When Collections Collide: Vintage Toy Trucks & Paint By Number Paintings

As my various quirky collections grow they often merge into one another.

Recently, my vintage toy truck collection welcomed a new friend in the form of a 1957 Tonka Farms stake truck found at an antique shop in Lodi, CA while on a weekend getaway with friends. Because I’ll never have enough of these fun display pieces to satisfy, I snagged it up for the bargain price of $25. As I have no studio to call home at the moment, I’ve been bumping into other collections awaiting display such as my amassing of unframed vintage paint-by-number paintings. I gathered a few of the nature paintings relevant to the current season to use as backdrops for a couple of my trucks. One painting fit perfectly tucked into a chippy wall shelf.

The rest served as scenery for the Tonka on the long road home, aka: our mantle. (Look out for deer crossing!)Do you have any quirky collections?

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8 Responses to When Collections Collide: Vintage Toy Trucks & Paint By Number Paintings

  1. #1 - Julia D. says:

    Love your little Tonka truck. I have a red 1950’s vintage metal toy Chevrolet dump truck, that was my husbands as a child. I have so much fun displaying different things in it and in numerous places through out my house. I always have an eye out when flea marketing for more.
    Thank you and enjoy your collecting.

  2. #2 - Nancy Y says:

    Great collection! Love your displays! Using the painting as a background on a shelf is Brilliant! I would have never thought to do that! Thank you for sharing! I love to collect tacky little souvineers from places I visit.

  3. #3 - PinkPanthress says:

    I love that worn shelf with the painting put inside & the Truck in front.
    Also like the ‘mantle scenery’, it’s cute!

    Yes, my quirky collection is about every growing mugs & bowls collection, I even have a ‘side-blog’ about it. 🙂

  4. #4 - Linda S says:

    Really like the new toy truck. Great addition to your collection. My fav is still the red Tonka dump truck. Your new one looks neat paired with the paint by number images. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. #5 - Loulou says:

    I loved this post. Your vintage metal trucks and paint by numbers go so well together. Love your mantle.


  6. #6 - Tracy says:

    I love the looks of this – and oh, how I used to love doing paint by numbers – I wonder where they all are now?

  7. #7 - Michal says:

    I have tons of paint by number and this is great idea for display.

  8. #8 - shari says:

    Cathe ~ quite clever the way you used the paintings as the scenery for your sweet ride’s countryside drive!! Love it!