love her whimsy!

  160. #161 - Julia Stratman says:

    I like the black mask mirror 😉 What a great blog!

  161. #162 - Cindy Is Crafty says:

    I love the magic circles bracelet. The colors are lovely! I also love the budgie pendant as yellow is my fav color.

  162. #163 - Mary Mac says:

    I would love any of the magnet sets.

  163. #164 - Kathy W says:

    Just back from visiting the Magic Jelly shop and blog. I love the Memoryland button badges — definitely take me back to my childhood. Thanks for the chance to win those incredibly cute jelly button badges.

  164. #165 - aloi @guiltlessreading says:

    i can DEFINITELY see why you’re enamored! goodness, everything is sooo adorable. i’m not sure what to say is my favourite – but i’m partial to the retro food images. i think the magnets would look awesome on the fridge!

  165. #166 - lynaeve says:

    what an awesome giveaway! I love this thank you for the chance.

  166. #167 - Mary Ann Potter says:

    What wonderful stuff! I fell in love with those Magic Circle bracelets. Thanks, Cathe, for the link to Magic Jelly; I plan on being a customer!

  167. #168 - Cindy Jo Grindle says:

    I really liked the jewelry, so cute!!! Great retro pictures.

  168. #169 - Dori says:

    Wow! Wonderful artwork. Thank you so much for sharing her. I would love to win on her pieces!

  169. #170 - GM says:

    I think the magic jelly set is awesome!

  170. #171 - Sue D says:

    I like the Magic Circles No. 3 Bracelet.

  171. #172 - denise crawford says:

    Love those jello molds! And what an adorable bracelet! Can’t wait to see what all is in store!

  172. #174 - Sandra Trebbne says:

    Spectacular fun designs! I love the budgie necklace!

  173. #175 - Gweny says:

    my favorite is the blue budgie pendent.. We had a few of those growing up and always named them Corky.. I have no idea why.. lol
    Blessings, Gweny

  174. #176 - Krista W says:

    I have a thing for birds…so I love the pendant!

  175. #177 - Shannon says:

    Goodness! What is not to like? My favourite are the bracelets though…especially the one that is coming soon!! Soooo sweet!

  176. #178 - Jackie Stevens says:

    I love the little hand mirrors.Such great gift ideas.

  177. #179 - Alexia Paizis-Scott says:

    Loce love Love the Budgie pendant

  178. #180 - Sophie Feinhols says:

    I can’t decide, I love it all!! Love the oval blue budgie pendant. And the magic circles bracelets. Great website. Love it!

  179. #181 - Arune says:

    love the “White Swan Ring”. and the packaging is sooo cute 🙂

  180. #182 - Anne says:

    All of the artwork is devine and the packaging is to die for. I love all the muted colours and think the Memoryland buttons are adorable!
    Thank you for introducing us to Magic Jelly.

  181. #183 - Simone says:

    I love the Memoryland No 1 Magnet Set! I’m fan of the colourway used in it 🙂

  182. #184 - Elaine says:

    Love all Magic Jelly designs!

  183. #185 - Linda Smith says:

    I love the budgie pendant-we raised budgies years ago and it brings back fun memories.

  184. #186 - kjwx says:

    Tough call between the Blue Budgie Oval Pendant and the Memoryland No 3 Pocket Mirror … But the necklace wins by a beak.

  185. #187 - Jane B. says:

    I love, love, love the budgie pendant that is part of the giveaway! I hope my name is picked to win it. I can’t wait to explore the Magic Jelly shop and blog LOTS more.

  186. #188 - Deb says:

    I love love love the Magic Jelly Jewellery – brings me back to my youth!
    Especially the little budgy – we had a bird like that when my daughter was young.

  187. #189 - Debbie McCormick says:

    I’m in love with the Blu Budgie pendant and the box it comes in! So special and sweet!

  188. #190 - bridgetjardeleza says:

    I love her designs, the colors, the pictures it makes me a little drooly 😛 I especially love the memoryland No. 2 magnets. Added her store to my pinterest sweet shopping sites hopefully some Christmas gifts for family!!

  189. #191 - Elizabeth C says:

    Love the Fair Isle design! Will have to keep the pocket mirrors in mind for shower favors!!

  190. #192 - Amy says:

    I love all the magic circle bracelets. Adorable!!!!

  191. The Stuff No 1 gocco print is so cute! I love all the graphics. The magnets would be adorable on my fridge too…I love it all!

  192. #194 - Julia D. says:

    Oh how delightful! I am a follower of The Magic Jelly Shop and/or blog site. She has such wonderful artistic delights. Would be honored to win or own any of her great items. Thanks for the opportunity.

  193. #195 - Gwyn says:

    I am liking the Magic Circles Bracelets. These would be great to give as a gift for my sis.

