The Mary Engelbreit Event and Upcoming Workshops

Home from a wonderful trip to the Midwest, I’m excited to share my exciting experience finally meeting and spending time with the marvelous Mary Engelbreit herself, and my sweet friend Charlotte Lyons at the Mary and Charlotte’s Studio Workshop in St. Louis, Missouri. To celebrate 40 years as a licensed artist, Mary along with Charlotte hosted over twenty creative women from around the US, and four crafty instructors, yours truly included! Just stepping into her studio was the chance of a lifetime- see my video here!

Over the long weekend event, Jenn McGlon of NoodleAndLou taught attendees how to make this sweet Happy Bird project. Charlotte Lyons of House Wren Studio shared a felt stitching project that was taken to various awesome levels by the class. Crystal Sloane of Vintage by Crystal showed us how to make our own adorable spun cotton figures. Jone Hallmark of polkadotponie gave a wonderful stamp carving demo to all. And Mary gave us a peek into her techniques for coloring artwork with pencils and markers utilizing a page from one of her latest coloring books.Saturday morning in the studio I taught one of my all-time favorite projects- the Mason Jar Luminary House Cloche. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but it’s just so many things wrapped up in one craft!…And the women ROCKED IT!Here are the (mostly-) finished projects lined up, and HERE is a more detailed video I shared of them as well.One of my favorite moments of the weekend was happening upon a group of gals further embellishing their little houses in the lobby of our hotel at 10pm that night!Nothing beat spending time with my good friend, the ever creative Debi Adams of Spellbinders who flew out from Phoenix for the event. We had loads of laughs and girlfriend time in and out of the studio.But one of the best moments of all was being welcomed into Mary Engelbreits home. Oh, look, there’s one of my art pieces, Girls’ Friendly Society, on Mary’s mantle!!!! You can find a wonderful photo tour of her home from that night on Debi’s blog here and here.

Thank you to all the wonderful women who made that weekend so special. And to my new friends, you know who you are, I can’t wait to spend time with you again.

Group photo by Jack Fulton


If you are in or visiting Northern California, please visit me at my studio for an upcoming workshop to craft your own Mason Jar Luminary House Cloche July 22 or August 3, 2017. You’ll find more details on the EVENTS page.


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Quick Flea Market Decor: Bunting Banner

All it took was running across one little photograph found online today to make me jump from my seat and rush to the studio. Mimicking this funky, completely unrelated, flea market finds strung along twine, by stylist and author, Hans Blomquist, could not be resisted:Once in the studio, I grabbed a tray and began filling it with bits from drawers and bins. Sticking with a color palette of black, off-white and brass, I started by collecting dimensional objects that weren’t too heavy.Then on to ephemera, a nice stack of random papers, pages, labels and such, including my mother-in-law’s Catholic School report card from 1947.For stringing I used my go-to Tim Holtz Hinge Clips, some vintage office supply signal clips for thinner paper, and chunky black and white baker’s twine.  I draped the twine between vintage brass upholstery tacks, leaving a length hanging down on each side as tails. I began assembling my bunting banner by first distributing the weight of the heaviest pieces, then adding lighter items in between. For the best flea-market-style decor, the more random the elements the better! Here is the final display over my sofa, across my (purposely-empty-) vintage printer type trays. Now that flea market season is upon us, watch for small, inexpensive items to collect for your own funky bunting!



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Springtime Updates

Spring has surely sprung here in Northern California- My husband’s been out planting vegetables in the back yard, our sheep are grazing through fresh new pasture grasses, tank-top weather is upon us, and the Inspired Barn studio windows are wide open!It’s been a busy few months of designing and crafting around the studio. I recently rebranded my blog and social networks from Just Something I Made to Cathe Holden’s Inspired Barn: Creative Lifestyle.And… if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been working extra hard on ME! Since last October I’ve been on weight-loss and exercise programs that are working out pretty darn good. As of today I’ve lost right close to 70lbs with just a bit more to go and a goal of maintaining a healthy weight for life. Good health brings extra energy and confidence and will surely bring even more creativity! So stay tuned for some pretty exciting things to come.

Speaking of creativity, I just announced a new workshop for June- Ephemera Collage Decor with Custom Stencil. I will be teaching a cool way to balance your art through color, texture, and pattern. You can find more information and register to attend on my EVENTS page.

Next month I fly out to sunny St. Louis to Mary Engelbreit’s studio to celebrate her 40 years in art licensing. (Pinch me!) Along with a handful of incredibly talented women I’ll be teaching a craft workshop to 22 special guests. I can hardly wait to share all the fun. I’ll be streaming good stuff LIVE on the Cathe Holden’s Inspired Barn Facebook Page, so be sure you’re following!

Happy Springtime!

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