The Big Reveal!

My Studio is FINISHED!! Thanks to the most wonderful man on earth, (my husband, Jeff,) I now have my own little slice of heaven carved out of a corner of our “former” garage. And while he was at it, he threw in a laundry room! He’s a keeper!!!!!

For your personal tour of my little nook, click on the VISIT button.

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10 Responses to The Big Reveal!

  1. #1 - gracedlace says:

    What a gorgeously fun place to work/play! Excellent!

  2. #2 - luv4sams (Lisa) says:

    It looks awesome!

  3. #3 - Desirai says:

    It’s amazing and makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I just want to pick up and examine everything! It’s also super cool to see some of the items I sent you in the pictures. =)

    I’m still trying to get my office together. Unfortunately it’s become a bit of a closet while we straighten up the other rooms and continue to empty out boxes.

  4. #4 - Marissa Fischer says:

    oh it looks awesome, I am so so jealous! luckyyou

  5. #5 - Candace says:

    What a a beautiful place to be inspired! Your hubby did a fantastic job!

  6. #6 - Twiggymolly says:

    Love the green walls! Very cute and happy place!

  7. #7 - Kristen says:

    Oh that looks so pretty, organized & inspiring! He did a great job 🙂

  8. #8 - brightonEarly says:

    Lucky! I can’t wait to be done with college and in my own little home. 🙂 It looks beautiful!

  9. #9 - Alaska Sews 2 says:

    I am jealous of your wonderful work space! Its beautiful!


  10. #10 - Inklings and Imprints says:

    That room is incredible, INCREDIBLE!