Cathe Holden has turned her journey through suffering into a bounty of purpose through perseverance, creativity, and altruism. She is on a mission to help other women create inner peace by redefining success, reestablishing priorities and building strength through service to others. Cathe is a Northern California artist and craft industry designer, devoted wife of a firefighter, and proud mother of three college kids.

“Cathe’s presentation offered comfort and inspiration as well as a simple and practical exercise to get listeners back to the basics in terms of setting personal priorities for their lives. Her personal story provides a salve to the soul – not only for her inspiring triumph over personal and emotional struggles, but also for reminding attendants that we all have challenges in life and we are not alone. Her presentation was friendly, humble, and inclusive and most importantly, from the heart. The last portion of her presentation gave attendants the opportunity to re-pack their baggage – emotional baggage! Cathe gives a concrete and visual approach to shifting priorities and setting one’s life on the course he or she desires.”

– Jennifer Paisley, Owner, Field Works Petaluma


Creative Keeping is the on-going practice of crafting prime space for creativity, whether simply bins of supplies occasionally pulled out and onto the kitchen table or a full-on designated studio. Organizing, decorating, and the honing of new skills to enhance an area of productivity and bliss encourages meditation, inspiration, and productivity.

Working professionally from a table in her bedroom, to a mini office in her garage, and ultimately to a large barn studio, Cathe shares tools and techniques she’s developed for achieving a productive, creative environment through a uniquely cultivated and efficient space.



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