Replicating Vintage: Tips & Tricks

photoI imagine a lot of you like the look and style of vintage furnishings and accessories. I know I do. And though I’m not so much a purist when it comes to these things, I do have a few ideas on creating and keeping the aesthetic of old items. Please read my post over at SC Johnson Family Economics and add your own ideas, tips and tricks to the comments there. I would love to read them!

Disclosure: I am a paid blogger for SC Johnson

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2 Responses to Replicating Vintage: Tips & Tricks

  1. #1 - Ellen Mais says:

    Oh my, I have been reading your blog for hours this evening, completely fascinated, and just realized it is 2:00 a.m. I have many more interesting hours ahead, but not tonight. I will be crafting some of the projects I viewed tonight and appreciate the free printable downloads i have added to my craft files. I am amazed that one person can accomplish so many diverse creative projects, and do them so well. Congratulations and thank you for sharing, because that spreads the creativity to so many others.

  2. #2 - clothing labels says:

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