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Faux Engraved Jewelry from Acrylic (Polymer) Stamps

Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s my first project of 2010 (East Coast Time!) -a unique twist on clear acrylic stamps- designed and painted to create the illusion of custom engraved jewelry! To make my pieces, I first ordered the sampler … Read more

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Leather Mounting Plaques

I bought some small, 3″ leather furniture swatches at the thrift store recently and came up with a fun way to repurpose them. Mounting plaques for jewelry! These little swatches can often be found on ebay, or, if you don’t … Read more

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Kanzashi in Leather

As promised, more fun with Kanzashi flowers thanks to Diane Gileland’s book Kanzashi in Bloom!Do you remember I mentioned that you could find great leather crafting pieces from ugly-but-salvageable purses? For my flowers in this post, I used purse leather … Read more

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