Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Just Something I Made (JSIM) blog. I am diligent in promoting my blog and analyzing its traffic. I take great pride in my blog’s creative and informative original content and will continue to post with integrity. And, most importantly, I have the NICEST blog readers anywhere!

JSIM currently:

Receives an average of 10,000 page views daily with thousands of new visitors weekly.

Has over 22,00 Facebook followers.

Has an Alexa current global rating averaging 130,00 – 150,00 and a US rating averaging 40,000 -50,000.

Has over 9,900 newsletter subscribers.

Based on a survey conducted in July/August 2011 with over 1800 responses, the following was concluded about my readers:

98% of JSIM Readers are women.
45% have children residing at home.

Additional JSIM reader info:

Under 20 20 1%
20-29 269 15%
30-39 468 26%
40-49 440 24%
50-59 467 26%
60-69 151 8%
70-79 12 1%
80+ 0 0%
Fine artists 196 11%
Graphic designers 226 12%
Scrappers 457 25%
General Crafter 1316 72%
Needlecrafter/Crocheter/Knitter 606 33%
Papercrafter 720 39%
Blogger 482 26%
Collector 496 27%
Vintage/Antique Lover 982 54%

I offer 220 x 75 px image ad space monthly, or Sponsorship Text Links for 6 month periods. All sponsor payments are to be paid through PayPal.

Sponsor’s ads can link directly to a website, store or blog. Ads can be renewed for placement at any time, but may be removed without notice at end of payment period. Ad rates are subject to change without notice. Ads must be either non-animated or very slow in animation, (ie. slideshow.)

Please note that not all websites, products and services are a good fit for the readers of the JSIM blog, therefor not all image ads will be accepted for placement. (ie. auto parts, dating services, etc.)

If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity with JSIM, please contact me at email@catheholden.com for rate information, availability and placement.

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