  194. #196 - Kim Ryan says:

    All the Magic Jelly products are fun & whimsical, but the jewelry is REALLY DREAMY…

  195. #197 - Julie says:

    Love the “folks like us” bracelet…and how perfectly packaged the jewellery is!

  196. #198 - cerise says:

    the death’s head moth necklace is gorgeous!!

  197. #199 - Barbara Moore says:

    I love the magic circle series of bracelets.

  198. #200 - C McKenna says:

    I absolutely LOVE the circle bracelets…..that are genius! and they have a cool facebook page too!

  199. #201 - Cori says:

    I really love the buttons, especially the Fair Isle ones. They are so cheerful and happy.

  200. #202 - Kat - team kitten says:

    Hi Cathe, thank’s for a great competition. i have been a fan of Kareenas work for years, she is so talented! I love the death moth pendant! gorgeous delicate but dark jewellery! love it 🙂 x

  201. #203 - Liz says:

    Love those jelly magnets! Congrats to Magic Jelly on opening her store!

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  203. #204 - Christy says:

    I love the budgie pendant — so cute and charming!

  204. #205 - Roseanna says:

    Love the “favorite shoes” pocket mirror! I have a thing for red shoes (and bags). Thanks…

  205. #206 - Erin S says:

    OOOoooo!! I love the Memoryland No 2 Magnet Set!

  206. #207 - Sheila Meinecke says:

    I Love the Magic Jelly Shop, what cute retro stuff. I would love to win the cute little budgie bird necklace

  207. #208 - Allie Palmer says:

    I love the white swan ring. It is just the most beautiful ring, and so simple, yet creative!!

  208. #209 - Guillemette says:

    Magic jellies magnet set are my favs!
    Death’s head moth pendant is also beautifull 🙂

  209. #210 - Samantha says:

    I LOVE all of the jewelry! Beautiful store!

  210. #211 - amy says:

    I love all your cute creations. Especially the coasters!

  211. #212 - Sophie B says:

    Wow this is a hard! One my favourite item from the very talented Karena’s Magic Jelly creations would have to be Magic Jellies Magnet Set because she design them prints press and package each magnet herself. All designs are unique, original and handmade in South Australia. I bought a set from Karena back in 2009 and I still have the envelope they came in the detail made my heart skip I a beat! The printed card the magnets are placed on has a hidden fortune cookie message. Thank you Karena for being so talented!!!

  212. #213 - Arlene says:

    The memoryland drink coasters speak to me. I look forward to seeing more prints and original artwork.

  213. #214 - Karyn Miracle says:

    NO WONDER YOU LOVE HER! Amazing work and the packaging is so special! I love all the Magic Circles but I totally covet the Budgie!! Thank you Karena & Cathe!!

  214. #215 - Valerie says:

    I’ve followed the Magic Jelly blog for a while and I’m SO excited that she’s finally opened her shop again! My favorite item would be the Death’s Head Moth Pendant, it’s so lovely!

  215. #216 - Dawn H says:

    Oh my goodness! What a darling and innovative site. I really like her blue bird pendant. So so so cute!

  216. Oh my goodness they have the CUTEST things. I especially loved the parakeet necklace and swallow ring. I signed up for the newsletter. Please enter me for the giveaway.

  217. #218 - Doris c says:

    Love the “stuff no1 gocco print”

  218. #219 - emily hope says:

    love her stuff!! what a talent. and of course choosing just one favorite is next to impossible. although I do really love the blue budgie pendant. cuuuuute. thanks Cathe & Karena!!

  219. #220 - kate says:

    wow- all of her things are wonderful* you are right! I love the print of the little red shoes!
    {She should be designing a line of fabric for the quilt market!!!- as should you Cathe} Thanks for giving me this link- I see some perfect Christmas Presents there!

  220. #221 - Hello says:

    Exploring the Magic Jelly website was awesome. Not only does she have great products (Black Mask drink coaster, Death’s Head Moth pendant, Jelly the Cat, etc.) but I also discovered her sister’s website ‘Tack-O-Rama’ which has great fonts and clip art. What talent these two sisters have. Thanks for introducing Jelly to use.

  221. #222 - saskia says:

    oh my…….it is not possible to make a choice………’s all candy for the eyes!! love it!!!!


  222. #223 - Angela Mullis says:

    I love this website! Her artwork is amazing! I love love love the Death’s Head Moth Pendant! Pretty please count me in!

  223. #224 - memajane says:

    I love the Blue Budgie Oval Pendant….the little Parakeet looks just like the one my grandparents had 50 years ago!

