Collect and Collage: Sampler Stitching

Treasure-hunting and collecting beautiful bits of textiles to collage, then melding them together with basic running stitches has become my new favorite pastime. There are names of handwork similar to mine such as boro stitching, slow stitching, kantha, and visual mending. A quick search of any of those terms will bring up loads of inspiration. I’m not sure my personal stitch-style follows all rules for the techniques mentioned above, and I’m totally ok with that. I’m especially enjoying the hunt for and organizing of vintage, thrifted and otherwise found textiles, and composing delightful collages, melding the entirety together with hand-sewn running stitches. One of my favorite things about stitching samplers is letting go of perfectionism with poorly-spaced, rarely-straight rows of inconsistent stitches and how that creates a very handmade, whimsical vibe. I also love how portable the projects are once they are assembled and ready to stitch. I take them on the go when traveling, camping, and watching Netflix at night.

Here are some of my collect & collage sampler stitch process pics and finished projects: EXCITING NEWS!

I’m hosting a two-day Collect and Collage Sampler Stitching Workshop October 18 & 19 and November 8 & 9 at my studio, Inspired Barn, in Petaluma, California. For more information and to register, head over to the EVENTS page.Remember to follow me on Instagram for all things current in my ever changing creative world.

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8 Responses to Collect and Collage: Sampler Stitching

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