Inspired Barn Valentine Workshop Recap


The very first Inspired Barn craft workshop was just fabulous! So much fun with such wonderful women. We embellished wooden hearts and wings with colorful cigar box graphics, fabrics, tiny deer mounts, and vintage components, turning them into lovely, unique Valentine ornament keepsakes. Here are some photos of the day.Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_09 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_11 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_12 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_13 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_14 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_17 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_16 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_15Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_07Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_06I am so grateful to X-ACTO® for supplying cutting tools for Inspired Barn workshops. Since the time I began my career as a graphic designer in the early 80s, my number one tool for life has been the X-ACTO knife, for it’s precision, durability, and design. So I am so proud that the barn is now furnished with red X-ACTO AXENT™ knives, and plenty of classic #11 blades for many workshops to come.Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_18The X-ACTO Designer Series 8″ Scissors are just right for paper crafting projects. All X-ACTO® scissor blades are honed from hardened steel and engineered for maximum sharpness and durability.Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_20 The X-ACTO® Multi-Material Scissors can cut through card stock, burlap, denim, felt, cork, leather, thin plastic, strip magnet, photographs, and up to 12 gauge aluminum wire. I’m especially happy they are tough enough to cut though a Reader’s Digest book cover- which opens up so many possibilities! And I should mention, they are very comfortable to use.Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_19Here are just a few of the semi-completed and completed ornaments. I just love how the crafters put their own beautiful style into their designs.Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_08Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_01 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_02 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_03 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_04 Inspired_Barn_Workshop_01_05

I’m really looking forward to February’s Component Cabinet workshop. Many exciting surprises are in store for attendees! To sign up for available workshops, go to the INSPIRED BARN EVENTS page.

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6 Responses to Inspired Barn Valentine Workshop Recap

  1. #2 - Karrie O. says:

    Oh I am so jealous! What a beautiful crafty barn! I could not help but look beyond the happy crafters and see all the detail of your goodies! Looks like heaven, I’m hoping to be able to make it to one of your future events and I probably won’t want to leave 😉

  2. #3 - Jennifer Fountas says:

    Your crafty barn is wonderful, what a place to browse and discover. I am so jealous – a day of crafting with other crafters would be heaven. I have to ask, is that last blue heart covered with a trimmed Weave-It square?? I have to borrow that idea – I love making weave-its from variegated yarn. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love the projects- wish I could’ve been there! I just have to tell you that there are not even words to describe how much I LOVE your studio. Seriously. I think I could live there:)
    You are such an inspiration to me- I love stopping by to see what you’ve been up to.

  4. #5 - pattie says:

    Wish I lived closer! That looks like it was so much fun.

  5. #6 - Monique says:

    Just saw your craft/barn area in Country Living..Superb..and splendid!