  224. #225 - Stacy P says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the button badges & magnets! Can’t pick just 1 thing! 🙂

  225. #226 - BettyC says:

    My favorite thing is the Magic Circle Bracelet.
    (But I do like everything else, too!)

  226. #227 - I-Shuan Warr says:

    What fun designs! I would get the magic jellies magnet set!

  227. #228 - Norma says:

    I can see why you like her work. The Blue Budgie pendant is cute but Gocco prints are always a fav.

  228. #229 - barbara n says:

    I love the Magic Circles Bracelet’s 1,2,or3

  229. #230 - Vanessa Johanning says:

    I love all the jewelry and your graphics are sooo cool!!! And the circles ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. #231 - Jessica Dougherty says:

    I love Magic Jelly’s aesthetic!!! The Favourite Shoes Gocco Print is amongst my favorites.

  231. #232 - Beth says:

    Beautiful website! I have tweeted a few of my favs already. I love the majic circle bracelets. I am following her on Pinterest, her blog, and on fb.

    Thank you for introducing her to me! Love Oz.

  232. #233 - erica gilbert says:

    I really love it all, but my favorite thing on the Magic Jelly Website is the Folk resin bracelet. AWESOME>

  233. #234 - Lisa P says:

    I love it all, even the packaging. What a great find! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  234. #235 - JJ says:

    It was difficult to narrow down my selection…everything was great. You were so right! I especially like the “Stuff No. 1” Gocco print and the drink coasters—all of them!

  235. #236 - sandra k williams says:

    i love the birds, like in the necklace and on some boxes. there are so many pretty things tho and the look of years ago just makes everything even more pretty. love this shop.

  236. #237 - Pamelotta says:

    I love the little blue bird necklace. Very unique stuff. Love the colors!

  237. #238 - Debbie Shannon says:

    I like all of it, this is what I’ve been looking for to make the bracelets.

  238. #239 - Wendy Vincent says:

    what a great website! I love the vintage look and the cut out of the ring to sign up for the newsletter. Very reminiscent of vintage comic books. Great site and great products, have added it to my favorites tool bar.

  239. #240 - Katherine says:

    i LOVE the button badges and the bird pendent is simply adorable!!! thanks for info about another great internet shop!

  240. #241 - Carol says:

    OOOOh, so many things to like! I particularly liked the blue budgie pendant, the Death’s Head Moth pendant and the “Folks like Us” bracelet.

  241. #242 - Sydney Scott says:

    “…leave a comment below about your favorite item…” How am I supposed to pick a favorite item when they’re all so cute and vintage-y!!

  242. #243 - Jennifer says:

    WOW!! Beautiful things…I can’t decide what I love most 🙂

  243. #244 - carol says:

    i loooooooooooooove this blue bird pendant!

  244. #245 - Laura B Jenkins says:

    The Folk Like Us Bracelet is amazing…thank you for introducing us to this darling website/blog, etc…sooo cute!

  245. #246 - Andrea H. says:

    The memoryland pattern is AMAZING, and I love a good button set! What amazing designs!

  246. #247 - Jodi says:

    I adore the magic circles No. 1 bracelet! Wonderful stuff!

  247. #248 - Jill says:

    I almost missed this! Wowza! Love her work and I’d say the circles collage are my favorite!! Thanks for introducing your readers to her and thank you Magic Jelly for the giveaway!

  248. #249 - brittany says:

    I love the Autumn Cottage Pocket Mirror, so adorable and I could take it everywhere!

  249. #250 - Judilyn says:

    Oh, wow, I’m so glad I stopped by here this morning! I usually visit on a weekend evening, so I would have missed this opportunity to enter the giveaway.

    I love, love, love the Magic Jelly Shop! At this moment I’m taking a break from working on my new craft studio, which is being done up in a 1930s/40s style – in the same pink and green as the Memoryland No. 2 set! Anything from there would look perfect in my studio! (Which, by the way, will be my first very own room that I don’t have to share with anyone in all my 55 years!) The Magic Jellies coasters would look great in my kitchen, and I think I’m in love with Jelly the Cat!

    I already have the website bookmarked, and you can be sure I’ll be visiting and purchasing often! thanks for pointing me in that direction!

    Judi Buller

  250. #251 - Stephanie says:

    Easy to see why you’re so smitten with her style! It’s all wonderful, but the Folk Like Us bracelet and the Favorite Shoes gocco print really caught my eye. Thank you for the introduction (and thanks to both of you for the giveaway).

  251. #252 - SusanG says:

    What beautiful graphics! Love the color choices too. It was difficult to pick a favorite, so I have two :o) I really like the Magic circle bracelets and the Magic circle collages (all of them) OK, three favorites…I also really like the canary pendant, I think it is sooo cute! I’d love to be picked as one of the winners! Thanks for introducing me to Karena and her products.