Quick Flea Market Decor: Bunting Banner

All it took was running across one little photograph found online today to make me jump from my seat and rush to the studio. Mimicking this funky, completely unrelated, flea market finds strung along twine, by stylist and author, Hans Blomquist, could not be resisted:Once in the studio, I grabbed a tray and began filling it with bits from drawers and bins. Sticking with a color palette of black, off-white and brass, I started by collecting dimensional objects that weren’t too heavy.Then on to ephemera, a nice stack of random papers, pages, labels and such, including my mother-in-law’s Catholic School report card from 1947.For stringing I used my go-to Tim Holtz Hinge Clips, some vintage office supply signal clips for thinner paper, and chunky black and white baker’s twine.  I draped the twine between vintage brass upholstery tacks, leaving a length hanging down on each side as tails. I began assembling my bunting banner by first distributing the weight of the heaviest pieces, then adding lighter items in between. For the best flea-market-style decor, the more random the elements the better! Here is the final display over my sofa, across my (purposely-empty-) vintage printer type trays. Now that flea market season is upon us, watch for small, inexpensive items to collect for your own funky bunting!



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6 Responses to Quick Flea Market Decor: Bunting Banner

  1. #1 - Lisa says:

    I love this idea so much!

  2. #2 - Kathy says:

    Now this might work with my vintage Christmas things, like colored jingle bells still on the cards, tinsel boxes, etc. I’ve hated that I had to keep them hidden away because I didn’t know how to display them. Thank you!

  3. #3 - Jana says:

    I love this vintage feel, such a cute idea!

  4. #4 - marjorie bardwell says:

    great idea!

  5. #5 - Diego Lopes says:

    What a great idea! Inexpensive and gives great style to the room. Really awesome!

  6. #6 - Sean Mahan says:

    Flea markets can be so great! Can’t wait to see what you find next!